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Newgen R-Evolution V6 Update (+Megapack) - Realistic AI-Photoshopped facepack

Ultra Realistic faces for your favourite newgens - Contains a total of 4460 faces + maps in every folder. Extra instructions for use with NewGan manager tool and other packs. Staff faces added!

By Updated on Feb 14, 2024   72 comments
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Size: 45.8 MB / Added: 2023-03-27
Football Manager 2024 Facepacks - Newgen R-Evolution V6 Update (+Megapack) - Realistic AI-Photoshopped facepack
V6 Update is available now! The faces are not only generated by AI but also photoshopped by me for more unique results.
Different Nationalities, Different races, different ages, different types of faces and levels of realism.
Now with Staff faces, both mens and womens.
Photos size is always 250x250 (except for 3 maybe 4 which are a little smaller.)

Download each version
V1 - includes 758 faces
V2 - includes 665 new faces + New Mixed race folder
V3 - includes 680 new faces + New Oceanians folder
V4 - includes 902 new faces
V5 - includes 910 new faces + New Staff Folder
V6- includes 535 new faces, generated and photoshopped

Or download all in once here :
Newgen Revolution Megapack
NOTE : It is not necessary to download the Megapack if you have already downloaded versions 1-6 one by one.

In game look

Previοus Versions thumbnails

Instructions with new (r-) way

Step 1 - Make sure that "Show screen ID in the title bar to assist skinning" is ticked on the Preferences Menu.
Step 2 - Downloand and place the ''Newgen Revolution VX'' folder on your computer's desktop or wherever you find it most accessible.
Step 3 - Create a folder named "newgen faces" in this path:
Windows - Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20XX/graphics/
MAC - Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20XX/graphics
Step 4 - Open ''Newgen Revolution VX'' folder, copy and paste the config file into ''newgen faces'' folder. After that copy and paste the photo you like in the same folder.
Step 5 - Rename the (face photo) file with the ID of the newgen. (for example rename the euro40 to r-2002XXXXXX).
Step 6 - Open the config file and copypaste the new ID ''r-2002XXXXXX'' two times. The line looks like this :
<record from="r-2002112149" to="graphics/pictures/person/r-2002112149/portrait"/>.
Step 7 - Every time a new face is added to the folder you will need to copy and paste into the config to create a new line and replace the IDs
Step 8 - Save config file, open the game, clear cache and reload skin.
If you do it once it will become a very easy and quick process.

Step 1- Download Notepad++.
Step 2- Open config file inside your newgen faces folder with Notepad++ (use this as the main tool for this kind of files, instead just windows Notepad. Change it with right click and open with...then select Notepad++ and tick the box ''use always this app to open .xml'' (or something like that for every language).Click OK and from now the XLM files like configs always opens with Notepad++
Step 3 - You have now open the config file with Notepad++. At the top of your screen select search/find. a new smaller box opens. Click on Replace. Now you have to write in ''Find what :'' the number 200 and in ''Replace with'' r-200. Now click on ''Replace All''.
This automatically replace every ID to the right way. You can also try the same method but not with 200. ''Find what:'' for ''person/'' and ''replace all'' with ''person/r-''.
Step 4 - Now you need to rename every photo in your ''newgens faces'' folder from 2002XXXXXX to r-2002XXXXXX.
Download Bulk Rename Utility install the app and open it. Search for your newgens faces folder, most common path is Windows - Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2024/graphics/newgen faces or whatever you named the folder, click actions/select all and replace again ''200'' with ''r-200''. Hit Rename at bottom right button, click OK in the ''warning box'' and all your photos now are matching with the ID's inside the config file.
Step 5 - Open FM, go to preferences,cllear cache and reload your skin.

NOTES : Mainly newgens ID's starts with 200. If you use the faces for real players/staff *(black shadow pictures in game are real humans with differrent kind of ID's) you have to rename ID's and photos in the same way but maybe manually.
All you need is the steps above. Same method possibly works for NewGan tool. SI Foroum, Zealands Discord and Newgan main article may helps you better here.

Instructions for use with NewGan manager tool and other facepacks

To use faces from both mods with the NewGan Manager, users will need to -

1. Download this facepack and FMUGens facepack (and the updates if you want them).

1a. Download NewGan from fmscout

2. Put the "FMUGens MEGAPACK" folder into graphics -> faces (create "faces" folder if you don't have one). Delete the config.xml provided with FMUGens.

You will not use the config.xml file from either mod, you will be creating your own with NewGan Manager.

3. Drag the individual photos from this mod into their respective Nationality folders provided in the "FMUGens MEGAPACK" download.

Example: Photos from this mods Africans folder into FMUGens Africans folder, photos from this mods Asians folder into FMUGens Asians folder, ect.

4. Do the usual in-game NewGan .rtf file setup and creation.

Heres a Tutorial on that if you've never used NewGan

NewGan requires a shortlist to be made in-game with with a certain view and filter. Both are included in the NewGan download. This tutorial video walks you through it.

Once you have created the .rtf file in-game, launch NewGan and you will be directing it to the "FMUGens MEGAPACK" folder. You will also direct it to the .rtf file you just created.

Then run NewGan just how you normally would, or how that tutorial instructs you too.

The application will now use photos from both mods when creating the config.xml because they are in the same folder! The config.xml file gets crated in the "FMUGens MEGAPACK" folder.

