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Ottmar Hitzfeld's 4-2-3-1 for FM15

Computerized football from a Dr. of Mathematics. The best 4-2-3-1 formation ever to use in Football Manager 2015.

By on Jan 04, 2015   53165 views   36 comments
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Downloads: 8541 / Size: 40.3 kB / Added: 2015-01-04
FM 2015 Tactics - Ottmar Hitzfeld's 4-2-3-1 for FM15
Ottmar Hitzfeld born 12 January 1949 in Lörrach, Baden) is a German former football player (striker) and retired manager, nicknamed der General (“the general”). He has accumulated a total of 18 major titles, mostly in his tenures with Grasshopper Club Zürich, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. A trained mathematician and sports teacher, Hitzfeld is one of the most successful coaches of German and international football. He has been elected “World Coach of the Year” twice; he is one of only five managers to win the European Cup/UEFA Champions League with two different clubs, along with Ernst Happel, José Mourinho, Jupp Heynckes and Carlo Ancelotti.

Hitzfeld is a Dr in Mathematics and he was a recognized authority in his university. However his academic career didn't last long. Thanks to that, football earned a coach of world class level. His trophies speak for themselves. In my Bayern squad I sold the most relics of Spain-minded players and I bought Ramirez. No slow players in the first 11, no Schweinsteiger among them and... two consecutive victories with 7 goals before the winter break. Average shots per game 34.

Ottmar initially applied all of these since season 2007-8, long before Heynckes did. Pepe cannot play German football, his experiment will fail sooner or later despite some glimpses of high blended football. Das Bayern has German DNA, hard like iron; not soft like Catalonia silk.


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Downloads: 8541 / Size: 40.3 kB / Added: 2015-01-04
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Discussion: Ottmar Hitzfeld's 4-2-3-1 for FM15

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  • Th3RealLegend's avatar
    Me too! I want popcorn as well!
  • Laurens's avatar
    *grabs popcorn while reading the comments*
  • StrawberryFields4Ever's avatar
    In all honesty, I find it comical that this user has tried to calumniate and degrade the users who posted on this forum, with the worst grammar I have ever seen since that preschooler's diary I picked up on accident. Now 'Roberto.Mancini' please, I ask of you to stop being the most Brobdingnagian retard I have ever seen in all of my 11 years of life. (Though I discourage this, I recognise the fact that people may not be gifted with such a large vocabulary as I have been, you may want to scour through a dictionary to find the definition of these words)
  • JorgeJesus's avatar
    I don't see any comments or images about this tactic. Did somebody try it? Personally I consider this tactic under estimated. It seems very compact and tight. Switzerland used to play in a similar way under Hitzfeld.
  • bigjohn's avatar
    mr mancini. apart from coming across as volatile religious nutjob, you're obviously passionate about FM. which is great. but don't make anti-Semitic remarks in your posts. referring to Judaism in a negative way is bigoted. one of the other fella was right, open your front door once in a while, theres more to life than FM. peace.
  • Mancini_hnp's avatar

    I am a big fan of your tactic's, this tactic rocks, do not listen to these other people, they are not worthy of you time
  • Stam's avatar
    @RM: It seems you are too stubborn to understand the simple things I explained. You are also the main reason the comments have gone off-topic here, so congratulate yourself. Yes, we all (myself included) have to follow certain rules within a community to ensure discussion steers clear of insults/abuse/flaming. The main rule is to RESPECT other members and try to speak your opinion in a mature and respectful way. Sadly you are failing to do that. I'm disappointed you didn't realize I was trying to help you.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    I am quite real and you can contact me on skype .
  • Empyjon's avatar
    This was very entertaining.
  • shaunwwfc's avatar
    Are you even a real person?
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Thank all of you .Is that enough to stop ?Comment the topic and learn to distinguish meanings .I cannot compete anymore in your mosaic of thinking .Tactics ,behabiour ,ability ,expression knowledge ,capacity ,talent are totally different meanings .So keep it up by mixing everything in the same blender .Goodbye and good luck .The topic speak about 4-2-3-1 of hitzfeld .My sincere congratulations for jeopardising another one topic .You made your final judge ,you are innocent virgoans so blame me for everything .Anyway I cannot follow your logic .It is far too low for my cubics .Obviously you have no intention to comment my topics .So it is not a coincidence .Zero comments on topic .Everything else around is here apart than staying on topic .Enjoy your topic and continue your manifest .Whatever to do or say you never ever comment the tactic and the topic itself .Ok then ,good luck and thats all .My deepest congratulations .

