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Nikigreat's It's a Wing Thing

One of my best FM15 Tactics so far! 4-3-3 with easy possession and cutting balls for your wings. Check full explanation in the article!

By on Nov 07, 2014   39982 views   3 comments
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Downloads: 10877 / Size: 598 B / Added: 2014-11-07
FM 2015 Tactics - Nikigreat's It's a Wing Thing
Hi guys, I usually don't post tactics or better I never did it, but I think this one is pretty good or at least it worked really well to me in my very first season with FM15, so I wanted to share it.

I tried to do the best work possible and I'm pretty happy with it. Please try it and let me know anything about it, it means so much to me if you can also give your suggestion to improve it. Since tactics system is changed this year, it would be nice if this one became a pillar of FM15 new tactics. :D

I started using this with AC Fiorentina.
As the name says, the most important elements in this tactic are the Wings. In particular, the right one. Since I had Cuadrado, one of the best right wing of the game this year to me, I decided to set my tactic to play mostly towards the right side, so we can surely say that the Right Wing is the most important player of your team using this tactic. Choose him wisely.

Squad Instructions

Starting from the left column:
We're gonna use Short Passing to keep the ball with easy on foot passes, forcing the opponent midfielders (and defenders too) to try to catch the ball in this short distances, so we can create space between them and especially when our team bandy with the ball in the limits of the field this allows our wings to have more free space.

Play Out of Defence is set for the same reason; we're not gonna try long throws, but we'll come gradually where we want to come. And as said, we will Pass into Space as soon as we find the right spot.

Play Wider is really useful to create space between our opponent too, but the main thing is that our Wings will stay the widest possible trying to avoid the right/left fullback's marking.

Close Down More is set to make us quickly recovering the ball to impose our game and in my tactic it was helpful so many times to catch the ball in the opponent defending side putting us in a situation where the defense is broken and we have three attacking players we can give the ball in a real win-win situation; it is supported by Use Tighter Marking.

To hold up all of this we're gonna play with a Higher Tempo.

This was one of my typical 11 starters

Let's have a look to every player role:
The Goal Keeper will have default settings.

The Left Back will be set as Automatic Full Back with these tasks:
Pass it Shorter - Cross More Often - Stay Wider - Cut Inside With Ball
This is the more offensive of the two full backs.
The key attributes are: Crossing - Tackling - Concentration - Team Work - Acceleration - Stamina
Good examples can be: Davide Santon, Lucas Digne, Alberto Moreno, Massadio Haidara

The Central Backs will be both set as Defend Centre Defender but one of them will just have the Pass it Shorter task, the other one will have these tasks:
Pass it Shorter - Close Down More - Mark Tighter
These ones are usually the classic center backs, but it's better having the first one more technique and the second one more "classic".
The key attributes are: Heading - Marking - Tackling - Anticipation - Bravery - Concentration - Positioning - Strength - (Passing)
Good examples can be: Eder Alvarez Balanta, Eliaquim Mangala, Samuel Umtiti, Leonardo Bonucci, Phil Jones

The Right Back will be set as Defend Limited Full Back with these tasks:
Close Down More - Sit Narrower
This is the defensive full back. Maybe you are wondering why he's set with defending tasks if the main game of the tactic will be developed on the right. First of all, don't expect to see every offensive actions on your right side. By the way, this is because in a right side that is a full-attacking one where we'll take the greater number of risks, we need to have a more covered defending spot; this will be a very important player, in fact we make him sit narrower so it's easier for him to immediately pass every ball he catches in the midfield to start our game.
The key attributes are: First Touch - Marking - Tackling - Anticipation - Decisions - Positioning - Agility - Stamina
Good examples can be: Bacary Sagna, Micah Richards, Kyle Walker, Glen Johnson, Sebastien Corchia, Lorenzo De Silvestri

The Central Defensive Midfielder will be set as Support Ball Winning Midfielder with no particular tasks.
This is the typical ball catcher who fluctuates between defense and midfield. Nothing simpler than that, but just like one of our central defenders, it's not a bad thing if he has a good technique too.
The key attributes are the standard ones for this role.
Good examples can be: Victor Wanyama, Nigel de Jong, Alex Song, Daniele De Rossi

The Centre Left Midfielder will be set as Support Box to Box Midfielder with these tasks:
Close Down More - Pass it Shoter - Move Into Channels - Run Wide With Ball
This is our acrobatic player in the midfield. He will move to space, trying to cut in the area when our attacks will occasionally go through the center, going back to catch some ball and moving to the ball all around to create the space for the other offensive players.
The key attributes are the First Touch - Passing - Tackling - Bravery - Off The Ball - Work Rate - Acceleration - Stamina
Good examples can be: Claudio Marchisio, Pedro Obiang, Aaron Ramsey, Kevin Strootman

