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Priisek Natural Green Pitch Background Pro Versions inc TOUCH

(Updated 21:00 11.05.21) A Lighter Version Base skin alternative with a modern football pitch background. Takes away most of the purple & in your face colours of the standard FM21 skin. Big thanks to wannachupbrew & tcs

By Updated on May 11, 2021   106207 views   91 comments
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Downloads: 20850 / Size: 34.9 MB / Added: 2020-11-11
Football Manager 2021 Skins - Priisek Natural Green Pitch Background Pro Versions inc TOUCH


Thanks for downloading my skin this season & hope you have enjoyed it so far.

With this latest update, its now been updated to Basic & a DONATION ONLY PRO/PRO PLUS Version.

This is a £1.50 Sterling to get this option.

PayPal Donation

Once donated, please email me [email protected] with proof of your £1.50 sterling paypal donation.

Many Thanks for your support & please come join the youtube channel


ps. you need BASIC in your folder to get PRO to work & BASIC + PRO to get PRO PLUS to work. ie


Also IR version (not in when shot) (Instant Result option) doesn't have HIDDEN ATTRIBUTES but Pro Plus does.


New YouTube channel just started, related to my skin & let's play to come.

Come on over & join!

Contact & Donation

PayPal Donation Twitter

V3.7 Fix issues with Match Build up Screens after the SI Winter Update.

PLEASE NOTE Latest update is a Fix for Issues with TOUCH Version

V3.6 Fixes to both Touch & Normal Versions after the Winter Update.

# Full working version of FM Touch added #


V3.5 Updated many colours in all versions inc. TOUCH, training panel & team reort panel

v3.4 Fixed the issue with not being able to continue from the Managers Profile Screen

V3.3 Fixed issue with match player panel health problem, Changed many colour conflicts & updated TOUCH version too.

V3.2 Changed the Instant Match to show Scored Goals & Changed a few Title Colour to help to them better.

I just coudln't resist it haha!

V3.1 Fixed Instant Result & a few small errors with colour clashes.

Now it's time to enjoy the game & SKIN.... Please enjoy it as much as I do & if you do please donate to help, many thanks for your kind support.

V3 Massive Upgraded Match Screen, Improved Inbox Colour, few tweaks & Added Extra options to Player Profile.

Updated & fixed few colours etc. not changed version number, as only couple small fixes. but they do help. Training alignment , Speech bubbles alignment & colours

V2.9 Fixed a few colour issues intime for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all

V2.8 Fixed match dugout issue,added flags for club info panel so no need to download them, download list within for the best background pack etc, added extra quick options in profile screen, fixed a few colour issues & added more to home screen plus processing panel

V2.7 Fixed the Scout page, Home & Manager profile pages.

V2.6 Fixed White on White issue in Intro Screen

V2.5 Fixed Match Screen not showing up.

V2.4 Added A Lighter Default Background Screen, Hopefully this will help for the players who like it lighter.
Added standard version with No CA/PA option too.

V2.3 Added transparency back to the skin

V2.2 is up & ready, few tweaks to help on the main interface. Enjoy

A base skin alternative with a football pitch background. Get rid of the intense purple colors of the default FM21 skin.

Used OPZ Elite 2020 as starting point.


Many thanks to you guys that have donated so far, means a lot & help me to keep it updated.

This skin wont have custom background compatibility, so please don't ask, this is a base light green skin. If you need a skin with custom background compatibility, use my other skin.

Priisek Dark

Base skin alternative with a dark background.

Contact & Donation

PayPal Donation Twitter

Download Now
Downloads: 20850 / Size: 34.9 MB / Added: 2020-11-11
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Discussion: Priisek Natural Green Pitch Background Pro Versions inc TOUCH

91 comments have been posted so far.

  • priisek's avatar
    Update is done. Fixed all reported issues....I say this with a thought that I've said this before but this is the final update haha.

    Enjoy all & thanks for the support this season & please do keep supporting. Especially my YouTube channel, even if you don't like let's play series, please do subscribe to my channel anyway ;) .

  • priisek's avatar
    Green background only in basic & Pro version Inc TOUCH all available now. If you don't want to have background changes & just happy with a single colour background. This is the one for you. Enjoy
  • priisek's avatar
    PLEASE NOTE Latest update is a Fix for Issues with TOUCH Version
  • priisek's avatar
    Yes on dark version & anything can be changed but you will have to find it
  • nickrufc's avatar
    Can I change the date skin background on the press conference page thanks on the dark skin
  • nickrufc's avatar
    Can I change the skin background selection still like on the dark skin
  • priisek's avatar
    Storm. I'll have a look later
  • Storm6654's avatar
    Every time I click on a match result to see the match stats after the game, the game just crashes. Does anyone have a solution to this issue?
  • priisek's avatar
    Vav. Much have been, as I've not seen any issues etc :)
  • vav's avatar
    I restarted the game, played the match and everything is fine. Maybe it's just that the game is frozen.
  • vav's avatar
    It is impossible to continue after the match
  • priisek's avatar
    Cena. Found what you mean. Will be fixed for nxt update
  • priisek's avatar
    Agent. Many thanks.

    & Thanks to all the people that have donated, if you haven't as yet donated, then please please do :)
  • AgentGarcia's avatar
    Thank you! This one is by far the best skin for FM 21. Lots of options but not too overloaded and good for the eyes ;-)
    Enjoy the game now it is done :-)
  • priisek's avatar
    Screen shot plz, in not sure what you on about. Sorry
  • cena's avatar
    On the match screen formations player names are cut off & on the home icon space above it , was something suppose to be there its like a blank space ?
    I forgot how to upload screenshots again ...have to save file to a site then share url here or something otherwise I would post screenshots here.
  • cena's avatar
    Well done and Thank you , it is working ,looks good thus far I just had a quick look. Want to do the kits next.
  • priisek's avatar
    As long as you have priisek folder & not priisek/priisek. You will see what I mean when you open it. If it's priisek/priisek, cut content to the 1st priisek folder
  • cena's avatar
    how do you install ?
    download extract to folder copy and place in C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\skins
    is that correct ?
  • priisek's avatar
    If you have any of my skins, please delete & install from now. Now it's (fingers crossed) finished & I can now play the game haha. Thanks for the guys that have already donated & please do if you haven't donated as yet, it's very appreciated.
  • priisek's avatar
    Gerry. Screen shot please. So I can see exactly what you mean.
  • Gerry95's avatar
    Hey , i have a problem i dont see the attributes names on player profile ( they get cut ) .. I play on a 15.6 inch laptop . Is it possible to remove the column additional attributes ? Thanks
  • priisek's avatar
    dtsouza. just been fixed.
  • dtsouza's avatar
    It looks good but the match 3D doesn't appear. That happens in both versions here though it's fine in the dark version. =|
  • priisek's avatar
    Maybe ;) not a promise but maybe

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