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OPZ Elite 2019 v.19.2.4 (3.7.2019)

v.19.2.4 : New Scoreboard.

By Updated on Jul 03, 2019   336089 views   131 comments
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Downloads: 108579 / Added: 2018-11-10
Football Manager 2019 Skins - OPZ Elite 2019 v.19.2.4 (3.7.2019)

Maybe the final version. See you again in FM2020

Special Thanks
- Wannachup skin
- michaeltmurrayuk
- FLUT skin 2019
- CFM Skin
- GZskin
- TCS'19

Made for 1920x1080 resolution

For low resolution can use zoom out 95%

Zoom in 125% Can be used

- New Scoreboard.
Special Thanks : TCS'19

- fixed bug start match game freeze
- update player proflie popup
- a little more I can't remember : (

- Edit the boxes reported by the user

- add continue button in match line up preview (flut)
- fixed bg not show for
- new fonts
- new match screen
- add a manager pics button
- edit other boxes


FM2019 OPZ Style Elite3 Facepack :

FB :

paypal :


v.19.2 Preview

Download Now
Downloads: 108579 / Added: 2018-11-10
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Discussion: OPZ Elite 2019 v.19.2.4 (3.7.2019)

131 comments have been posted so far.

  • mayday's avatar
    I need help.
    Inside the player profile I don’t see the numbers for his qualities and skills. I got all the rest but in the middle a clear panel
  • wickedptgenie's avatar
    Right now its hard to tell when a player is on Loan on the player screen. Can you add the Loan information on the player's club section, top centre right below the name?
  • rjferguson90's avatar
    Hi, please could you make the world browser panel less transparent? It looks very messy at the moment.

  • 874anthony's avatar
    how I can hide the CA/PA and RCA?
  • Meraklija Vujevic's avatar
    dowloaded skin but canot see my players at formation
  • Magic1111's avatar
    Unfortunately, I have to report a bug:
    If you want to permanently display something else on the start page ("F2" Home Screen) by means of the small dropdown arrow in the upper right corner, this will not be saved. If you leave the Home / Start page and return to it again, your own settings are gone, and the default settings reappear.
    Likewise with the opaque filter. This is always reset to the default value of 10% after loading the game, and your own settings are not saved.

    Can you fix that please?
  • holtenprod's avatar
    Hey! Awesome skin. I've been using it all year. I do wonder if it's possible to set the opaque filter default value to something else than 10%?
  • jonasthern's avatar
    In the main club screen, is it possible that in the upper right corner the past of the club always appears by default?
  • Luke_Shaw's avatar
    Thank You !
    it would be possible to increase the brightness a bit. For my eyes, too dark surfaces are not good. I quickly get a headache. Thank you, if that would be possible.
  • Si Supersonic's avatar
    Thank you very much for changing the players position rating on tactics page back to a segment rating. Brilliant :)
  • Shubham_pawar's avatar
    can someone tell me how did he add opposition roles in this skin??
  • igorlv's avatar
    how can I make the backgrounds appear darker, its too bright atm which imakes it hard to read the text (this is after i added the Background pack)
  • Fonzi's avatar
    Its like the screenshot No.5 here. Where they have the player rating, but i dont have the player position like here, and when you substitut a player he don't go down in the bottom but is still where he was, so you have to scrool down to see the player you substituted on the field
  • Fonzi's avatar
    Love the skin, but in the game ind "player rating" like the screenshot when you play the game, there is not position at me, like the screenshot to the game, som my players is standing random, ex Robertson in my Liverpool game is in the attack, he should be en the start. Cant post a picture to show what i mean.
  • Incuriosito89's avatar
    Skin crashing after patch 19.3.2.

    Update ?
  • Si Supersonic's avatar
    Fantastic Skin as always!! But any chance on the 'pitch' when in the tactics page you can change the player rating symbol for their current position they are placed in from the full round circle, to the clock like green segments. It was probably like that until around FM 2017? before they became a full circle for a player in a position on the pitch. Hope this makes sense :)
  • PepeLoco's avatar
    Hi everyone. Is it possible delete or hide CA, PA and RCA? Thanks
  • Drao's avatar
    @OPZ ehhmm, no, now that I've done it all works. I apologize. :)
  • OPZ's avatar
    @Drao you have delete old ver. before install new ver. ?
  • Goodname's avatar
    Why when i click into the match info the the fixtures its loading all the match report????? its very annoying
  • Drao's avatar
    Hello, first of all, congratulations for the skin, it is fabulous. From the new update, however, in the section "tactics" I can no longer see the players in the field. Is a bug?
  • iad's avatar
    I love your work on this skin! But I have a problem, I'm using a low res laptop, skin scaled to 95 or 85 % on the tactics screen when I try to adjust individual instructions the box that pops up is transparent for some reason.
  • Stathis129's avatar
    I like it. The only thing i am not fond of is the diamonds in the ratings but, propably, i will get used to it! Thanks.
  • OPZ's avatar
    @ollyWoods Ohh

    i will fixe it next update.
  • yanzhihh928's avatar
    Your skin looks good.

    Can you add left foot, right foot and height to the player's attributes pop-up window later?

    A total of three data

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