To use NewGan with FMUGens file structure you will NEED TO RENAME TWO FOLDERS IN THE FMUGen MEGAPACK folder.

Rename South America folder to South American
Rename Scandinavia folder to Scandinavian


You can double check if it worked by opening the newly created config.xml in the "FMUGens MEGAPACK" folder. Search the document and see if there are file names from both mods being used in the config.

Example: I moved the files from this mods "Mixed Races" folder into FMUGens "Italmed" folder. When searching the newly created config I see both files names being used, eg. "UP2ITALMED136" and "mix15".

Ex: <record from="Italmed/mix15" to="graphics/pictures/person/r-2002122611/portrait"/>

<record from="Italmed/UP2ITALMED136" to="graphics/pictures/person/r-2002092962/portrait"/>

I hope this helps. Creating your first .rtf file In-Game with the views and filters mentioned in the tutorial video can be confusing at first, but becomes very easy after you do it a couple times.

Just create an unemployed manager in your current save, go to Player Search, and use that tutorial video to create your first .rtf shortlist. Once you are finished with everything, you can reload your most recent save to get rid of the unemployed manager. You can download this instructions here

Credits for the extra instructions to almostmidnite

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Downloads: 43435 / Size: 45.8 MB / Added: 2023-03-27
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Discussion: Newgen R-Evolution V6 Update (+Megapack) - Realistic AI-Photoshopped facepack

72 comments have been posted so far.

  • eyesize's avatar
    It's awesome, dude! It gets better and better from edition to edition! Great stuff. Many thanks!
  • zamek9's avatar
    great mod
  • FA96's avatar
    when i go to replace images in NewGan it gives the error FOLDER YUGOGREEK IS MISSING IN THE IMAGE DIRECTORY ?
  • Napolitanos's avatar
    Yes. They dont change that again.
  • tugboat's avatar
    Since the latest patch do we still have to put r- in front of the ID Number when manually adding faces.
  • Napolitanos's avatar
    I modify instructions. I wish now looks more helpfull and detailed.
  • Napolitanos's avatar
    Theres another way to do it with Notepad. Just replace ''person/'' with ''person/r-'' inside the config file.
    Outside of config and inside the same folder's pictures its clear for everyone who used my facepack if carefully reads my instructions for set up folder in the right way. There is no way to replace a newgen face without knowing his ID and how it looks.

    Real Players/staff without pics may not have ''200'' as their three first numbers of their ID's. Here you are right, i have not in my mind this kind of confusion for some people cause i never use a ''fake'' face for the missing facepacks pictures. Its something i have to make a note. Thanks for your advice i am gonna modify it soon.
  • fatunas's avatar
    guys, rename regen photos ? hundreds of them has to be renamed manually ???
  • meanonsunday's avatar
    Thanks for the great faces. I suggest to modify your instructions as it is confusing to some when you say to put "r-200" or in one place "r-2002" in front of the player id. In fact you only need to put "r-" in front of the exact ID shown in the game. I understand that you only meant that newgens always have IDs starting with 200, but not everyone knows this (also they may think a player is a newgen when they are just a player in the original db that didnt have an image in the facepack they use). I think this will reduce the people having problems in the comments.
  • Napolitanos's avatar
  • jay5000's avatar
    ok i have now edited all the images in the Faces and Iconfaces folders and put r- in front of them. But unfortunately it still doesn't work.
  • jay5000's avatar
    ok. How can I do this automatically for all images?
  • Napolitanos's avatar
    If you rename the config file, after that you need to rename all the photos in the folder adding the r- in front the ID (photo name to manual way is player ID exactly like the ID inside the config).

    Because im not sure for Newgan tool's folders cause i dont use the tool personally, maybe for that folder its something different and i miss it. its better to search the solution at SI Foroum or Zealand's Discord if you still struggling with it. Im searching too for details. If i found everything usefull i update the article as soon as i can.
  • jay5000's avatar
    I have now tried a few more times, but it hasn't worked. I have edited the config in the Faces folder. Where do I have to change something?
  • jay5000's avatar
    but this doesnt work :(
  • jay5000's avatar
    ok so I have now edited 2 configs. One in the faces folder and one in the NewGan faces folder, where the many images are located. Was that correct?
  • Napolitanos's avatar
    @jay5000 you have to rename the faces inside your newgen faces folder too. Only then they match with the config's and game's ID. Add r- in front of the player ID. You do that? Then clear cache and reload skin if your game is open. If not just open the game and normally they are now fixed.
  • jay5000's avatar
    I edit the config. search for person/ and replace all with person/r-
  • Napolitanos's avatar
    @jay5000 What exactly dont work? The manual method or the NewGan method??
  • jay5000's avatar
    Hi, its not working for me too. :(
  • Napolitanos's avatar
    @Infiltrator Please give me more details.
  • Infiltrator's avatar
    Serious problems after the update!!!!!
  • Nesta777's avatar
    Yes you mus have notepad
    If you have it, you can replace them all,
    1)open your config file with Note pad
    2)in the replace tab (ctrl+H) on the right you have replaced everything
    3)you search for person/ and you remplace with person/r-
  • Napolitanos's avatar
    Just update the instructions. Please let me know if works for you now guys.
  • bones1986's avatar
    It's not working for me, i tried multiple times

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