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Priisek Dark FM21 Skin inc. TOUCH Pro Version Updated 21.00pm 11.05.21

Massive Overhaul with Basic Version & Pro Version

By Updated on May 11, 2021   410455 views   1061 comments
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Downloads: 136590 / Size: 26.0 MB / Added: 2020-11-12
Football Manager 2021 Skins - Priisek Dark FM21 Skin inc. TOUCH Pro Version Updated 21.00pm 11.05.21


Thanks for downloading my skin this season & hope you have enjoyed it so far.

With this latest update, its now been updated to Basic & a DONATION ONLY PRO/PRO PLUS Version.

This is a £1.50 Sterling to get this option.

PayPal Donation

Once donated, please email me [email protected] with proof of your £1.50 sterling paypal donation.

Many Thanks for your support & please come join the youtube channel


ps. you need BASIC in your folder to get PRO to work & BASIC + PRO to get PRO PLUS to work,


Also IR version (not in when shot) (Instant Result option) doesn't have HIDDEN ATTRIBUTES but Pro Plus does.



Default is 40% Opaque just for reference

(Please note! Percentage NOT available on TOUCH & XBox Gamepass Versions in this Tactics screen above)

★★PRO IR (Instant Result)★★

★★★PRO PLUS Option★★★

★★★This gives you the HIDDEN ATTRIBUTES if you own the IN GAME EDITOR! ★★★

In game editor required if you want the full CAPA info (Hidden Attributes) & fresh game required.

★Basic Version★

Fixed a few issues & more interface updates to Squad, tactics & Match Screens, all now have percentage conditions available
07.30am 21.04.21

Fixed issue with double header in TOUCH
Revamped the match body language panel to give far more info & stats also, tidy up of the match panels for all info available from each panel now the same.

Edited Hidden Att to show all Hidden Att.

Updated 18.10 GMT 17.04.21


Fixed the Lag on Pro & Pro Touch 22.50pm 12.04.21


Touch Pro added & Updated a few small issues 07.25am 09.04.21


Please Redownload & delete the the old folders before installing new one, don't over right, it won't fix the issues. You must delete 1st. Plus CLEAR CACHE

Thanks for your support.



Massive Overhaul with Basic Version & Pro/Pro Plus Version including Touch Pro Versions too.

Contact & Donation

PayPal Donation Twitter


New YouTube channel just started, related to my skin & let's play to come.

Come on over & join!

In game editor required if you want the full CAPA info (Hidden Attributes) & fresh game required. Thanks to @YoKezza_ for help with this


For those who don't no.DF11 is a Facepack community. The normal version is the standard cutout Facepack, you can use either, it will not be an issue.
Hope that helps people.

Contact & Donation

PayPal Donation Twitter

V5.7 Fix issues with Match Build up Screens after the SI Winter Update.

PLEASE NOTE Latest update is a Fix for Issues with TOUCH Version

V5.6 Fixes to both Touch & Normal Versions after the Winter Update.

# Full working version of FM Touch added #


V5.5 Updated many colours in all versions inc. TOUCH, training panel & team reort panel

v5.4 Fixed the issue with not being able to continue from the Managers Profile Screen

V5.3 Fixed issue with match player panel health problem, Changed many colour conflicts & updated TOUCH version too.

V5.2 Changed the Instant Match to show Scored Goals & Changed a few Title Colour to help to them better.

I just coudln't resist it haha! but this should be the final update, as i can't see any more to make it better really.

V5.1 Fixed Instant Result & a few small errors with colour clashes.

Now it's time to enjoy the game & SKIN.... Please enjoy it as much as I do & if you do please donate to help, many thanks for your kind support.

V5 Massive Upgraded Match Screen, Improved Inbox Colour, few tweaks & Added Extra options to Player Profile.

V4.9 Upgraded match screen

V4.8 Updated & fixed few colours etc. but they do help. Training alignment , Speech bubbles alignment & colours

V4.7 Fixed a few colour issues intime for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all

V4.6 Fixed match dugout issue,added flags for club info panel so no need to download them, download list within for the best background pack etc, added extra quick options in profile screen, fixed a few colour issues & added more to home screen plus processing panel

V4.5 Fixed the Scout page, Home & Manager profile pages.

V4.4 Fixed White on White issue in Intro Screen

V4.3 Added Extra options to the Player Profile Screen, Standard Sidebar Icons added back in but option for larger version in zip if you wish to use it & now works far better at 1920 x 1080 resolution 100% zoom ( but even better if at 95 or 85% zoom. ). Optimized at 2736 x 1824 resolution (Note: Changed Training from small panel windows as not happy with it, different now to the screen shots)

These are the high end 2736 x 1824 resolutions. You get extra boxes with these but you can zoom with all resolutions to suit yourself, but it may not look the same. Hopefullly that explains. Thanks

V4.2 Just a small update but HUGE in some peoples eyes.

V4.1 Re fixed Club Info Screen so stadium is better positioned & Fixed Instant Result (Best at 85% or 95% zoom, still great at 100% but more tab options at 85% & 95% in Club Info Screen)

V4. Upgraded Club Info screen to have Club Finance Info, Fixed a few Colour Isuues, Added extra info to match screen, Fixed Profile issue with No CA-PA Version & Fixed issue with scout reports

V3.9 Fixed Match Stats Background Issue, added Green Blue Attributes Option & Fixed No CA-PA Attributes issue

V3.8 Fixed the RED Screen on some resolutions & zooms, changed Attributes required & needed colours to help with people that couldn't see the green, General tidy up.

