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Your Enemies Will Lohse Faith 4-1-1-2-2

Triple winning Invincible tactic in the prem along side wins in Champions league and the FA-Cup. 120 goals and 15 conceded in the prem!

By on May 29, 2021   24920 views   5 comments
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Football Manager 2021 Tactics - Your Enemies Will Lohse Faith 4-1-1-2-2
Hello and Welcome to my newest tactic - Your Enemies Will Lohse Faith.

This is a 4-1-1-2-2 tactic or a 4-2-4 depending on how you see it.

Altough I believe 2 striker setups are pretty strong if not overpowered in this year's iteration of the game this tactic went beyond what I had expected.
After acquiring Moukako from Real Madrid for the small fee of 220 million I decide to change my tactics as I had a crazy regen at the same lvl as moukako and I wanted to play both so I switched my tactics up for the coming season.

Disclaimer: to provide context I tried this tactic with a fresh save starting in 2020 with Bologna, a team riddled with injuries and players that don't quite fit the positions. I simmed the entire season and the tactic performed poorly. Finishing 15th with an expected finish of 12th, however, statistically speaking the team had the most passes in the league and 5th best possession. But this leads me to believe that this tactic is mostly suited for upper-tier teams and not recommended for relegation-threatened teams. However, I do believe with some subtle tweaks to positions and tempo and passing length the tactic would work with a worse team. With that out of the way unto the tactic

This is the general setup for the tactic.

The inverted wingbacks tuck in alongside the DLP and support possession and passing lanes and opportunities. The Wingers provides the width - they start out wide and then make inside moving cuts to open the opposition up. On the left the deep-lying playmaker will drop deep and a defender usually follows which allows space for the Inside forward to move into this combination is deadly and creates a lot of goals. the AP moves around a lot from side to side around the hole and is pivotal for the offence to function properly.

In Possession:

If the team isn't dominating possession as much as I like I usually drop down the tempo a notch or you can try and keep the tempo at much higher but take off work ball into Box it sometimes changes the way your team link up.

In Transition:

Out of Possession:


Premier League:

106 points and no losses, lots of goals a very few goals conceded, for elite & top tier teams this tactic brings it all! Possession and entertaining goals and football along with some of the best one-touch football I've seen the match engine create.

With that said it is necessary to have very good players. Off the ball, passing, vision, first touch etc. are all necessary, as well as good team work and work rate. Now onto some team and player stats

Team Stats:

120 goals and 15 goals conceded the best I have ever experienced in the prem.We dominated just about every category with also being joint first with Arsenal for most possession. We were 2nd on fewest shots against by 6 to Man Utd at first where 3rd had 63 more shots against them than us so very very solid defensively.

Player Stats:

For personal stats, an extremely prolific Haaland scored 39 with our top striker coming in 2nd with 34 goals we also had our Left winger with 18 goals. Assists, however, we completely dominated occupying the 1st 2nd and 4th spot. My right winger Odoh had a mental season in setting up goals with 172 key passes almost 50 more than 2nd place with 127 and 21 assists.

That's all for me this time I would like to try this tactic out in a fresh season with different lvls of teams and see how it ranks but from what I could gather in my own test with a bad team it is definitely more geared towards teams which are in the upper-tier of their respective leagues.

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Downloads: 3252 / Size: 43.9 kB / Added: 2021-05-29
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