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LIVID 22 DARK - FM22 Skin (Updated - 28/11/2021)

LIVID 22 is a dark skin made for Football Manager 2022. It features multiple redesigned screens, an Instant Result button and a DF11 facepack support. Designed for 1920x1080 screen resolution.

By Updated on Nov 28, 2021   67896 views   55 comments
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Downloads: 21012 / Size: 5.1 MB / Added: 2021-10-29
Football Manager 2022 Skins - LIVID 22 DARK - FM22 Skin (Updated - 28/11/2021)

Thanks to:


-DF11 skin


-OPZ Skin

-Heffem Skin



The goal of this skin was to preserve the default look of the game, while redesigning certain panels to improve user experience.
It's designed for 1920x1080 resolution, I can't guarantee that it will work as intended on other screen resolutions.

-Redesigned Club Overview Panel

-Redesigned Player Overview Panel

-Redesigned Player Popup Panel

-Redesigned Home Screen

-Instant Result Button

-DF11 Facepack support (other facepacks should work as well)

-Simple, dark and modern design, using different shades of the gray color

LIVID 22 DARK Preview

If you like the skin, please consider donating, it helps out a lot. Donate via PayPal


-Fixed the 3 middle player panels


-Updated player profile to show personality and media handling

-Updated staff pop-up panels


-Fixed some minor issues


-Intro panel now matches the rest of the skin

-Added match screen mod by michaelmurrayuk

-Added 2 versions of centered player profile


-Changed the continue button and the stripe around the main area to match team colors


-Changed the default background and added the ability to change the general opacity of the skin, for those using custom backgrounds. (Though you have to do this manually by going to the Livid22/panels/client object/client object viewer.xml
There you will find 2 lines of code:
<widget class="picture" file="boxes/bordered/solid/paper" red_replacement="bg" transparency="0.5"> <!-- overlay -->

<widget class="inner_contrast_box" appearance="boxes/custom/interface/content/paper" transparency="0.8"> <!-- content -->

Changing the transparency value from 0.0 to 1.0 adjusts the opacity, 0.0 = fully transparent

After changing the values, save the file, go into the game and reload the skin.)


-Fixed minor issues and changed transparency and the background (Updated the screenshots)

-Fixed CA not being shown in player popup panel


-Redesigned the scouting card, it now shows attributes, as well as some other info


-Changed the default font, if you'd like to revert to the original, just delete the fonts folder.


-Updated the Home panel next fixture area to match the club colors


-Redesigned the Nation overview page

Download Now
Downloads: 21012 / Size: 5.1 MB / Added: 2021-10-29
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Discussion: LIVID 22 DARK - FM22 Skin (Updated - 28/11/2021)

55 comments have been posted so far.

  • vitogor's avatar
    My antivirus also flags the file as unsafe.
  • Matranti's avatar
    Not sure if there is an issue with the Mega download link but I'm currently getting Detected: Trojan:Script/Oneeva.A!ml when trying to download the dark version through windows defender. may just be a false positive but not sure.
  • Falcon's avatar
    Hey guys. I followed all the steps but the faces doesn't work with that or any other skin. Can anyone help?
  • ChelsFret's avatar
    Goalkeepers Player Traits are not on screen fully on scout report (Technical skills push it down, isn't shown)
  • ChelsFret's avatar
    Also, if you open the staff popup and click on their name, it does not take you to the staff member page and the staff members name diasappears.
  • ChelsFret's avatar
  • Kad38's avatar
    is that all that I have to delete ?

  • Entreaty's avatar
    You probably deleted the whole file.

    You have to open the file and locate the part of code i quoted and delete it.
  • Kad38's avatar
    I tried and everything is erased lool

  • Kad38's avatar
    I absolutely do not understand all this but I will try

  • Entreaty's avatar

    Yes, try deleting the following code inside the panels/tactics/tactics icon info panel overview.xml

    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" />

    <!--pos/role/duty indicator-->
    <widget class="position_role_duty_suitability_pie" id="prdF" width="24" height="24">
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="left" inset="0"/>
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="bottom" inset="18"/>
  • Kad38's avatar
    hi this skin is superb thank you for this work .... one thing bothers me is the pellets next to the players ... can they be removed ? If yes, how ? thank you

  • RonnieRona's avatar
    @Entreaty i downloaded the mini stadium pack but they still not displaying in the skinn do u recomend another stadium pack :)
  • Entreaty's avatar
    I'd suggest searching on google or youtube, there are plenty of tutorials.


    I changed the language to Polish and everything worked fine, might be the issue on your end. Try downloading the new version, and remember to delete the old one.
  • kranzi4's avatar

    I'm playing on 1080p resolution and I was testing all zoom settings available in the game and it still doesen't work.
  • Basil1971's avatar
    Hi Entraty,

    How must I install this skin (sorry, new at this), or do you have a link where I can see how I have to do this?

    Thanks mate.
  • Entreaty's avatar

    The issue seems to be with the resolution/zoom you are using not the language. If you are using a resolution lower than 1920x1080 try using lower zoom setting.
  • kranzi4's avatar
    Skin is great, but i've got a little problem. In Polish version of the game at player profile, i can't see which foot of the footballer is better. You can see it on the photo.

  • just86's avatar
    Great skin, really enhances the gameplay. thanks!
  • Vilhena's avatar
    I downloaded your skin, but it seems like it doens't work.. Got this background..

    Have u got a solution?
  • KimG's avatar

    I have tried to reset cache, restarting the game etc. Nothing seems to work. At least I can play the game :) Nothing major is broken, hehe.
  • Entreaty's avatar

    Yeah it's beta so this stuff happens, although it did get resolved for me. Might be just a simple fix like restarting the game.
  • KimG's avatar

    Yeah, I tried and it's not working with the default skin either. Also, my data hub wont work! When I click the button nothing happens.. Hopefully that gets fixed at release :P
  • GreekzGoEliteZ's avatar
    thank you very very much for the background opacity edit!You have responded to our requests,your work is highly appreciated!Keep it up!
  • Entreaty's avatar

    Have you tried saving the game when staff meeting pops up, then changing to default skin to see if it works?

    I had the exact same issue yesterday, but now it's working normally, I thought it was a game bug as it happened with the default skin as well.

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