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3-4-3/5-2-3 NWP Cheat Tactic for FM18

"Neville Wears Prada" tactic for FM 2018 cheats the match engine that cannot cope with teams using a solid block of 3 (either as forwards or AM) with wingbacks.

By on Nov 22, 2017   224835 views   17 comments
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Downloads: 28389 / Size: 444.0 kB / Added: 2017-11-22
Football Manager 2018 Tactics - 3-4-3/5-2-3 NWP Cheat Tactic for FM18
This is a Counter Attack Formation for FM18 based on successful "Strikerless 3-7-0 Robben Right Boot" tactic of FM 2017 and modified to work in the Football Manager 2018 Match Engine.

This tactic is a cheat. It is not big, it's not clever, it just wins.

It causes so many weird things to happen in the games like passes going nowhere, players running super fast and then blasting the ball for no reason. It results in York beating Arsenal in the FA Cup, Nice knocking 6 past PSG and, from one of my Patrons. Preston winning the League cup.

Deeper analysis in the video below.

Trying to get the Strikerless Robbens Right Foot 3-7-0 into the FM18 engine, and failing, I moved the SS into CF roles and It all clicked.


To draw out the opponents by playing a slightly deeper line and countering using long and diagonal balls into dangerous areas where 3 marauding CF finish high quality chances from inside the penalty box.

Players needed

  • GK Good at coming from crosses
  • Mobile Defense
  • Super Wingbacks. Spend your budget on this.
  • All round and Pacey Forwards

What to expect from this FM18 tactic

  • Sweeping Counter Attacks
  • High Quality chances from inside the penalty area
  • High Cross Completion rate
  • High Headers Completed %
  • High Chances Created
  • High Shot on Target %
  • Lowest % Possession in League
  • Excellent amount of goals from Corners (3 CB)
  • WB cross field balls (looks amazing)
  • Absurd amount of goals
  • Meets Play Attacking Football and Goals from Set Piece Boards Promises

Tested with Stoke

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 28389 / Size: 444.0 kB / Added: 2017-11-22
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Discussion: 3-4-3/5-2-3 NWP Cheat Tactic for FM18

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • Thomasg12's avatar
    I don't know about everyone else, but this tactic like never works for me
  • famousjoker's avatar
    still works?
  • lukesmith123's avatar
    absolutely crazy tactic won me 10 premier league titles in a row at west ham and plans to get my own stadium are in motion, really effective. allows for fast paced, build from the back and entertaining and lethal counter attacks.
  • ray225's avatar
    This tactic is Amazing, won the Premier League with Arsenal by 30 points difference & the Europa League easily, also I won the Champions League with Liverpool, the downside of this tactic is that a lot of players get injured throughout the season from the beginning to the end + If you have a busy schedule you would need a lot of players to rotate, Main problem is you need 3 strikers upfront and most team have incredible wingers which unfortunatley wouldn't convert to Complete Forwards (CF) so you would need about 6 strikers, I recommend that because a back-up for each one.
  • nufc4ever's avatar
    if this is such a great tactic why do i get brutal beaten against every team using this tatctic
  • Skky's avatar
    Similar to Tinkermans 4231 from FM 2015. Very effective.
  • ZION's avatar
    at the moment this is the most useful tact i have tried. I use this tact only for games against stronger team than mine, andi always win. Milan-Barca barca-milan champions league 4-1 tot, arsenal-milan milan-arsenal 7-3 tot.
    very winning
  • marksmithlfc's avatar
    is this still working in new patch as i tried it a few times and didnt work for Liverpool ?
  • Wilbur-Wyc's avatar
    Hi can i upload your tactic to a facebook group im on or you can join...the tactic last year and this one are awsome..cheers. FM18 Tactics and Set Piece Tips and Advice.
  • Barkermush's avatar
    Amazing, won everything with Spurs.
    Unbeaten in League too, winning 36 and drawing 2.

    Damn you make a good tactic.
  • Greentrunk's avatar
  • ChungScholes's avatar
    this tactics seems to score more goal, but big issue is too much injury, 7 players got injury in 3 match, all out more than 3 weeks
  • ChrisB1784's avatar
    Training and OI's?
  • nokkung's avatar
    superb this tactic! more goals!
  • rjhsteel2001's avatar
    Will give this ago tonight
  • Strm19's avatar
  • Shev7's avatar
    This tactic is incredible
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