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Johan Cruyff Total Football 4-5-1

An attempt to play attractive tiki-taka football on Football Manager 2015. Inspired by Johan Cruyff's total football approach.

By on Dec 11, 2014   61611 views   10 comments
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Downloads: 14749 / Size: 80.9 kB / Added: 2014-12-11
FM 2015 Tactics - Johan Cruyff Total Football 4-5-1
I started this season with Ebbsfleet. By now I'am in my third season.
My goal is obvious, to make Ebbsfleet the best club in Europe. Beside that I want my team to play attractive football. So the last seasons I've been developing a tactic which displays the beauty of football.

I get my inspiration from this analysis of the Barcelona tiki taka.

Let's get into it!
My formation: 4-5-1. (4-1DM-2-3-1 or 4-2-3-1 WIDE)

Team instructions:

Team instructions and individual instructions are set to keep possession.
As you can see in the analysis of Barca, the defending 4 play very close to the opponent's half.

The defending four stay in a flat line, while the midfielders are hassling for the ball.

In ball possession you see lots of triangles. Of course the better your players the better implementation. Creativity is a must! So is good vision.

A great thing about this tactic is the cooperation of the winger and fullback.
The wings are creating space on the flanks for the wingbacks.
You're not going to see lots of crosses, cause your team is going to look for shorter solutions to work the ball into the box.

Thank you for using this tactic and share your experiences.

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Downloads: 14749 / Size: 80.9 kB / Added: 2014-12-11
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Discussion: Johan Cruyff Total Football 4-5-1

10 comments have been posted so far.

  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Much lower tempo with total football ?Is that possible ?Are you sure that it can work ?
  • mennovanroon's avatar
    @dariio Great to hear it's doing well. I think I may be lost myself in finetuning this tactic. Think that my lack of goals also comes from the fact that i work this tactic with Ebbsfleet.
    I think i go back to the orgininal tactic as you use it, because after messing around with it, it seems to be worse.
  • Dariio's avatar
    Ok, be careful, don't mess up the tactic. I've managed to improve the goal scoring rate. I've been using ball control and attacking movement training, here are some results on the tactic early in the season. I am falling in love with it, LOL. I'll surely post more SS; here are some: 1 and 2
  • mennovanroon's avatar
    @dario I know. Been working on that too. I figured that the build up was good, but the team is too patient with shooting and scores not enough.
    Been testing a new version of this tactic will upload that soon.

    @Xavilin You're right! I've saw that video aswell. The only thing is, i created a tactic with 3 defenders like cruyff explains in the video. But i get many goals against.
    So i took the same style of football and transformed it to a 4-2-3-1.
  • xavilin's avatar
    This tactic may work, i have no doubt about it, but IT CAN NEVER BE INSPIRED IN JOHAN CRUYFF!!! Johan ABSOLUTELY DISMISSES 4231 FORMATION!!!

    Watch this video to understand it.
  • Dariio's avatar
    Ok no problem, I sorted training out. Since this is Tiki - Taka I wanted to try it with Barcelona. I've had a great pre-season. Now I am doing well in La Liga, winning lol. Tactic is good, but when do I use the tactic with DM and with AM? I'll upload some SS too later. And btw. we defend well, but we seem to be afraid of shooting on the goal, I mean we shoot, hit the target and most of the time is saved, we usually score a goal from 20 meters or of a rebound.
  • mennovanroon's avatar
    Works fine in 14.2.

    Focus training on individual trainingroles. My assistant does take care of the teamtraining, pre-match main focus is Fitness.
    I've been try different things out with this tactic. So i can't give you a good indication of the results.
    Give me till tonight to get back with some results.

    Btw would be great if you try it, which team you're playing?
  • Dariio's avatar
    I am going to try it, but what about training and screenshots of the results?
  • cesc7's avatar
    How it works in 14.2 patch ?
  • blake33162's avatar
    the offside trap only seems to work when the Ai uses it in my experience
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