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Martin's Van Gaal by FM Whizzkids

Admin Martin from the Facebook page 'The Football Manager Whizzkids' on Louis Van Gaals famous Holland National team formation.

By on Aug 16, 2014   41699 views   10 comments
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Downloads: 8212 / Size: 932 B / Added: 2014-08-16
FM 2014 Tactics - Martin's Van Gaal by FM Whizzkids
Tried, tested and very successful with Manchester United.

Any questions, feel free to ask, I use this site on a regular basis and will reply ASAP...

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Downloads: 8212 / Size: 932 B / Added: 2014-08-16
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About jamesbeedie17

Co-owner of "The Football Manager Whizzkids" social media channels. Lifelong Newcastle United fan.

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Discussion: Martin's Van Gaal by FM Whizzkids

10 comments have been posted so far.

  • Keysus's avatar
    I started using this tactic as i had 2 good wingbacks and a solid defence as Leicester.
    After Struggling with my old tactic and trying to find a tactic that works, this gave me instant results. After losing to big teams at Home and losing to sunderland at Home, i then used this and beat Everton 2-0 away

    About Man U, This tactic wouldn't work for them, they need a solid defense and good wingbacks which they dont have.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    This tactic is insuitable for Manchester United and Van Gaal is not suited to ManUtd by making crimes .He uses this tactic completely wrong and he forgets the basic principles of 3-5-2/5-3-2 which are solid defence,passing but not possesion play and constant counter attacks or counter pressing use.He uses the wrong players and its a petty to get humiliating from a 12 year old football club.Shout and complain to him,who has not realise on which club he came and secondly he cannot see the most obvious fact :that you cannot adopt into 3-5-2/5-3-2 the same principles that you apply on 4-3-3.His medical treatment must change...We know which are the health problems of van gaal and in the last conference he has lost it completely.Its a petty to see a genious to get destroyed from his up temper egoism but this is van gaal.I made his tactics once but...very few realised as it should.Man Utd fans hope you have a strong stomach.Van Gaal won the league with alkmaar when the club finished the previous season 9th.Maybe the same will happen with Man Utd.I dont express any personal empathy and I deserve some respect.
  • jamesbeedie17's avatar
    @Roberto Mancini

    So LVG tactic at Man Utd has failed because he has lost 1 competitive game using it? Get in to the real world, judge it after 10 or 20 games, such a stupid comment, stick to Football games...
  • Justice's avatar
    @Roberto.Maincini, your argument about this tactic is stupid. You just slate the tactic in real life without giving any sort of hard-proof. Your argument lacks any substance at all and you're just posting a negative comment for the sake of it, I believe. I don't mind seeing negative comments, provided you actually do your research and back up your points properly. Your comment has zero substance and anybody with any sense would laugh at it.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Zero presentation and analysis .This tactic is good enough to get beaten from inferior clubs like swansea and cardiff .Unreal for club level and very good for international teams when you can use any player that you want especially when your opponents dont make you any scouting .I wanted to make a simmilar post but noway ...I was winning away games by 4-1 margin and on my home I was struggling to get a draw .The most balanced tactics in this fm are these from lippi ,conte ,antic and rafa .I emulated 80 % of tactics from modern day coaches but no result ...The only COACH who is always modern and fresh is Helenio Herrera .Forget tiki taka and stupid passing game .Herrera found out what others search for decades .Antic won the league in Atletico much before Simone makes it ,think about it again ;) Van gaal is great but this experiment in Manchester failed already .
  • jamesbeedie17's avatar
    That tactic you mentioned is a great benchmark for me to work from, the detail is excellent, apart from this site ive never uploaded a tactic before, i will explain in greater detail with pictures in future, thanks.
  • Stam's avatar
    My point was that presentation is very important, I didn't mean to offend you. For example, take a look at this tactic: Poetry In Motion (BR System); you can tell the author spent a lot of time presenting his work. I don't think my advice (of dedicating more time adding a tactic here) was harsh. I'm not here to judge whether a tactic is good or not and I didn't doubt you tested the tactic to make it as successful as possible, but how can anybody know that if you don't show it? ;)

    One of the easiest ways to add a picture is to upload it on a free image hosting site (such as and then add its direct link using the image button of the textarea or use bbcodes directly. For example:
    If this is confusing to you, just make sure to add the links to the pictures and I'll sort it out myself.
  • jamesbeedie17's avatar
    @Stam Also not sure how to add screenshots, i have no problem attaching a few to show of the tactic and i could even edit the written part.
  • jamesbeedie17's avatar
    @Stam I agree with you, more could have been written about it and how it works. The reason of being Man Utd was to see if what LVG is doing in real life could/would work playing FM14, with players such as Young/Valecia playing as Wing Backs. As for dedicating more time, i feel thats harsh, we put much effort into testing tactics, such as my last one which i made succesful with Sporting Lisbon for 9 seasons with a max budget of £1m each year through out that career, and for the 6 seasons with Norwich to competing with the big teams year in year out - We dont put tactics together and put them on for the sake of it, we really believe in what we do, we test them between 4 of us, other tactics have not been as succesfull so we wouldnt submit them, ill make sure in future tactics are tested with teams from very low league and various countries. I feel a little embarassed as the public can see your comment and make us look like we know nothing, when in fact we have 45 years experience of CM/FM amongst other Managerial games between us. Thanks for your comment, as i say, i agree but also disagree with what you say. No offence ment by this reply. Thanks.
  • Stam's avatar
    Presentation is poor and normally I don't approve such submissions which are lacking text and pictures. Your previous 2 tactic submissions had a similar problem but I didn't say anything as I was hoping they were made in a hurry. Please dedicate more time with your next upload. Some more information explaining how the tactic works and a few screenshots showcasing your results would be nice. Also testing the tactic with a lesser team would convince more people to download.
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