    If somebody makes suggestions to everybody is not me .

    If its hard to understand that FM Takes data from real football ,thats your problem .

    If somebody thinks that everything in fm its so easy ,no its not .See things from two sides .

    But noway ...One way blaming against me .Yes ,I have all the right to take over every bayern and every real and to be proud for my achievements .SO many other users did the same and you didnt say a word on them .What a hipocricy ?But mr zero tactics have every right to blame me and to criticise me .But when I reply ,we must find always something bad for Roberto.Mancini.

    Because this person has the ability to go forward with actions .Yes ,religions and politics are always present through the expression of beliefs which are extremely representative in some cases .So we must close our spirit in a box by pretending to everybody and by following some very certain way for everything .Globalisation and human manipulation on its peak .
  • Stam's avatar
    @RM: I didn't push anyone and I certainly didn't invent some random code of ethics. Our posting guidelines are pretty much common sense, based on respecting each other and the work we're sharing here. Respect is hard to earn and easy to break. Yes, you have contributed numerous great tactics to the community. No, you're not helping your reputation by replying to comments with insults. You know very well I'm the reason you haven't been banned in similar occasions before, but this hostility has to stop. It's not doing any good to anyone.

    "I couldn't care less if they agree or disagree with me"
    You don't insult people when you don't care, you just ignore them.

    "They started to undervalue and underestimate my work without any valid arguments"
    I think the whole argument was that you can't compare real life Bayern to FM Bayern, and that in-game it's much easier to succeed considering their very powerful roster. You have questioned other tactics for not being tested with non-top teams, but now you're angry people are doing that to you. I realize you didn't have enough time and energy to test your FM15 tactics with many teams, but I hope you see the point here.

    When I'm on fmscout, I don't think about real life, politics or religions. It's my escape from reality, and I suggest you cheer up, take it easy and only talk FM.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Make lessons to yourselves because you are obviously incapable to improve this topic.After all good luck with your imagination.You really dont deserve my attention and you have no intention to improve this topic by posting your views.You dont know to reply with valid argmuents so you invent some code of ethics because you dont know for what to blame me and how else to underestimate you.90% cannot coach even in fm ,so its pointless to continue your silly level of thinking.I didnt ask for any praises never ever.So ,try to cover up your mental incapacity by blaming me with every possible wayBig thanks as well to super admin who push you to blame me.I am fouble grateful to all of you for the wonderful comments.In the next topics you can say more trolling parodies.
  • Victor2K14's avatar
    Dude you have got to chill it's a game not real life and i've scored 10 in 2 games so quit the've shown total disregard for others and i was going to download your tactic and probably make a few tweaks but nah keep it i guess you don't have a social life is why you're taking it so seriously pfft
  • shaunwwfc's avatar
    RM - irrespective of how good you are on Football Manager, some of your comments are repulsive and with so much irony and like I will after this comment, I urge everyone to simply just not comment back to him. He is a very nasty piece of work, I have saw him post on many other FM forums, and he is banned from them now for a reason. One of the comments below in particular is disgusting.
  • Svartovich's avatar
    You say we provoke you, but try to read my first post again, please. I didn't doubt your skills or your tactics. I just said that you can't compare Football Manager to real life, when we're talking about results. Maybe this is a great tactic, it could possibly be. Also look at my final line: "With that being said, i really enjoy your tactics." I ended my first comment with a compliment to you, because i have enjoyed reading a lot of your content.

