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Overpowered 4-1-5 Goal Machine

I tried to create a tactic which scores a lot and I had great results with Lyon finished 2nd in Ligue 1 best attack.

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Football Manager 2023 Tactics - Overpowered 4-1-5 Goal Machine
Hello guys,

Today I am going to introduce a tactic I created by myself, it's not any famous manager's style emulation. Even if I prefer to emulate real managers tactic to see if I can make my team play the way they play, sometimes I also like to try something new and different.

This time I wanted to create a over-attacking tactic and I had an idea, a 4-1-5 that is extremely attacking but of course it leaves many chances for the opponent to score.

To help the poor DM that has to cover the whole space, I set my two full-backs as inverted wing-backs because doing so I tell them to move to the center, close to the DM to help him both to build the play from the back and to cover in defense. Obviously, this will leave the two central defenders alone, but the three men shield in front of them should be helpful.

For the attacking phase, well, as you can see there are 5 players who take care of it. Let's examine why I chose those roles.

On the two flanks I chose two wingers on attack, this is to maximize the flanks and cross the ball to the central forward (an advanced forward on attack who does not need to focus on anything else, only to score).

On the centre, two shadow strikers on attack, why? Because they will exploit the spaces left by the opponent defenders when they have to follow our wingers or the central forward. They will play close to the forward and be ready to score.

I did not give any player instruction because I think this tactic is already quite difficult to master for players and of course it has not a perfect balance and giving personal player instructions may weaken even more the tactic structure and balance.

As for the team instructions, in possession I want my team to exploit the flanks due to the presence of two full backs (even if inverted) and two wingers who obviously play wider. That's why I chose a wide attacking width and to overlap left and right.

Play out of defence (the two central defenders and the DM should do this also helped by the two inverted wing-backs who move to the centre.

Shorter passing, dribble less and play for set pieces are necessary instructions to control the possession more and avoid fast counter-attacks that the opponent players may easily do once won the ball.

Work the ball into the box also helps to retain possession. Due to the few players in defense, we must control possession. The tempo is also not high, I chose slightly higher to avoid losing possession. If you want to retain it even more, you can choose slow tempo.

In the transition phase, I want my team to counter-press to win the ball back when they lost the ball and to counter-attack when they won possession, because with the 5 players in attack it will be easier to create chances if we caught the defenders off position.

Gk instructions: I want my GK to slow the pace down and take short kicks to build the play patiently, we can't force the play and build it too fast, if we lose possession in our box it will be a sure goal scored by the opponent.

For the defensive phase, I chose to use a higher pressing line and a higher (not much higher) defensive line, because I want my team to press high and I don't want to have too much space between the lines (there is already enough since we have 5 players in attack very far from the DM).

Trigger press must be very often to gain the ball immediately after we lost it, and I chose to prevent GK short distribution too.

As you can see from my video, I had great results.

I did not want to test this tactic with one of the elite teams, I thought a lot before choosing my team, and I chose Lyon. Why? Because Lyon is not doing well this year and I wanted to see if I can do better.

Besides, I believe there is a bigger gap between PSG and all the other teams in France Ligue 1 compared to the other European leagues where we haven't one team that has such a big gap with others.

For example, in English Premier League it's difficult to see a club to win the Premier League with a great gap with the club who finished 2nd like in France. So I chose Lyon, in France actually I could have chosen Monaco or Lille or Marseille, but Lyon has been winning the Ligue 1 for 7 years in a row before Qatar took PSG over and started spending a huge amount of money every year, not allowing any other club to win the Ligue 1 (except Montpellier and Lille).

I miss football without Qatar and Saudi investment funds.

This is all for this tactic explanation.

Thank you everyone, a hug.

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Downloads: 1099 / Size: 42.1 kB / Added: 2023-09-24
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