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Just Skin & Just Skin Attributeless

A Dark Skin with a twist of club colours. Play it your way, whether you play with Attributes or Attributeless

By Updated on May 21, 2024   231767 views   200 comments
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Downloads: 52218 / Size: 17.0 MB / Added: 2023-10-20
Football Manager 2024 Skins - Just Skin & Just Skin Attributeless

Just Skin 24

Just Skin Features

  • Play your way! 2 skins included in the pack, Just Skin and introducing ATTRIBUTELESS!
  • MODS folder available
  • Get the most from your tactics screen! many useful tabs added to the re designed tactics screen.
  • A hidden, hidden attributes panel that smiley face search icon you see on the player profile screen is used to reveal hidden attributes in the adjacent cell (don't click if you don't want it spoiled may turn this into a mod)
  • Custom views throughout the skin for the views I use, most include player pictures!
  • Background selector / custom background friendly
  • Complete overhaul of most pages presenting you with more information in places lacklustre in the base skin.

Just Skin (Background selector available // Background friendly)





Team Squad




Match Day

New Inbox item re designs

This skin is free to use but I have put in over a 1000 hours to bring you the Just Skin should you be so inclined please feel free to send me a coffee

Unless any issues found this skin is final, Thank you for the 50k downloads! This is potentially the last Just Skin it's means the world you have chosen to play with this skin!


Thank you to all the creators out there for your continued work! I can't fit you all in here but without these guys this wouldn't have been possible!
  • GIMN & Mustermann Skin Your support, help and suggestions are always valued! thank you for the nudge and getting me to go ahead with it all ...all 1125 hours
  • Keysi for the club finances snapshot.
  • bluestillidie00 and their amazing WTCS5 skin for the use of some of their panels, and the support on twitter (honestly made my week).
  • _ben_ and their amazing Statman skin for the use of panels, and occasional advice.
  • Wozzie for their beautiful and amazing Tato skin which I picked and pulled out for weeks / months and the use of panels.
  • FME Skin for some panels used.
  • Groot for their amazing Electric Panther skin and the beautiful colour pallet and panels that inspired me.
  • michaeltmurrayuk the amount of times I have opened one of your threads, Blog and your skin is unreal.
  • snowofman for alot of help both in the early days of me playing about with things and just being there on the forums not only for myself but everyone!
  • Olas nick for inspiration in updating many bland items

This skin is free to use and may not be sold or placed behind a paywall.
If you're planning on using anything from here for yourself in any release that alot of the leg work is due to the above and they should be credited for the work, I simply threw some boxes together changed some colours and made a few of my own things in there.

To install / update the skin download the rar file, remove any old versions of the skin you may have and drag the just 24 folder into your sports interactive/football manager 24/skins folder

Find me on Twitter.. I mean X here.

Download Now
Downloads: 52218 / Size: 17.0 MB / Added: 2023-10-20
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Discussion: Just Skin & Just Skin Attributeless

200 comments have been posted so far.

  • Phildw's avatar
    Sorted mate - thanks very much.
  • Justhowie's avatar
    go to Just24/settings/just settings.xml
    Delete this line will go to default orange

    <colour name="bg accent" value="white"/>

    save the document and reopen your game
  • Phildw's avatar
    Hi Just,

    Can you view my image on the Sortitoutsi forum (i don't know how to post an image on here) and possibly help please? The scores are not showing on this screen and I can only assume that the font colour for the actual score is white so does not show on the white background. Can you point me to what needs changing under the hood to either change the font colour of the scores to black or even changing the box colour to a darker colour so the white of the scores shows through? Hope that makes sense! The picture should explain it fully) Thanks again mate, still the best skin out there by a mile.
  • Justhowie's avatar
    There will be a big hot fix going out tomorrow found out during a tidy up a few things had stopped working

    Apologises to anyone that's notices these
  • Henry Lee's avatar
    @Justhowie, thank you ^^ I will try
  • Justhowie's avatar
    @henry lee download a pic you like rename it to 1 put in graphics/background sober write what's there and use the in game background selector and you can do this for all 10 images in there and change to your hearts content
  • Henry Lee's avatar
    @Justhowie, could U add more background with Santiago Bernabeu stadium, pls?
  • Justhowie's avatar
    I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're trying to say
  • serkanedabasar78's avatar
    aesthetic zero cap black pitch dark theme
  • Phildw's avatar
    Thanks again mate - I will have a look.
  • Justhowie's avatar
    @phildw all the files that were in the. Mod folder you'd need to open and replace colour="white" with colour="black"
  • Phildw's avatar
    One final tweak to do mate. I need the numbers in the coloured attribute boxes to be black instead of white. I've tried a few things I thought might do it but didn't work. CAn you assist again please? cheers buddy.
  • Phildw's avatar
    Just - sorry to mess you about mate, but just re-loaded and realised the boxes do show on all the attributes throughout!! Thanks buddy.
  • Phildw's avatar
    Thanks mate all sorted. I now have the coloured boxes on the player profile/attributes screen. On the other skin I once had, the coloured attribute boxes displayed whenever any attribute was shown in particular the squad views screen. For example if I had a custom squad view screen set up to show the best attributes for 'support' players then the attributes in this view would also be in the coloured boxes. This made it easier visually to pick out the best players etc. Is it possible to do this?? (hope I have explained it well enough lol) Thanks again for all your great work mate.
  • Justhowie's avatar
    Just 24\settings\just settings.xml
  • Phildw's avatar
    Yes done all that mate and the boxes are there but its the bit where I need to change the colours Im struggling to find. The instruction say Just go to the Just24 folder? But don't understand what you mean? sorry.
  • Justhowie's avatar
    Just open the skin and throw the properties folder in there replace the contents of the current properties folder
  • Phildw's avatar
    Sorry mate - can you be a bit more specific om this:

    "to change the colours of the boxes go to just24 folder"

    struggling to locate which actual folder you mean? Thanks
  • Phildw's avatar
    Thanks mate you are amazing! Really appreciate the hard work.
  • Justhowie's avatar
    @Phildw mod added for attribute boxes with instructions
  • Phildw's avatar
    Appreciate you taking the time to look at this for me.
  • Justhowie's avatar
    @gingous mod folder there is the old font you put everything inside in the fonts folder
  • gingous's avatar
    ciao, ho visto che con il nuovo aggiornamento è cambiato il font del testo... come si fa a tornare a mettere quello di prima? @Justhowie
  • Justhowie's avatar
    @phildw it was a pain in the backside to manage boxes, no boxes and attributless. It would require every attribute for players and non players to be changed in the person properties and the graphics / classes adding to correct folders I'm off work Friday I can take a look then
  • Phildw's avatar
    Thanks mate it now works perfectly. Appreciate the hard work. On a separate note, how easy is it to add boxes to the attributes? Just as a personal preference for myself. Cheers pal

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