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North American Football Association 2022 (Updated for 22.4)

The core idea is what if North American Soccer developed as European Football did. With a regional style rather than a single top-down pyramid.

By on Apr 09, 2022   10839 views   1 comments
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FM 2022 Fantasy Scenarios - North American Football Association 2022 (Updated for 22.4)

North American Football Association 2022


This is a project I have been developing over the last few years. The core concept is what if North American Soccer formed as European Football did. With that, unlike many forms of this style of database that developed into one pyramid of just Promotion Relegation across the whole us, I went with the idea of a super regionalized game with the continent divided up into smaller regions that would act as their own independent nations with their own system and style of play.

Each nation has a Three Tier Professional Pyramid and a Regional cup that is fought for by the 68 clubs found in each region. At the National level(Canada & USA), there are two cups, one for all of Canada and one for all of the US. In Canada, all 136 Clubs play in two-legged ties, for the Canada Cup, meanwhile in the US all 408 Clubs play in one-legged ties that see the lower division sides hosting the match. For the top 8 Finishers in the previous years, Regional Leagues they get included in the North American Champions League, which mimics the European system, but only the top club in each group makes it to the knockout rounds. The Runner-up and Third Place Teams fall into the America Cup, which is only a springtime knockout Cup. All Clubs will take part in at least three competitions each year, The Home Regional League, the Regional Cup, and the National Cup, with the best of the best adding the Champions League to their schedule.

Every Club is one with a History, Logo, Kit, and Stadium all its own. All the Competitions have a history going back over 80 years with complete data on when clubs won. All the Clubs have a Reputation Score that gives the club a ranking in my system, so just like in the Real-world you have big clubs and small ones you have that here too. Many big cities have great clubs but some smaller areas have clubs that have punched well above their weight for years. Some Metros are dominated by one Club others, have a battle between new money and old. There are some Clubs with a proud history that are looking for a manager to get them back to their Glory days, and there are small Clubs that just need a manager to show the owner why they need to spend money.

The List of Nations:

The Northeast- Which centers around the cities and towns running from DC to Boston or the American Megalopolis. Historical and important to the game, this is the old powerhouse who is as important as ever, most North American Stars still try to make it to this League. This is one of the Three founding Football Association Regions.

The South- This runs down the Coast from Richmond to Mami then Inland to Mississippi and up stopping in the middle of Kentucky. There is new life in the league as it has turned to local talent development in the last decade. They are also a founding member of the Football Association.

The Great Lakes- Are based around the waterways and lakes of the near Midwest of the United States, it runs from the Mississippi River down to the Ohio, including the major cities on those rivers. Even as times have gotten tough for the locals, they have always been able to punch with the so-called "Money Leagues". This is the last founding member of the Football Association.

The Southwest- Is based on the powerful & proud State of Texas and the many kids who play Friday Night Football, it runs east to Louisiana and west to Arizona, and as far north as Oklahoma. As they gain more and more people moving to the sunbelt, now is the time for them to become the huge league that someone would hope for.

The Rockies and Plains- This Large Region is based on the many cities and towns in the Middle of our Country, with half in the peaks and half in the Farmlands. It has never been an uncommon sight to see kids playing keep-ups in a Cleared outfield or shooting at painted goals on old barn wells.

The Pacific- The youngest league is now just over 100 years old and it has been growing in power, now that its core four states(CA, OR, HI, WA) are some of the most important cultural and economic centers.

Eastern Canada- The League Runs from the Maritimes to the middle of Ontario It has been overlooked and seen as a frozen land of hockey but there is a rich history of Canadian sides playing some of the most Progressive Football since the 1920s.

Western Canada- It starts as far east as thunder bay and is driven by the powerhouse Clubs of the Prairies and Pacific Regions. It also has taken in the far northern teams of Alaska and the Frozen territories since the 1900s. It may be the smallest population-wise but the Region has built itself a true home advantage with some of the Coldest temps, and blood.

Maps of Some Cities

Optional Downloadable


Other Notes

The File is now updated for the last winter update.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 810 / Size: 1.4 MB / Added: 2022-04-09
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Discussion: North American Football Association 2022 (Updated for 22.4)

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    There are the foreign rule is quite annoying and inconvenient since I require the coach to buy domestic players but there are only a few players are available for each region, especially if you pick a lower league team, there no way you can either convince the high profile player to join or compete to sign them against other big clubs in the same region. I think you should get rid of the foreign players' rule
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