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Mustermann v2.06 FM23 Dark Skin

A dark version of the radical Mustermann23 skin. Overview pages got overhauled whilst player profile focuses on analytic stats.

By Updated on Jan 29, 2023   15259 views   21 comments
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Downloads: 2940 / Size: 20.6 MB / Added: 2023-01-14
Football Manager 2023 Skins - Mustermann v2.06 FM23 Dark Skin


A dark version of the radical Mustermann23 skin. Overview pages have been overhauled with a sparse UI, prioritising key information and reducing clutter, whilst the new analytic stats added in this year's edition are given prominence on the player profile to help those who like to take a "Moneyball" approach to their careers.

The skin aims to add a different challenge, and is built around the idea of graphical attributes - with numbers replaced by images to indicate if a player is Excellent, Good, Average or Poor in a specific area. Using the definitions provided in-game, you can change the thresholds for each definition via "Skin Colours" in preferences. There is still a regular numerical attribute version for those not quite ready to make that leap.

Attributes have been have been split into the training groups that influence them so you can now view players in the context of areas of the game.

The Touchline Tablet has also been revamped - redesigned to actually resemble a tablet - and will be the only way you are able to access information in-game. In real life, although tablets are allowed, you rarely see them used by manager's during play as it takes their focus away from the game. Now you'll have to make that assessment, with the tablet obscuring the pitch and no longer having any transparency.

Major Features

  • Grouped by training area, attributes are contextualised with the practical areas they impact
  • Strong prominence to performance data and statistics, with an easy toggle between Total and Per 90 metrics
  • Snapshot buttons on the Home Page, giving you the headline information and deep links to the relevant pages
  • Staff profile overhauled, focussing on tactical preferences and the roles they are open to
  • Expanded Data Hub Summary & Next Opponent Overview
  • "Website-style" design for Club Info, Social Media and News pages
  • (High-Res Only) Change your tactics and training schedules from the Home Page


The download contains two versions:
  • Numerical - standard attributes, numbered 1-20
  • Graphical - colour coded boxes representing Excellent, Good, Average & Awful - the colours and attribute ranges can be adjusted via Preferences -> Skin Colours
There are now alternative colour themes available (see screenshots). You will need to copy the settings file for the colour theme you want from Alternative settings file into [skin name]/settings and rename the file to replace the current one. For example, if using Mustermann Numerical, you will rename the file Mustermann Numerical settings.


Minimum: 1360x768 (Full Screen Mode, 100% Zoom). The skin is adaptive, with different layouts for different resolutions, all within the same skin. The design philosophy remains throughout, with a sparse UI prioritising key information and reducing clutter. Sometimes you might need to scroll.
Note: If you have Windows Ease of Access zoom settings above 100% this will affect the scaling in FM.


There are no current plans for a Club Colours version.


Quite a few to mention, and I'm sure there will be some that I've missed. If I've inadvertently used something you believe I haven't credited please let me know!

bluestillidie00 - scouring through the xmls for TCS taught me a lot about how half of this stuff works, as well as his assistance in various skinning queries - check out WTCS5 by Bluestillidie00 and WorkTheSpace
sebastian_starttrbts - whose work on creating non-numeric attribute skins inspired me to learn myself - check out Non-numeric attributes [★]
Tyburn - whose work on creating non-numeric attribute skins inspired me to learn myself
_Ben_ - for his wonderful approach to displaying attributes and discussions on skinning
Michaeltmurrayuk - for his base skins, and assistance in various skinning queries
wkdsoul - for his assistance in various skinning queries
keysi - for his assistance in various skinning queries
Wozzie - for fixtures and results panels for club overview - check out TATO23
Heffem - for training selectors on player profile
Olas Nick - for his assistance with a number of white text issues
Jellico - for his feedback and general assistance with over the last few months
vonTrips - for his feedback and general assistance with over the last few months

Patch Notes

  • Adjusted Next Opponent Report on Home Page
  • Added more bookmark/shortcut buttons
  • Added menu to titlebar for switching between screens
  • Further colour adjustments for inbox items for dark mode
  • Fixed issue with some metrics not being available in squad view
  • Fixed issue with knowledge level showing as a percentage instead of text
  • Adjusted text and background colours for some news items and league results
  • Fixed issue with staff profile not adjusting properly at some resolutions
  • Restored some attribute comparison screens in numerical versions
  • Rejigged home page, featuring more selectors
  • Credits added to start screen
  • Fixed issue with tablet analysis selections resetting between games
  • Added average rating to player popup panel
  • Fixed issue with staff overview not working properly at certain resolutions
  • Fixed issue with international appearances on player popup panel overflowing onto line below
  • Removed attribute backgrounds on numerical version, and made numbers bold for greater visibility
  • Added a dark skin version

Bugs/Future Requests

If you notice any bugs/issues, please do get in touch, and I will see if they can be resolved. One of the biggest challenges with light skins is identifying all instances of white text and finding a way to either change it, or put an appropriate background behind it. I expect there will be some instances that I've missed, so please let me know!

