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How to hide people attributes without skinning

This brief tutorial explains how to turn any Football Manager skin into an attribute-less skin without any skinning knowledge.

By on Nov 08, 2021   8747 views   1 comments
FM Tutorials - How to hide people attributes without skinning
This was originally shared on twitter and then explained in more detail on SI forums. Make sure to follow @FMRensie on twitter for more cool FM tips like that.

For the sake of added realism or just making the game more difficult, "attribute-less" skins came to surface and many people spent a lot of time tweaking the default/base skin or their skins to make it possible.

But you don't have to know anything about skinning. And you don't have to make difficult and demanding changes within the code of skin. Or edit the panels.

It's easier than you would think.

The only thing you need is to visit the Preferences and edit the attributes threshold.

Just set "0" to "A" column in Preferences/Skin Colours, and all attributes will be blank.

It doesn't matter what skin you are using. It works with default skin and with any other custom skins. And no matter the game version you are using.

And it works for both players and staff members.

How to make attributes hidden

Go to Preferences
Write "Skin Colours" in the searching panel

And set all "A" (it works the same as a 'normal' RGBA scheme where "A" is alpha=transparency) columns to "0" value

Hit confirm and all attributes will be blank for players and your staff

You will just make all attributes transparent by setting the value to "0" and they won't be visible.

There is no need to make some skinning edits.

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