The Centre Right Midfielder will be set as Support Advanced Playmaker with just two tasks:
Pass it Shoter - Cross From Deep
Our classic playmaker. Not many tasks for him because what he does by default is exactly what we need. Crossing from deep is really more important than you could think, in particular it's useful to unlock our wing's movement or chip in over the defense to the striker when the opponent squad brilliantly covers all the field and there is no much space.
The key attributes are the Crossing - First Touch - Passing - Technique - Decisions - Flair - Team Work - Vision - Agility
Good examples can be: Jack Wilshere - Andrea Pirlo - Borja Valero, Marco Verratti, Toni Kroos

The Left Wing will be set as Support Inside Forward with standard tasks.
This is our "fake" wing. This is not the classic wing as we know it, but he's a complete forward who will dictate the tempo when the ball comes on the left side. He can cut in the area or converge to midfield to create space from the advancing left back or to do to other things: playing with the two midfielders or trying a long shot; he must be a very quality player, personally I found in Gabbiadini a really solid (and cheaper) one. This guy is able to do everything.
The key attributes are the Finishing - First Touch - Long Shots - Passing - Technique - Composure - Flair - Off The Ball - Vision - Agility - Acceleration - Stamina
Good examples can be: Manolo Gabbiadini, Lukas Podolski, Memphis Depay, Antoine Griezmann

The Right Wing will be set as Attack Winger with two tasks.
Close Down More - Roam From Position
And here we are, our man. He can go wherever he wants, finding the best spot to attack but you will see him often starting to very right side to converge into the area. He will receive the ball on the run trying to make the most possible damage with his pace. The close down more task won't allow the opponent defenders to breathe a second and I saw many times Cuadrado catching the ball from the left back and then going to score a solo goal.
The key attributes are the Crossing - Dribbling - First Touch - Technique - Anticipation - Flair - Off The Ball - Acceleration - Agility - Pace
Good examples can be: Juan Cuadrado, Carlos Vela, Arjen Robben

The Central Forward will be set as Attack Poacher with two tasks.
Pass It Shorter - Move Into Channel
The "one ball-one goal striker". Make sure to choose a forward able to score in every way; finishing is clearly the most important attribute for him. Believe me, if the tactic works, he will receive so many balls to put in the box. Many times my striker went out of the area playing at its limits and with a short pass find the wing on the run or lending support to the playmaker who could chip the ball to the winger aswell.
The key attributes are the Finishing - First Touch - Heading - Anticipation - Concentration - Off The Ball - Agility - Strength
Good examples can be: Mattia Destro, Luis Suarez, David Villa, Loic Remy, Miroslav Klose

In Game handling

I was used to make some devices during the game and they was always the same because they seem to work good. Especially in the first part of the first half, at about the 15-20th minute, if I was seeing that our Ball Possesion was growing I put Retain Possession, Stay Higher and Work Ball Into Box; I also changed Mentality from Control to Attacking many times, you can do it if you have the midfield domain and by the way it depends on the feelings you have about the match.

If I was seeing our shoots growing but not the ones on target, I put Look For Overlap to insist in having more options to bring the ball in the area getting more chances to score.

If you are drawing a match with a team you believe it's weaker, Overload is an option you have to consider; I did it like 10-12 times and 5-6 I do score the leading goal and however I didn't remember any big mess with a counter attack because we was all forward; use it from the 70th minute on.

To defend your winning score, at about 75-80th minute stop the Look For Overlap and the Work Ball Into Box tasks. Go back to Control or even to Defensive if the opponent squad is closer to your team skill level and select Retain Possession (if you are not already using it), Lower Tempo, Stay On Feet, Be More Disciplined.

If you play away starting as real underdogs you can use Counter mentality; you have chance to find your wings in a couple of passages and the Cross for Deep option of our playmaker is gold in this situation.

I think that these are the most important things you had to know if playing with my tactic. Now let's have a look to the result I had in my first season:

Best winning streak: 13 Unbeaten streak: 24
UEFA Europa League
Remarkable wins:
6-1 @ Verona, 5-1 @ Cagliari, 4-0 with Arsenal


League Table

We finished second but with 84 points and best attack (97 Goals), Juventus in Italy plays on another planet and by the way we was really unlucky in the head to head with them, we could win both and would have claimed the title with a win and a draw.

Player of the Season:

Juan Cuadrado (RW)
Apps: 25 - Goals: 15 - Assist: 13 - PoM: 5 - Average Rating: 7.42

Video: Classic Goal

This is a classic goal situation starting from the midfield that happens using my tactic.
Our Central Defensive Midfielder wins a disputed ball and immediately pass to our Centre Forward who goes back before the opponent defenders and he leans the ball for our Midfielder, immediately ready to jump the opponent defensive side with a high fast ball for our Right Wing who runs into the area and scores with a crossing shoot.

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Downloads: 10877 / Size: 598 B / Added: 2014-11-07
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Discussion: Nikigreat's It's a Wing Thing

3 comments have been posted so far.

  •'s avatar
    very good
  • Nikigreat's avatar
    Just try it and let me know!
    By the way about the 80% of the people who used this tactic with weaker teams or however non top teams told me they had very good results.
  • NickFootballer99's avatar
    Is This tactic succesfull to lower leagues....for example i eant to find a tactic to PAOK from greek this good?
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