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Football Manager 2018 Backgrounds Megapack (UPDATE 01)

The largest backgrounds pack available for FM 2018 including thousands of pictures for competitions, stadiums, cities and many more. If you already have the 2017 pack, I have set up a link to make only the changes. Excuse me for not having do before.

By Updated on Mar 03, 2018   218927 views   93 comments
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Downloads: 55967 / Size: 9.3 GB / Added: 2017-11-14
FM 2018 Misc Graphics - Football Manager 2018 Backgrounds Megapack (UPDATE 01)
Starting from this year, I am responsible for the backgrounds megapack. Initialy DazS8’s project, he hand it down to me when he had to leave the community for personal matters. Since ManagerOnline has evolved a lot, few changes have been made (~100). A monthly update will be offered for this megapack. If you run into any mistake, or if you would like to suggest an improvement on an existing image, let me know by commenting. I am listening to the community in order to make this pack yours.

For many years DazS8 have wanted to make a large pack using the many backgrounds by himself and others. Well here it is, got to be a must for every FM fan a super pack full of quality images to enhance your gaming experience. All have the correct xml/config files to work correctly and I have fully tested the whole pack with no problems. Certain backgrounds will show on certain screens…. City pack images will show on all Club screens. Stadiums will show on all Team screens, etc.

An update is available for the largest Backgrounds Packs (RED BUTTON TOO)

What's in the pack?

STADIUMS (overview)

Thousands of backgrounds all in one very impressive pack.

Changelist Update 01 :
-All changes are in high resolutions (1920*1080px)
-New default image, finished lawn mower
-New default mini stadiums images
-Rework main world competitions and the 5 major championships images
-Rework confederations images
-Changes and additions stadiums and cities images in England and France (not finished)
-Changes and additions players images in England and France (not finished)

Next update : early April

If you want help me to this megapack, please contact me : [email protected]

How and where to install this pack for FM18

Download the pack and extract the file (using either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac) and Place the « backgrounds » folder here (create the folder « graphics » if it don’t exist) :

Windows : Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/graphics
Mac : Utilisateurs/ »Nom d’utilisateur »/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/graphics
Linux : /home/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/graphics


Default Skin / KingBuzzo Skin / Andromeda Groupe / Skin Wannachup Skin


Download Now
Downloads: 55967 / Size: 9.3 GB / Added: 2017-11-14
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Discussion: Football Manager 2018 Backgrounds Megapack (UPDATE 01)

93 comments have been posted so far.

  • pandacc20's avatar
    hola, alguien tiene el link? esta inactivo el paquete
  • knipser666's avatar
    Download link is down, can someone help me?
  • whisperx23's avatar
    why does my home screen show a rusted machine and dirt filled grass?
  • SGDynamite's avatar
    Hello, i use the "STADIUMS (overview)" for FM19. But I have a Mistake with Camp Nou Stadium (ID 1040). It show only the Normal Stadium but not the Overview Stadium, all other overview Stadiums shows correct. What is the Mistake with the Stadium? I use Andromeda Final Skin, the Camp Nou Picture has the correct ID Name (1040) and the Stadium is in the config File, what is the Mistake? Greetz
  • GiorgosAth's avatar
    It can be used for FM 19.
  • GiorgosAth's avatar
    Can this pack be used for FM 19? If not, will it be or has it been realeased a new version of it, designed for FM 19? Thank you.
  • Teknik Direktör's avatar
    Please make an update. I love this bacground pack !
  • kartalinho's avatar
    its Works for FM19 ? i copy & paste the Folder from fm18 to fm19 but nothing happens ..
  • Bandes's avatar
    I also have the lawnmower picture
    How do I get that deleted
  • Numski's avatar
    Have downloaded and everything works great, amazing pack! Only problem is when viewing the match in 2d, it only shows me players numbers running around, the circles have gone and also no ball? Have I done something wrong?
  • johnwickyeah's avatar
    can anyone teach me to make our won background? like we did on facepack?
  • jonasthern's avatar
    Where is the link for the update?
  • dizziepaul's avatar
    atlanta united fc in this pack?
  • kmavro21's avatar
    hello. I don't can download. Why???
  • RaulReal's avatar
    Dear Vulrak, when will be Your next promised update:)?
  • Aron Axe's avatar


    Just an error that not appear like Windows notification during transfer data between HDDs, there were not transferred some last folders, including the most important for me, Stadium overview folder.
  • Aron Axe's avatar

    I tried also Andromeda skin, but the same problem, first place for photo on Stadium panel, has the same default photo, so question, Where may appear photos of stadiums from the folder of each nation? mini stadium folder appear properly. Maybe some error in paths in config.xml files?
    In FM 17 were no problems.
  • Aron Axe's avatar
    Great work guys! One question, Is this megapack compatible with Flut skin? that no appear in compatibility description, I ask because I have some little issues with appearing first photo on Stadium panel that doesn't appear, instead the mini stadium photo, appear normally on second place for that. Someone have same problem like me? It's a shame because, FLut skin is the most downloaded skin like Vulrak megapack, both great works.
    In FM17 all worked normally.

    Ps: Sorry for bad english, I'm a foreigner. Greetings from Italian League
  • linguasamo's avatar
    I just want stadium pictures myself
  • linguasamo's avatar
    @seriousgigi Vitrex's fm 2017 mod for city packs still works on fm 2018
  • seriousgigi's avatar
    i only want to download CITY PACK not 10GB lol
  • Si Supersonic's avatar
    Hello, How is the update 02 going?
  • SGDynamite's avatar
    Camp Nou has no overview Stadium :(
  • kartalinho's avatar
    Hey men, Nice work !!

    I download and extract Update 01. But a lot of Players they are the Backround Picture is lost. Like all La Liga , german Bundesliga players, Frange league Players and more.
  • Vulrak's avatar
    Strange SpadeXII, with the update 01 it should be set. Try to install it again or I'll give you a fix. Empty your cache. Refill your skin.

    For Update 02, there will be a little delay. I took part in FMWEC and it took me a long time.

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