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Just Skin

A Dark Skin with blended team colours and orange

By Updated on Nov 27, 2023   76714 views   93 comments
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Downloads: 14538 / Size: 11.0 MB / Added: 2023-10-20
Football Manager 2024 Skins - Just Skin

Just Skin 24

Just Skin Features

  • Rebuilt design around team colours.
  • MODS folder available (not fully tested for FM24)
  • Get the most from your tactics screen! many useful tabs added to the re designed tactics screen.
  • A hidden, hidden attributes panel that smiley face you see on the player profile screen is used to reveal hidden attributes in the adjacent cell (don't click if you don't want it spoiled may turn this into a mod)
  • Custom views throughout the skin for the views I use, most include player pictures!
  • Background selector for those who like a little more colour / backgrounds (recommend full cycling as the transparency is a little buggy).
  • Tabs! This skin is optimised for saving clicks where possible!
  • Complete overhaul of most pages presenting you with more information in places lacklustre in the base skin.
  • Key attributes drop down boxes present in most places to try and help you determine player retrainability!
  • Background selector with light and dark backgrounds for comfort of use.

Just Skin (Background selector available / Background friendly)


  • Several adjustments to better support smaller resolutions and scaling(27/11)
  • First MOD file updated. More to come(26/11)
  • Training panels fixes including button change(26/11)
  • Scouting knowledge for a team is now viewable on the club page (and also in your home panel)(26/11)
  • ALOT of graphical fixes and colour tweaks(22/11)
  • Player analysis tab now has more tabs thus clearing alot of squish(22/11)
  • More boxes and graphics fixes and removal of more unused files(16/11)
  • Clear up of clutter (old classes and widgets no longer in use)(16/11)
  • Cleaner profile screens with less boxes (16/11)
  • Graphical fixes (text not showing due to clash) (16/11)
  • Fixed processing panel (15/11)
  • City pictures should now work on club profile screens (15/11)
  • Overhaul to the graphics used
  • Massively reduced file size


Thank you to all the creators out there for your continued work! I can't fit you all in here but without these guys this wouldn't have been possible!
  • GIMN & Mustermann Skin Your support, help and suggestions are always valued! thank you for the nudge and getting me to go ahead with it all ...all 1125 hours
  • Keysi for the club finances snapshot.
  • bluestillidie00 and their amazing WTCS5 skin for the use of some of their panels, and the support on twitter (honestly made my week).
  • _ben_ and their amazing Statman skin for the use of panels, and occasional advice.
  • Wozzie for their beautiful and amazing Tato skin which I picked and pulled out for weeks / months and the use of panels.
  • FME Skin for some panels used.
  • Groot for their amazing Electric Panther skin and the beautiful colour pallet and panels that inspired me.
  • michaeltmurrayuk the amount of times I have opened one of your threads, Blog and your skin is unreal.
  • snowofman for alot of help both in the early days of me playing about with things and just being there on the forums not only for myself but everyone!

This skin is free to use and may not be sold or placed behind a paywall.
If you're planning on using anything from here for yourself in any release that alot of the leg work is due to the above and they should be credited for the work, I simply threw some boxes together changed some colours and made a few of my own things in there.

Find me on Twitter.. I mean X here.

Download Now
Downloads: 14538 / Size: 11.0 MB / Added: 2023-10-20
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Discussion: Just Skin

93 comments have been posted so far.

  • Justhowie's avatar
    I will have a look after work tonight I don't know what's causing this it works for myself and others but a handful of people it doesn't
  • unrec's avatar
    Ok downloaded and replaced the skin, cleared cache reloaded skin and its still the same :/
  • Justhowie's avatar
    made some minor tweaks to the pages mentioned (player/club info and tactics pitch ) @unrec if you can try redownloading and removing the older version of the skin. I f this doesn't fix it will have to have a look after work which won't be till after 9pmGMT
  • unrec's avatar
    im using a 1920 x 1080 on full screen with 95% zoom, nothing in player/club info and tactics pitch is missing as shown in the image
  • Justhowie's avatar
    Can I ask what resolution and zoom you're using to try and replicate this? The tactics screen I had gotten working as far as I'm aware apparently not
  • unrec's avatar
    Hi love the colour aspect of the skin and the layout but having a lot of issues with the player screen and tactics screen

  • Justhowie's avatar
    Is this making any changes at all to any file? The only other thing I can think is a resolution / scaling issue as I've been working through a pile of resolution issues for a friend today and this only happened on the club overview and tactics screen on 1600*1050 @100% zoom
  • daniswara's avatar
    Download the lates update, still cant see anything :(

    Any ideas how to fix this?
  • liam371's avatar
    @justhowie ok great thank you!
  • Justhowie's avatar
    @liam371 there is an update going live (and one that did the other day) that should address the sidebar redownload and delete the older version of the skin
  • liam371's avatar
    @Phildw how did you fix that? Having the same issue with the overlapping assets
  • zbidram's avatar
    I understood. Thanks for your reply, Justhowie.
  • Justhowie's avatar
    I haven't updated the mods for fm24 tet that's next on my to do list
  • zbidram's avatar
    Hello Justhowie. I have tried your skin and when following this steps:
    1.change circles for stars

    2. showing hidden attributes:
    copy the reveal hidden.xml from one of the folders into Just/panels/player/just/buttons
    replacing the old file in the process

    it shows like this:

    I have closed and opened the game after that.

    do you know and please tell me how to sort it, please?
  • Justhowie's avatar
    @Laivis sorry was meant to patch this last night, re-download uploaded a fix
  • Laivis's avatar
    Just downloaded the skin and it's fantastic. BUT. I don't have the side bar. Is it a glitch or do I have to do something?
  • Justhowie's avatar
    Updated with new tabs within tabs on player screen, nicer match day graphics (including pre match) a few creative juices flowing for further updates with the re introduction of the mods folder
  • Justhowie's avatar
    @phildw noticed the data hub had gone from profile since 23 my bad, thinking splitting middle a little more so you get something like this
  • Justhowie's avatar
    I will take a look, did you want more stuff I had from fm23 back? Alot of the newer charts have been made by other creators so I couldn't just add things like pizza charts without asking permission first
  • Phildw's avatar
    its alright i have sorted it now thanks. Think it was a graphics clash. Can i ask though why have you removed a lot of the analytical stuff from the player profile views? The stats analysis etc. The player profile view is now a bit basic I think and doesn't allow us to dig a bit deeper to analyse player 90mins performance and other stats. just my view but skin is still good, but think it has lost a bit against the more analytical skins now.
  • Justhowie's avatar
    Apologises I will have a fix for this after 9pm UK time tonight. Is this when using side bar only icons or full?
  • Phildw's avatar
    @Hazaperks I am getting the exact same issue and it's so frustrating! I have even uninstalled and reinstalled FM24 and still get the same issue of no side bar, overlapping assets and most of the boxes not populated at all. Did you find a fix for this?? It is probably something really simple but i just cant sort it.
  • Hazaperks's avatar
    @justhowie amazing thank you love the skin!!!
  • Justhowie's avatar
    @Hazaperks have you tried clearing the cache and restarting the game?
  • Koroshiya's avatar
    Great changes, thanks a lot! :)

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