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FM22 Tactic: Press & Score | 4.5 Goals per game

This FM22 tactic guarantees aggressive & clinical finishing. Utilizing 3 advanced forwards. Updated on July 28th.

By Updated on Aug 10, 2022   57163 views   7 comments
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Downloads: 15685 / Size: 46.6 kB / Added: 2022-05-25
Football Manager 2022 Tactics - FM22 Tactic: Press & Score | 4.5 Goals per game
*XG overall 3 per game / Shot Accuracy 123%
*4.5 Goals per game / 0.5 Conceded per game
*25 Shots per game / 23 Tackles per game

Overpower in Attack and Great Defence

Pressure is one characteristic of the atmosphere around the ball which creates conditions in which the opponent can no longer properly control the ball and is ultimately forced to lose possession. Pressure forces an action to occur rather than allowing it to occur based on the will of the opponents. When an action is forced in a pressured atmosphere, every aspect of that action is made more difficult. An action consists of both a decision and the execution of that decision – if these two aspects can be manipulated correctly, the opponent will lose the ball.

Counterpressing not only plays a large role in controlling the rhythm of the game and stabilizing the defense, it also plays a big role in play-making. If the ball is won successfully in defensive transition that means the opponent was in offensive transition and moving into an attack. Because the opponent was moving into a counterattack (which means they were spreading out and running up the field) when they lose the ball they are unorganized and exposed in regards to controlling the offensive transition of the ball-winners.

The general idea is that on the hierarchy of importance, the positional structure of the team is more important than who has the ball or which “phase” the game is in. The team only seeks to have a specific positioning in relation to what is happening in the moment and play that way throughout the game. These guidelines to the specific positioning and movements during the game are all coached to the players and worked on throughout the season. The game is different when viewed through the idea that a team is only ever seeking the appropriate positional structure to what is happening throughout the match rather than viewing it through the recurring traditional four phase cycle which could lose some of the complexity of the game.

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Downloads: 15685 / Size: 46.6 kB / Added: 2022-05-25
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Discussion: FM22 Tactic: Press & Score | 4.5 Goals per game

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • cikko15's avatar
    I tested an old version in Kasımpaşa.I became champion in my first season.26 Wins 7 Draws 5 Losses.Goal Scored 119 Goal Conceded 54.Left Striker Umut Bozok 22 Goals 13 assists.Florian Aye in the middle 24 goals 3 assists and right forward Jackson Muleka 22 goals 13 assists.

    I did not save-load.Only manager reputation national team worldwide.

    I chose the lowest reputation the tactic was still good,but when a player wanted to be sold but didn't sell, the tactic didn't work when the team rebelled.this road i kept my reputation high.
  • lordul's avatar
    no work
  • mrfootballmanager's avatar
    Just tested with Newcastle.

    EPL Champions in the first season. Tied 84 points with Man City, but having a crazy Goal Difference, 74 to 34.

    Chris Wood is the top scorer in EPL with 20 goals and becomes Player of the Year.

    Brilliant tactics all around XD
  • eltrik's avatar
    I just registered to thank you. Brilliant tactics! I highly recommend.
  • tubuus's avatar
    What is the uniqueness of tactics? "Very attacking" + "much more often"?

    imbalance tactic
  • peterbolam78's avatar
    Midfield roles in the download are not the same as the picture, any chance of a screen shot for of your team and final league position
  • Blackmacz's avatar
    What are good roles? Those of the tactic or the image presenting the tactic on FMScout? Because on the image it is only 1 mezzala and a medium def support. On the DL tactic it is a defense recuperator and 2 mezzala. So ?
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