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Porto Fairytale Tactics FM16

4-2-4 Porto Demolition & 4-3-3 Barça Style in one pack. With these 2 tactics I've won the league by 34pts difference in FM 2016!

By Updated on Nov 11, 2015   110613 views   18 comments
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Downloads: 33484 / Size: 80.2 kB / Added: 2015-11-12
FM 2016 Tactics - Porto Fairytale Tactics FM16
4-2-4 Porto Demolition

4-3-3 Barça Style

Enjoy :)

My results so far

Season 2015/16


League Table

Won the League by 18 pts and the Portuguese Cup in the first season, out of Champions League with Bayern who won it.

Season 2016/17


League Table

Won the league again by 34 pts of diference! Lost in the champions semi-finals against Barcelona at penalties then they won the Champions League, and also won the Portuguese Cup an League Cup.

Season 2017/18



Biggest win till now this season: (4-2-4 FCP Demolition)

Won the league again by 32 pts, won the Champions League, Cup and League Cup

Season 2018/19


Download Now
Downloads: 33484 / Size: 80.2 kB / Added: 2015-11-12
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Discussion: Porto Fairytale Tactics FM16

18 comments have been posted so far.

  • YoungYancey27's avatar
    Any Opposition Instrustions? and preferred stats for any positions?
  • fatherlmg's avatar
    Sim ;) Abraço
  • shortypt's avatar
    Boas gmo.lmg, esta tática com o novo update ainda resulta? Grandes resultados e transferências !
    Abraço !
  • Marco1992's avatar
    Hi guys
    I have a question
    I supose that u use both tactis right?For example, my favourire player Ruben Neves, in 4-2-4 formation he make a function of MRB but in other fomation RGA, what type of training do u put for him?
  • antoshkeshka's avatar
    He is not cheating, if you dont know Porto is one of the top selling clubs in Portugal, on the season they sold Hulk to Zenit + some other players they managed to get around 140M for 3 players..

    Im playing with there rivals Sporting CP at the end of first season i sold William Carvalho,Adrien and Slimani for 160M.. if you want to make money put there clauses higher for your best players and sell them for that price only.. plus after sold Paulo Oliveira for 40M!!

    His 4-2-4 tactic is very good, i only use it when loosing in Champions,but i stick to my own tactic the old 4-5-1 which never loose to my rivals
  • MarcoAVZ's avatar
    Im playing with Ac Milan which tactic u recommend me?
  • fatherlmg's avatar
    I don't do any kind of cheating I already told and taking control of other teams is disgusting cheating...kadu went to genoa for 400m not 400M. You should learn how to play ;)
  • HazardBE's avatar
    everyone can let a tactic look good by taking control of the opponent team, or team where you want to transfer your players to, learn to play without cheating before you post your tactics on a forum or website and show us some real stats, no way Genoa can spend 400 million on a player. And next time dont mess with atletico's team if you play them ;)
  • hacdieu1's avatar
    It's a good Tactic. Hope u will focus to make it more perfect
  • fatherlmg's avatar
    I never did a video and I'm not going to do so just to prove you, for me is enough knowing that I never did anything you said because that's not playing and that's not how I play, if you do that kind of thing you should be disgusted (with yourself :P) If you want some hints don't hesitate to message me ;) Cheers
  • tayraNt's avatar
    make a video of one complete season without loosing, starting from the start season and i will deeply believe you and compliment you as a good manager, otherwise you cheated on saving before games and repeat and added managers to get your transfers, my compliments dude but.. disgusting without proof xD
  • PEdorido's avatar
    The transfer amounts seem a bit off the scale!

    Not very usual to sell 3 players in the same day though (9/6/2017, 1/7/2017)...

    The tactics seem interesting. Will give them a go.

  • fatherlmg's avatar
    Last season I've beaten the transfer record again! + than €600M no cheating at all, just always fighting the prices, offering players with market and keeping on top of contracts and clauses.
    Added new screenshots for last season.
  • fatherlmg's avatar
    @andresh88, 4-2-4 is more offensive I've won 9-0 to Atletico Madrid and won Champions League last season (3rd season) and the league, but for Tottenham in the premier league I think 4-3-3 is less risky and agressive but more possession. I normally use 4-2-4 at FCP as I already have a top squad.
  • Stam's avatar
    The transfer amounts look excessive for both ends (in and out). How did you manage to sell some players so high?
  • Justice's avatar
    @avivoman, 9/6 is when the transfer window opens. There's a strong chance that those transfers were pre-determined and were only completed once the transfer window opened. Personally I've sold a number of players to the same club in previous FMs, usually PSG or Monaco in fact.
  • avivoman's avatar
    But you cheated with transfers. (For example: Season 2017/18 3 players to Monaco on the same day)
  • andresh88's avatar
    better to use the 4-2-4 or 4-3-3 I will use the tottenham hotspurs we will see, training ??
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