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OPZ Elite 2024 Series I ver. 24.1.1 [27-11-23]

OPZ skin is back for FM24.

By Updated on Nov 27, 2023   116341 views   104 comments
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Downloads: 40408 / Size: 138.6 MB / Added: 2023-10-21
Football Manager 2024 Skins - OPZ Elite 2024 Series I ver. 24.1.1  [27-11-23]

Skin Credits

- Wannachup skin
- michaeltmurrayuk
- GZskin
- Heffem
- SSD Gold
- Wozzie TATO
- DD2021ST
- FME - Zealand
- Mustermann
- Statman
- WTCS Gold

OPZ Elite 2024 (for 1080p)
OPZ Elite 2024 Blackout (for 1080p)
OPZ Elite 2024 Blackout 2k (for 1440p)

If you see any bugs for quick fixes, please send me a picture.

ver. 24.1.1

- Fixed Player profile doesn't show stats the first time you view it. (fake player, gray name)
- Update Player profile.
- Minor Changed.

OPZ Elite FM24 Skin Preview

OPZ Style FacePacks 2024

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Special Thanks

Thank you for all the support!

Randall Boese / Kitti Ekthanapakdee / Michał Olszak / Willem-Alexander / Heylen Kevin Cornelius / Eike Thellmann / butleriain / Si49 / Smileylad / Tygel Camilleri / Rusiak / Erhan Inan / Michał Olszak / Christian Oberreiter / Matthias Tatzl / Orlando Casimiro
for donations.

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Download Now
Downloads: 40408 / Size: 138.6 MB / Added: 2023-10-21
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Discussion: OPZ Elite 2024 Series I ver. 24.1.1 [27-11-23]

104 comments have been posted so far.

  • Traeumer's avatar
    What is the difference between OPZ Elite 2024 and OPZ Elite 2024 Blackout?
  • Sango's avatar
    Hello, thank you very much for this work, on the other hand how can I have the player's photo in the middle of the screen ?
  • OPZ's avatar
  • zbidram's avatar
    hello OPZ. could you please give some orientation on how to edit buttons colours? which xml file and which line I can edit the main buttons colours?
  • Phileastron's avatar
    The blackout skin left sidebar button for 'Squad' isn't working and when entering the squad screen via right click pop up menu it's automatically and systematically exiting the 'Squad' menu back to the 'Home' menu

    On FM 24.1.1
  • moodyzzz's avatar
    Here you go: full picture
    Galatasaray in the Turkish league. It doesn't happen during CL games, probably because its rules take a lot less space.
    Edit: Let me correct myself, during CL games I haven't actually found the button for the rules.
  • OPZ's avatar
    I want to know that What team and league do you manage?

    and send full picture.
  • moodyzzz's avatar
    Can't seem to disable/lower the rules section during match selection.

    Maybe I'm missing something.
  • fmilln7's avatar
    The game crashed after i played the first game... changed the skin and it worked fine. any help would be great...? thanks
  • crb19's avatar
    Got it working by using last year match in between highlights panel :)
  • crb19's avatar
    Congrats Opz for the fantastic skin.

    Is there a way to have the actual background here instead of FMC/FMT mini stadium pictures?
  • yungknug's avatar
    @yungknug myself. I Think I figured it out. I reinstalled it one more time and it seems to be working now. Sorry! Thanks for you perfect skin!
  • yungknug's avatar

    I get error I think? When you press a player's photo to check position instructions. It gets hidden a little bit by the "pitch" you got your tactic on. I circled the issue, if there is any fix to it I would love it <3 But I can still play no problem using the 2k skin on my 1440p screen. Thank you for creating this bossman!
  • tonytheman03's avatar
    How do I upload a screenshot it is asking for a URL
  • OPZ's avatar

    screenshot pls.
  • djp2422's avatar
    Is there to have the city image under club info screen without having it as the background of the skin?
  • tonytheman03's avatar
    Having an issue where I'm unable to see assistant feedback during matches any suggestions?
  • w44643233's avatar
    I'm using the 1080 version. Why are all the information on the homepage ranked by default? I reselected the interface information myself (refer to your fourth preview picture), but occasionally the interface will be reset after entering the game next time. Is it possible to change the information displayed on the homepage in the next update?
  • Raisan's avatar
    Thank you very much, it is a very good skin. I wanted to ask about a doubt I have with the stars about the potential of the players; Why do they sometimes come out white and other times black? In some cases they even mix the two in the same player...

  • vke56's avatar
    Hi OPZ
    Once downloaded how can I extract it into a saved game??
  • LungZ's avatar
    Appreciate the skin mate. love the 2k resolution being an option. I use it on 85% zoom, no issues that i've seen so far :)
  • OPZ's avatar

    sorry I don't have a 4k monitor to test with.
  • quanbi93's avatar
    Can you create 4k and i got this error:
    cant see right panel for player
  • leverkuhn's avatar
    Shirt name no longer appears in player profile with kits pics
  • GodReignz's avatar
    Is there anything in the pipeline for 4K resolution? That would be awesome

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