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3-4-1-2 Bulldozer // Mbappe + Haaland scored 211 goals in a season

An incredibly offensive tactic for FM 2021 that made Haaland and Mbappe jointly scored 211 goals in one season! Fantastic results, total football and an incredible number of goals!

By Updated on May 17, 2021   115425 views   17 comments
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Downloads: 35048 / Size: 49.3 kB / Added: 2021-05-11
Football Manager 2021 Tactics - 3-4-1-2 Bulldozer // Mbappe + Haaland scored 211 goals in a season
Hi! It's my first tactic ever in FM Scout.

In my third season in this save I had the opportunity to take over Real Madrid.

So I decided to join Mbappe and Haaland and create a tactic completely different from the usual 442 that I always use and I ended up having completely unbelievable results!

I won all competitions and ended the season without any defeat.

Mbappe and Haaland did something completely unrealistic during the season, fabulous! 113 goals from Mbappe and 98 from Haaland in all competitions.

I had several games with xG above 5.0 / 6.0

In the meantime I have already made a few more seasons in this save, always changing teams every season and always playing with this tactic. The results appeared, with less goals of course because there is not always a Haaland + Mbappe but with equally positive results. I managed to reach 5 consecutive champions finals with 5 different teams winning 4 of them.

The only change I make in the tactic is in the complicated games outside under the wings to the full wing function to attack to defend better.

In so many years of FM, I have never had a tactic with such overwhelming results, but what really stands out was the number of goals scored.

I will leave here all the moments of an unforgettable season and I hope you enjoy this tactic as much as I did throughout this season.

Good games, enjoy!

Tactic test by FM Scout

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Downloads: 35048 / Size: 49.3 kB / Added: 2021-05-11
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Discussion: 3-4-1-2 Bulldozer // Mbappe + Haaland scored 211 goals in a season

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • victor98's avatar
    can someone plz adapt this tactic to FM16?
  • Havanaclue's avatar
    Defensively shaky? It is an absolute joke defensively. Not a tactic for a team that does not have Haaland or Mbappe.....
  • Jorsin's avatar
    It's a fun tactic to play, though I am finding problems. It is defensively shaky - lots of chances conceded and, even if I win, I can ship a lot of goals in the process. I have tried switching the wingers to WM but it does not conclusively help.
    The other issue is that the 2 DLPs seem to be ineffective more often than not - game ratings ranging from 6.2 - 6.4, with only a few occasions when one of them plays well. I have adjusted this to CAR & MEZ (su) and, though it's only been a few games, their ratings have improved.

    For context - I am playing as Tottenham and my wingers at the moment are either Bale or Reguilon (left) and Bergwijn or Moura (right).
  • Bayequentist's avatar
    Which type of winger do you use? A retrained fullback or an attacking midfielder?
  • baser20's avatar

  • PATATEEES's avatar
  • PATATEEES's avatar
    Taktiği Galatasaray ile 2023 yılında şu anki kadrosundan farklı oyuncular ile denedim, santrafor ikilim olarak M. Mohammed ve Moukoko'yu seçtim. Yalnızca bir sezonda ikisi toplam 100'den fazla gol attılar hatta üstüne yaklaşık olarak 30 civarı da asistleri var. Bu arada Moukoko kış transfer döneminde geldi... :D

    I'm tried with Galatasaray (but in 2023 and with a different players) my striker's were Moukoko and M.Mohammed. Together they have scored over 100 goals in just one season, and of course a few assists (approximately 30) in all matches, even Moukoko only played half a season. This tactic is overpovered.

    Spoiler: Kanat oyuncuları bu taktikte çok önemli, seçerken dikkatli davranın. Winger players are very important, be careful when choosing them.
  • Cityzen's avatar
    What is meant by outside under the wings to the full wing function to attack to defend better? Just trying to understand better
  • corndog4669's avatar
    it's definitely not save and reload, i used it with brentford and Ivan Toney and Forss scored 75 league goals between them just in the league. Toney broke the record with like 45 league goals. I imagine it's even better with stronger sides!
  • Kirito3801's avatar
    Could you, please, upload your save?
    I'm thinking about save-load, sorry
    To good to be true
  • Phansell's avatar
    Think of this with Inter
  • ferrenberg's avatar
    I can't believe even with this overpowered tactic Hazard has only 4 goals. It's horrible to be a Madrid fan right now
  • ShurvJnr's avatar
    Incredible tactic - trialled it with PSG and scored ridiculous amounts of goals, now using it with Leeds and some highlights of my first half season with no signings...
    Leeds 7 - 3 Man Utd
    Leeds 7 - 2 Liverpool
    Tottenham 1 - 6 Leeds

    You will lose some games heavy on occasion so be prepared for that but on the most part, you will score a lot and win a very good amount of games!
  • mistral's avatar
    This tactic is insane!! I've tried with Roma in serie A, only half season from January. Predicted 6th, in January we were 10th... finish 3th, won Italian Cup and Europa League! Kluivert 8 goals in one game! You have done something to be proud, man! Thank you
  • fernandoteixeira25's avatar
    Toni Kroos
  • Ghostiren's avatar
    Insane results o.O

    who take the corners?
  • vads's avatar
    Could you please post English screenshots so I can rebuild this tactic in FM20?
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