    Even though i complimented you, you still decides to respond with an extremely immature and aggressive reply. You begin talking about you being better than me, and even worse, you begin to attack me on a personal level, even though you don't know me. Here are some quotes from you directed at me and Wolfi:

    "You are too little and young to judge my experience and my capacity"

    "I would suggest you to return back to school but I doubt that you are capable of doing even that ,because your mental incapacity cannot help you to make something like that even in your fantasy"

    "You have special needs,mental disabilities.You dont know to read,you cannot see,so maybe hospitalisation can help you."

    Why do you have to use this attitude for every response you don't like? I've seen it from you before, and it's sad, because you truly make some great content.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Ok then,show us your own point of view.
  • shaunwwfc's avatar
    Wow. Just Wow. I am genuinely flabbergasted. Can somebody just clarify I am reading these posts on a Football Manager, tactic upload?!

    Deludedness is a terrible thing.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    They are wrong because they begun a provocation which was aimless.I couldnt care less if they agree or disagree with me.We dont have elections here to see who agrees with who or not.Like it or not in life you must take results.So when you dont take them,you are angry and annoyed with everybody.Mr zero and mr 1 tactic will instruct me for football and respect.I saw their "morals and ethics" in the begginig of the post when they started to undervalue and underestimate my work withput any valid arguments.My initial repost was a bright example of how difficult is to handle a big club even in fm level,but these two "people" are divorced with logic.Instead of making technical questions they begun to jeopardise the discussion.The same ill logic which can crticise me openly without credentials and who will teach me out later aboyt respect.The same ligic thst manipulates millions of people into miserable dillemas will be a self called light of values ?Who prevented these two users to make a post and to show how bettet they are ?Who stopped them for criticising me ?And who told you that I am not open in any dialogue ?But when we make everything so cheap and narrow by pushing people minds into a volcanic tempred misery the explosion is inevitable.And ofcourse I will not take anything back because images speak by themselves.Finally who is the one here who speaks upfront without reading backwards and without opening his eyes into new ways ?I wrote many articles before and some of you insist to interogate me.Despite that my whole job is free and available to everybody,you ignore the main topic and you analyse the dots.You neglect the mainway and you follow up the dark paths of misery and introvercy.So who is here the constructive and who is not.We talk here about a totem ,a guru of coaching...Ottmar Hitzfeld and you the rest argue about bayern and why not stutgart.You see the types and not the real meaning.So who makes here the initial and proper provocation ?Who turns down the main topic in order to get benefited ?Who avoids to say the truth by comnenting the topic and not the way of playing fm.You are falling into an eternal and undenial validity crisis which occurs still in european society.Because society and football are not disconnected.Unless if fm comes from baseball and fmscout is a bunch of bots...Stand up and create,be positive by demonstrating your ways and not by being jealous on other's people ways.Fire makes some people happy through its light and burn some others because they cannot handle it accordingly.
  • bragesteinvik's avatar
    What about OI's?
  • Wolfi's avatar
    Well said Stam.
  • Stam's avatar
    @RM: Svar and Wolf are right about respect. You are showing none and insulting them because they disagree with you. You should apologize to them and next time think more before offending others in your replies. The way you react to feedback is in violation of our posting guidelines. If you're feeling angry about an otherwise polite comment you don't agree with, either ignore it or reply later after you've calmed down. I'm tired of receiving complaints about your offensive comments. In all honesty, this is the final warning from me; next time you'll violate our terms of use, your right to comment will be gone permanently.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    SEE my whole job here in fmscout ...if you are capable to see and read , post me here someone else apart than me who can win two consecutive matches with 7 goals.Records speaks by themselves.
  • Wolfi's avatar
    What records Roberto Mancini? Clearly you have issues. I can only offer you my pity Don Quixote.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    My records still hurt you a lot.Painkillers can relief you.Try panadol extra.

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