V3.7 Added standard version with No CA/PA option, Changed attributes required & preferred colours, Fixed match commentary font size, Added folder for people who don't want sidebar logo (just extract it & over right panels) Fixed Instant Result & Agent Issues

V3.6 Added solid colour to sidebar (help with reds colour & blending with backgrounds), Added Attributes in Boxes Option, Added team logos in match area.

If you don't like match title area info, please delete this from panels-match ( "match score area panel.xml" ) thanks

V3.5 General tidy up, Moved sidebar, Adjusted Excellent red attributes, Moved Face & Kit on Tactics so no long touch.

V3.4 Massive change to player profile, CA PA added, Profile Faces Selector options, along with others Extra Screens. Need to click on CA Option, them go to one of the other options & then back in. It will then show up. Bit of a FM glitch. To get full CA-PA data, you need the " In Game Editor "

Quick fix, not adding new version, Sidebar moved.

V3.3 Fixed the Darker Match Screen Issue.

V3.2 Added background selector & now background packs are compatible.
Added extra logos in the title bar.
In-Game Editor button fixed.

V3.1 Fixed missing names on tactics screens

V3.0 Temp fix few bits, anymore info please let me no. many thanks guys.

A base skin alternative with a dark background. Get rid of nearly all the intense purple colors of the default FM21 skin.

Used OPZ Elite 2020 as starting point. Big thanks to wannachupbrew, yacs, woz, flut, opz, kojura, heffem, FMPortugal & many others.

Many thanks to you guys that have donated so far, means a lot & help me to keep it updated.

Contact & Donation

PayPal Donation Twitter

Download Now
Downloads: 136590 / Size: 26.0 MB / Added: 2020-11-12
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Discussion: Priisek Dark FM21 Skin inc. TOUCH Pro Version Updated 21.00pm 11.05.21

1061 comments have been posted so far.

  • priisek's avatar
    There was an issue with next opposition overview in team report which I have fixed & an extra bonus ;)
    modded the player profile with extra box & more info.

    Enjoy & defo see you next season.

  • priisek's avatar
    Update is done. Fixed all reported issues....I say this with a thought that I've said this before but this is the final update haha.

    Enjoy all & thanks for the support this season & please do keep supporting. Especially my YouTube channel, even if you don't like let's play series, please do subscribe to my channel anyway ;) .

  • priisek's avatar
    Hi all. There has been a few reported glitches which I will fix & release update but I got an ear infection at min & not able to work on it. Fingers crossed it will be released by weekend. Thanks all
  • Marck's avatar
    cool thx
  • priisek's avatar
    Marck & ALL

    fixed the below issue & its available now to download.

  • Marck's avatar[/img]

    there must be something wrong here

    those who have scored goals for me stand by the opponent something I can do
  • heygra's avatar
    Thank you :)
  • abbes's avatar
    thanks mate :) !
  • priisek's avatar
    OK i no i said that was it, but found a couple issues, one being big overlap when you want to add players to mentoring groups yourself, now fixed.
    & as requested, there is now a zip to set Opaque to 80% but you need to unzip & over write as with the other options in zip files within Pro Folder, also the custom VIEWS as a zip to download all as one. Enjoy ALL
  • priisek's avatar
    jp. no, its FM21 & also Touch
  • jproque24's avatar
    @priisek this version works only on FM Touch ?
  • abbes's avatar
    @Priisek, any way to setup default opacity in ultra pro version for 80% instead of 40%?
  • priisek's avatar
    JP. Hi sorry I'm not sure what you mean?
  • jproque24's avatar
    It doesn't exist without being Fm Touch ?
  • priisek's avatar
  • priisek's avatar
    Not all custom leagues have the correct ID or they can be auto generated. Same with players in lower League. Very frustrating when you get a custom database update, need to change the config.
    Also you can request graphics with sortitout site. That might be the best bit. They may have it there already
  • Joern III's avatar
    Now it works, but I can no longer start a new savegame. The database can no longer be selected. the game hangs up.
  • Joern III's avatar
    now it works but no new game can begin. I can no longer select the extended database. This is where the game hangs. i delete everything.
  • Joern III's avatar
    Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, I need step-by-step instructions. I am very clumsy with such things. It doesn't work with me. Can't open XML either. I just play without Japan. Could be the version... not for 21.4. But it´s o.k....
  • priisek's avatar
    Should do it it has the correct ID. Or you may have to edit the config file in your graphics folder. In the game settings turn on the ID & see if they match up. If not change in the graphics & config in graphics to match. It will then work fine
  • Joern III's avatar
    can i User a Japan Club Overview Unlocked for these Skin ? Tanks
  • priisek's avatar
    Thanks addes. Yes I do care, a lot about this skin & for the 1st time this season, I can say I'm so very happy with it haha, I was always happy but felt it needed something else. Now I feel I'm at the place with it.
    Time to focus on YouTube channel & get ready for FM22
  • abbes's avatar
    Gonna say it again - awesome job mate, i love the skin! :) And i do love the so often updates, it means you actually take care and working on it, nothing wrong with it :). cheers!
  • priisek's avatar
    Hi ALL

    sooo sorry but i like things perfect, just a few missing panels & mistakes fixed.
    Your call if you wish to update but i would haha

    enjoy all.

    see you next season or over at my youtube channel


  • priisek's avatar
    130k plus downloads!

    Thanks everyone who is using any version of my skin.


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