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Mayet's Super 2-3-2-3 FM19 Tactic

I'm back for FM19. Remember my Ultimate Unorthodox tactic last year? This year I created a Super 2-3-2-3 tactic. Try it out !!!

By on Oct 28, 2018   51564 views   5 comments
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Downloads: 11523 / Size: 42.8 kB / Added: 2018-10-28
Football Manager 2019 Tactics - Mayet's Super 2-3-2-3 FM19 Tactic
I started my FM19 career with Liverpool same as last year.

My tactic thrived throughout the Premier League Season. My team performed superbly and demolished many teams.

My top performers stats
Fabinho16 goals2 assists39 matches
Naby Keita7 goals9 assists31 matches
Trent Alexander Arnold2 goals12 assists26 matches
Mohamed Salah11 goals10 assists33 matches
Roberto Firmino24 goals5 assists42 matches
Sadio Mane18 goals4 assists38 matches

Fabinho won Fans Player of The Season
Naby Keita won Young Player of The Year
Sadio Mane won Player of The Year
Alisson won Golden Glove

This tactic helped me to Win the English Premier League with 3 games to spare.I scored the most goals as well as conceding the least and keeping the most clean sheets.I only lost to one Top Six side as well as only losing 3 games in Total and Finishing 1st with 93 points.This tactic really worked as a super tactic.

This is a 2-3-2-3 Super Tactic that scores plenty of goals and concedes very little.

This is the 2nd Tactic that I have Uploaded,I uploaded the Mayet`s Ultimate Unorthadox Tactic last year and this year I have created this 2-3-2-3 Super Tactic.

Try my new Tactic for FM19.

Let Me know how you did with my tactic in the comments section.

Download Now
Downloads: 11523 / Size: 42.8 kB / Added: 2018-10-28
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Discussion: Mayet's Super 2-3-2-3 FM19 Tactic

5 comments have been posted so far.

  • JeffDogg's avatar
    Nothing crazy about winning with Liverpool
  • Mwenye Temitope's avatar
    This is just from Fm Korea
  • ualla's avatar
    I'm not big on the tactics side of FM games (I prefer the buying/selling aspect) so I always try to find a tactic that helps my team play above average.

    I'm playing with Milan and this tactic is fantastic. I'm winning most games and am really liking it, thank you for sharing. I can now focus on finding interesting players and developing them.
  • matisptfan's avatar
    Hi Muaaz,

    While I should note I haven't tried the tactic yet, I'd like to still leave a few notes before I do.

    First, you are using my absolute favorite tactical disposition. The way players are placed on the field is a manager's dream, not only for the defense - attack balance it provides but also because it makes squad management so much easier. I find particular interesting the use of 2 B2Bs in the CM positions - it does make sense. As a side note, I feel like using that combination in FM 18 would be a nightmare.
    While in the subject of roles, I'd say is a bit more difficult for me to understand why did you go for 2 attacking players on the right side instead of 1 support - attack on both sides? Surely that'd be better for balance / chance creation?

    Obviously you have at Liverpool a fitting playground for all the risky decisions you took on the "team instructions", such as the much higher defensive line, the overlaps on both sides and the urgent pressing, so it seems only conscious to review these instructions for a team with sub par players, but like you've demonstrated in your results, this type of football really suffocates the opposition when it's well executed.

    Lastly, is my assumption correct that the Gk's distribution to the playmaker is to the DMF, in your case, Henderson?

    All in all, thanks for sharing and congratulations for the great results.I really appreciate your creativity in the player roles / disposition.

    I intend to try this out myself in the next couple of weeks ;)
  • DanishDynamite's avatar
    doesn't really work for me - probably cause I'm not some OP team like Liverpool...Sruggling myself to find a good one for weaker teams
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