Similarly, if you have any requests for future features, please let me know, although for full transparency I have no intention of adding any information pertaining to hidden information (CA/PA etc...)

I will add any known issues and requests below, and update with status where possible:
  • I've added some custom text to some pages which cannot be translated - none of the text is important (it doesn't provide useful information, just adds to the aesthetic) (no fix)

Download Now
Downloads: 2940 / Size: 20.6 MB / Added: 2023-01-14
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Discussion: Mustermann v2.06 FM23 Dark Skin

21 comments have been posted so far.

  • gimn85's avatar
    @stoogenuge - thank you for the feedback.

    Re: 1) this is a design decision; as mentioned in the opening paragraph: "sparse UI, prioritising key information and reducing clutter". For a more compact skin, I heartily recommend something like Statman, Hodr or Moneyball - all fantastic skins with very different approaches.

    I will look into 2) - see if there is a way of incorporating the competition table into a filter.
  • stoogenuge's avatar
    Love the skin. 2 bits of feedback:

    1. On the player profile screen it would be nice to use more of the horizontal space. Have the season stats in one column and the attributes in another allowing to increase the size (or amount) of information. At the moment I think the attributes specifically should be larger.

    2. On the goals/key passes/key tackles, it would be very nice to be able to filter out specific competitions like you can with them on the "reports>stats" tab. It took me a while to figure out the discrepancy between the season stats passing numbers and the performance passing numbers on the profile screen.
  • hiinschoi's avatar
    Thanks man! Look forward for you doing something similar!! Keep up your goodwork!!
  • gimn85's avatar
    @hiinschoi - Let me preface this by saying that I think Stag's done some awesome work - it's a fabulous guide and there aren't many resources out there that provide that insight. I do have some concerns over methodology/sample size, so I won't be including it as part of a release. Hodr and Statman have done a wonderful job of incorporating Stag's metrics, and are worth checking out.

    If I was going to do something similar, I'd probably prefer to have something that is able to measure against in-save stats or that the user can define themselves. I'm not sure if that is possible (or, if it is, if I have the ability to do it!)
  • hiinschoi's avatar
    I love this skin! But can i kindly ask you if you can collaborate with FMStag and add his per90 table to the skin?(Like in the WTS5) It makes it so efficient in judging either the play good/medium/poor
  • gimn85's avatar
    @Kilstor - you can edit panels/player/player overview panel.xml to adjust the size/position of the profile picture. It is near the bottom of the file, and everything has been annotated.
  • Kilstor's avatar
    First of all you have created a masterpiece. It is very original and that is what the skin community needs!

    Secondly I would like to ask if it is possible to make te left panel in the player overview bigger. I have a 2k monitor and it looks very tiny. (Profile picture and position)
    I also miss the highlighted attributes for the position, but I could live with that.
  •'s avatar
    thanks man it's work!!!
  • gimn85's avatar
    @[email protected] - I can only give a cursory summary as I don't use it, so there may be some assumptions along the way here.

    - Download instant result skin
    - Download Resource Archiver via Steam (tools - Football Manager 2023)
    - Extract instant result skin using Resource Archiver
    - Copy files from instant result skin into the respective folders of whichever version of Mustermann23 you are using
    - Reload the skin, ensuring cache is turned off
  • Cizzu's avatar
    Instant Result is just crap. Don't use it !
  •'s avatar
    can you explain how to add instant result step by step?
  • gimn85's avatar
    @[email protected] - I won't be adding instant result, but it's easy to add yourself - you can just copy the files over from the Instant Result skin to the respective folder. You may need the Resource Archiver to extract the files, but this is a free tool available with the game.
  •'s avatar
    add instant result?
  • gimn85's avatar
    @kroja - super! Glad you've got it sorted.
  • kroja's avatar
    @gimn85 I found it and everything worked out! thank you very much
  • gimn85's avatar
    That's the path. More explicitly - [skin name]/panels/generic/popup information panel
  • kroja's avatar
    @gimn85 I don't see these files
  • gimn85's avatar
    @kroja - you will also need to delete generic/popup information panel.xml
  • kroja's avatar
    when I delete the player overview popup panel file, after when the player panel is opened, only the skills are visible, and there is no photo of the face, what should I do?
  • kroja's avatar
    how to remove credits on the main menu?
  • TandeP's avatar
    Thank you so much for making a dark version <3
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