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Jimbo Skin FM23 by JeanBlock v2

The Jimbo Skin is an advanced version of the default FM23 Skin. Inspired by the Kojuro Skin.

By on Nov 07, 2022   31797 views   19 comments
Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 8321 / Size: 4.4 MB / Added: 2022-11-07
Football Manager 2023 Skins - Jimbo Skin FM23 by JeanBlock v2
The Jimbo Skin is an advanced version of the default FM23 Skin. Inspired by the Kojuro Skin.

The creation of the Jimbo Skin came about because I couldn't find a skin I really liked. So I started tinkering with a skin I liked (the Kojuro Skin), first for personal use, adding features to others I liked as I went along.
But being a streamer on Twitch, people were interested in my tweaked skin.

So the Skin is back for FM23, with a few additions I wanted to make to the FM22 version. (The Steam Workshop link will arrive when the game is officially released)

• The Home page is adjustable on the last 3 columns (vertically)

• The Tactics page, with the position ease pie included.

• The Player page, with a lot of information available (see the corresponding image for more details)

• The Club page, with a lot of useful information (see corresponding image for more details)

• Small redesign of the Match Page

• Small redesign of the Staff Page

Instant Result button included (the one from before the match)

• And also available in the Skin, the percentage for fitness and form, as well as fatigue (to know if your player can keep up with the matches, physically and mentally)


Those who inspired me to create this Skin. Thanks to them for their work:
- Kojuro Skin
- FME skin by Zealand
- AlexMorak FM22 Skin
- FLAYUS skin 22
- Flut Skin
- Instant Result Skin by bluestillidie00
- michaeltmurrayuk for FM22 Base Skin

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 8321 / Size: 4.4 MB / Added: 2022-11-07
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Discussion: Jimbo Skin FM23 by JeanBlock v2

19 comments have been posted so far.

  • Calmacil's avatar
    Hi, thanks for your amazing skin! I had a look at readme and alts but was not able to figure out if there is an option to have the tactics an bench section left and right of the tactics panel again? Also, is there an option to click on the player picture during match (bottom panel) and go directly to player overview?
  • arturs123's avatar
    Will there be a new edition of the skin?

    Are you perhaps planning new panels with stats during the match?
  • christian_adams's avatar
    I don't want to change anything about the skin it's self I love it! by far the best out there except one thing. I'm trying to find out how to get the player condition to work during a match. The hearts along the bottom by the players name only reduce if I click on the tactics. Other than that it will tell me they're at full condition the whole game, (or until half time or tactical changes) Thank you! I know its minor but it's frustrating me where I can't stop focusing on it
  • denisgiordano's avatar
    Hello @jeanblock

    Thank you so much for your skin.
    I really liked your sidebar and titlebar, with beautiful colors and effects. I was trying to export it to my standard skin, however, just exporting the sidebar XML inside panels/generic doesn't seem to work. It seems that I need to export something along with it. Could you please clarify for me which files would be? Thank you so much.
  • jeanblock's avatar
    @Monnalisa Thank you.
    For the comments during the game, it was already a request to make them a little bigger (the ones in the game being too small according to some), to see if I can find a balance.
    For the background, it's under study, but it's necessary to find a balance, between the design of the skin and the texts of the game.
    The pop-up window, I never touched it. I need to understand how it works to be able to modify it correctly
  • jeanblock's avatar
    @akak7 yeah i saw on my screenshot of the player page, that the polygon wasn't visible. it's depending on how you zoom out (you see it in 95%).
    for the colours, maybe I'll put the basic polygon back
  • jeanblock's avatar
    @cizzu it was my favourite skin on fm21
  • Monnalisa's avatar
    I love your skin. The best I found for fm23. Thanks for sharing your great work.
    I would like to suggest minor modifications. Currently the lyrics of the comments during the match are too big, could you make it smaller?
    Could the background of the team screen and player screen be a little more transparent?
    And in the player's pop-up window could the icons of the player's best foot appear, instead of the description?
  • akak7's avatar
    Also regarding the attributes polygon, when visible, if the player is low league quality, it is hard to see the white lines with the very clear background at the center
  • akak7's avatar
    Hi, this is the best skin I have seen for FM23 by a lot, thank you very much! There is a problem though, when looking at a player, if you want to activate somewhere in the screen the atributes polygon (don't know the word in English), most of the slots just show nothing when selected. I hope you understand what I mean
  • Cizzu's avatar
    I recognize some panels of the Skin Fusion.
    Good job!
  • arturs123's avatar

    Thanks for finding the time to write back.
    Nice of you to think about my little suggestions.

    Of course, I don't mean a completely transparent background, because then the attributes and other information about the footballer are very unreadable.

    Again, anyway you are doing a good job and I know it is not all that easy to do.
  • jeanblock's avatar
    @soulsiick I will study this
  • jeanblock's avatar
    @arturs123 Thank you for the trust. For the image of the city, it could be a good idea, see if I can include it in a future version of the Club page.
    For the transparent background effect, it's the new FM design that does this compared to my fm22 version of the skin. But I'm planning to do something clean for the background images
  • arturs123's avatar
    In FM22 I tested all possible skins, but yours was the best! At this moment of all skins for FM23 it is the same - yours wins! :) The only thing I'm missing is pictures of the city in the club information (maybe somewhere next to the stadium picture would be nice?). Would there be a chance to do something like that in the next version, or is it possible to do it yourself somehow?

    The other thing is, in the footballer's profile, could the background be a bit more transparent, so that you can see the picture of the footballer in the background a bit more? It was like that in your skin for FM22.

    Anyway you are doing a super job. :)
  • soulsiick's avatar
    Hi, so far your skin is the best one I've found imo. There are only a few things I would like changed, if possible, but understandable if not <3

    In match: Mentality, instructions and shouts being always visible, outside of the "drawer" as I don't like to have it open.
    In tactics screen would it be possible to replace the Pie with numbers?
    In player profiles, could player traits be placed after the last attribute? Currently, to the right of the attributes, they have barely one line available, and need to be scrolled through.
    Also the commentary letters (in match) look a bit too big imo.

    thank you

    PS: I reckon you should advertise that your skin has IR and % fitness, in the title, as those are 2 of the things people look for the most in skins.
  • Jumano's avatar
    Just wanted to let you know that your skin is very, very nice! Thank you very much for sharing and all the effort.
  • jeanblock's avatar
    @kickoff71 by activating the skin and restarting fm
  • kickoff71's avatar
    thanks for this great skin. How can I get the percentage for fitness shown?
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