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MacAssistant Classic for FM16 (Early Access)

Cross platform (Windows, Mac) save-game scout & editor. Supports FM 2016 and FM Touch 2016 (iOS, Android).

By Updated on Oct 06, 2016   31465 views   10 comments
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Downloads: 5400 / Size: 8.2 MB / Added: 2016-07-16
FM 2016 Tools - MacAssistant Classic for FM16 (Early Access)

MacAssistant Classic is a new scouting and editing tool for the Football Manager series. Its main difference to MacAssistant RT, is that instead of relying on memory data, it can load a save game file directly from the disk. This means that you don't have to be running the game to scout and edit your data, and it also offers more objects to edit, in a more reliable way. It is also cross-platform, so it works on both macOS and Windows!

The current version of MacAssistant Classic is 0.3. You can download it and play around with it for free, but you can expect it to be extremely buggy. If you want to support its development, you can purchase a license, which will also enable you to save your changes to a new save game file, that you can then load in the game!

Currently the following features are available in MacAssistant Classic. As this app is heavily in development, you can expect very frequent updates that will be adding features, until we have a first public version:
  • macOS 10.8+ compatibility, with the same native user interface that you're used to in MacAssistant RT!
  • Windows 7+ compatibility with a great and easy to use native user interface!
  • Support for the latest Football Manager 2016, Football Manager Touch for Mac/Windows/iOS/Android!
  • Awards: Search / Edit Awards (100% complete)
  • Cities: Search / Edit Cities (95% complete)
  • Clubs: Search / Edit Club Information (about 40% complete) and Club Finances (98% complete)

Coming Soon:
The next update will provide the following new features:
  • Competitions: Scout / Edit Competition information

To use MacAssistant Classic with your iOS/Android FM Touch 16, you will need to extract the save game file from your device, load it in MacAssistant, and after you're done editing, push it back to the device again.

Why two versions, and which should I get?
MacAssistant RT is a real-time scout/editor tool, which means it accesses the game data directly from the memory. MacAssistant Classic, on the other hand, loads the save game file to access and edit the data. This means that you can use MacAssistant Classic, even when the game is not running. The choice is yours!

Support the MacAssistant Project

You can support the development of this tool by purchasing a license which unlocks the editing features for the 2016 version. This is an one time upgrade which costs $7.00 (approx. £5.50/€6.50 + VAT (EU Supporters only) - the GBP/EURO price fluctuates depending on the exchange rates compared to USD).
The license will be cross-platform which means you can use it on both Windows and Mac if you own both.

Screenshots (macOS)

Screenshots (Windows)

Bug Reports

MacAssistant Classic will also need your help! If you encounter any bugs, please report them by sending an email to [email protected]


For support queries regarding licenses, please contact [email protected]. For any other support queries, please contact [email protected]


MacAssistant Classic is a fully featured assistant tool created by Thanos Siopoudis.
App logo by Stam.
With MANY special thanks to everyone who donated or purchased a license over the years! You are the ones who keep this project alive!

Download Now
Downloads: 5400 / Size: 8.2 MB / Added: 2016-07-16
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Discussion: MacAssistant Classic for FM16 (Early Access)

10 comments have been posted so far.

  • p4do's avatar
    This is the best idea
    I think I figure I'm a natural because I root for you all the time.
    Cheer Up~
  • thanoulas's avatar
    @Lenzar you obviously have no understanding of how the file is structured (and I didn't expect you to). I fail to understand why I have to explain how and why I've made the decisions I've made, but I'm in a good mood today. The app will simply have to offer the ability to edit every single byte in the save game so it can save it back into something the game can open. Which means useless (for you) things like awards, cities, even the freaking weather! You'll see clubs and players when clubs and players are implemented. Downloading or buying a license is a 100% opt in: you don't have to do either.
  • Lenzar's avatar
    Alpha or not, why are you faffing about with things like awards and cities? I've never heard anyone wanting to edit either of these in a save game!
  • thanoulas's avatar
    @Lenzar this is why it's clearly called "Alpha" and "Early Access". Plus you don't have to if you don't want to. It's just a way of supporting its development. Software like this doesn't just appear out of thin air, you know, it takes a lot of time researching a completely unknown file structure and developing the app to work on two different operating systems. If you need a more complete solution there's other software out there that do more than what this app can (currently) do.
  • Lenzar's avatar
    So nice to know I can pay over a fiver to be able to edit awards, and soon I'll be able to edit cities, too! When will this software allow something useful, like player or team editing?
  • thanoulas's avatar
    @Shaanxz the default location varies per operating system, and where you got the game from. Try these for Steam:
    Windows Football Manager 2016: C:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2016\data\db\1630\1630_fm\lang_db.dat
    Mac Football Manager 2016: ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2016/data/db/1630/1630_fm/lang_db.dat

    For FM Touch / FM Classic replace "1630_fm" with "1630_fmc" in the path
  • Shaanxz's avatar
    i still can't find Lang_db.dat???? or dont know how to access it
  • thanoulas's avatar
    @fmsharky it doesn't matter what operating system or how you've installed the game (as long as it's version 16.3.x). You just need to load the game's save file.
    @marco filipe it should be located in the game's data folder
  • marco filipe's avatar
    I where can I find Lang_db.dat????
  • fmsharky's avatar
    hi matey
    great idea, but i play my fm16 through steam and load it the same way
    will it still work on windows this way ?
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