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How to be rich in Football Manager Handheld 2013

Guide on getting your club rich and buying the most expensive and best players

By Updated on Jun 23, 2013   111044 views   20 comments
FM Quick Tips - How to be rich in Football Manager Handheld 2013
Getting the best players on FMH 13 seems quite tricky because if you haven't unlocked the sugar daddy unlockable, it is just impossible right? Wrong. In fact, it's easier to buy Messi or Ronaldo for Yeovill with this one trick I am about to show you. I swear by this tip and it has literally helped me buy all the players I need.

FOLLOW all steps carefully. One mistake could jeopardize this trick and cause it to fail

Step 1:

Make sure you transfer list a player you feel is no longer wanted at your club. It's best to sell a player that you know cannot be anything more than a first team player.

If that player gains interest, you should start to see offers from several clubs.

Step 2:

Once you receive an offer from a club for your transfer listed player, you should pick one and sell your player. It does not matter which club, not unless you have a personal preference. Once you've picked the club you want to send your transfer listed player to, press 'Respond'.

Step 3:

Once you're on the Respond page, change the offer of the player to '150m' for the max amount of money or whatever you want and then click the home button at the top. Don't click confirm, click HOME! This will make or break the cheat.

Step 4:

Go back to the news page and go to the offer from the club. Just click confirm and you're done. The next thing you can do is check your club's finances and see how rich it is!

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Discussion: How to be rich in Football Manager Handheld 2013

20 comments have been posted so far.

  • krishna chaitanya's avatar
    thanks man my real madrid team is
    de gea

    can anyone suggest imrovements and more transfers coz i got 4 billion in my bank
  • BPD's avatar
    I just tried this and it didn't work?
    When I go back to messages and click respond again, and click on the offer - it's back to eg 4k rather than 150m.. So when I click accept, the player doesn't go for 150m
  • Stocke's avatar
    Thanks for this guide, it works in FMH 2012 too!
  • Jamie's avatar
    Alex, yes you can although you need to consider if you want to sell quite a few players in your squad. Bare in mind that in order to do this cheat, you need to have offers from clubs.
  • Jamie's avatar
    Louis, they normally go into insecure financial state and sometimes I do help them out and buy a player then sell him. I have experienced it when they just stay the same.
  • Louis O.'s avatar
    Just a question, does the buyer often go bankrupt after this? If it's a club in the lower leagues or something, they should...
  • Lynchy's avatar
    Ruins the game imo. What's the fun in it?
  • Agaz Santiago's avatar
    Hi There.....can U upload the step in picture??
  • outspoken's avatar
    @ngamberkg see my reply. you must transfer list player, then negotiate. wait for the buyers to respond with new price, now you set 150m, press home then respond/confirm.
  • ngamberkg's avatar
    Can you help me? i follow these steps and nothing happen. I follow your steps,

    1) Transfer listed the players, when the offer come, view offer.
    2) change the transfer value to 150mil
    3)press home
    4) go to inbox, view the offer and click accept.

    but that player sold to the other club for just 500,000. why?
  • outspoken's avatar
    Thought I had a wage cap problem, nm. Works multiple times.
  • Jamie's avatar
    Alex, I haven't tried it but I'm more than sure you can. The amount of money I have bought players for is over £2.14B, same for selling too.
  • AlexTHFC's avatar
    Can you try this multiple times until you get billions?
  • outspoken's avatar
    Ok, I figured it out. This is amazing!

    Instead of "press negotiate." It should say:

    1. Make a player available for transfer
    2. When a club is interested click Respond
    3. Set the transfer fee slightly higher than the original price (If the club offered 650k set it to 1m)
    4. Wait for the club to negotiate.
    5. Click Respond when the club makes a new offer
    6. Set the transfer fee to 150m
    7. Click HOME icon in top right
    8. Click on MAIL icon in upper right
    9. Click Respond on offer from club that just tried to negotiate
    10. Click Confirm.

    The player will accept and the transfer will complete for 150 million.
  • outspoken's avatar
    @itsOkay - There is no Negotiate button on mine.

    iPhone - Football Manager Handheld 2013 - Version 4.3 (DVGA)

    Here are 2 screenshots from the transfer:
  • cobra2050's avatar
    I'm sorry my friend i thought that the cheat is for football manager on pc not on iphone :P If there's one for the pc game plz tell me about it :)
  • Jamie's avatar
    Cobra, try it again? I will post screenshots soon. Can you tell me how you did this cheat?
  • cobra2050's avatar
    actually it didn't work with me :( i dont know why but i've followed all the right steps you said but the other team always rejects and withdrawn the offer ... if you can but the steps images i would be Very Thankful
  • Jamie's avatar
    I'm glad its helped. It doesn't just work for 150m but the amount you want.
  • RMiranda's avatar
    ahah i set to 150 and it worked! i don't know it that was it or i messed up the steps before.
    Either way, thank you! This will be a fun cheat game with real madrid xD
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