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RDF's Crazy Kids // Asymmetric FM20 Tactic

A crazy shaped asymmetric FM20 tactic designed to catch the very fine details. Suitable to elite clubs as it's very demanding. You'll need players who are excellent technically, good decision makers & sufficiently athletic.

By on May 15, 2020   5359 views   0 comments
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Football Manager 2020 Tactics - RDF's Crazy Kids // Asymmetric FM20 Tactic
Welcome. Today I’ll be sharing a tactic I recommend to use for the Elite clubs. By elite clubs I mean teams good enough to compete in Europe.

The Shape

Don’t be scared by the original shape. its a 3-3-2-2 DM Asymmetric AM (R) but I shaped like a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide with in transition. This shape is designed to catch the very fine details.

The LWB and LM positioned closer together to develop a close relationship on field. I want my LWB to overlap but not have to run the full length of the pitch to do so. The LM is there to also support the LWB. When one attacks, the other covers.

The Mezzala on the right side of CM helps create an overload on the right hand side of the pitch.

At a time, you can overload the oppositions left side by out numbering them. The RB will get forward whilst the Mezzala is in space and the IW will come inside causing confusion for the opposition’s defence.

The DLP is there to hold shape whilst the Volante sergers forward exploiting space created by others. AF is the main source. He will be your match winner most of the times. He will need to be the outstanding player of the team.

Type of Players

Typically, you want players that are suited to the role. This tactic is very demanding and will require to have players who are excellent technically and who are also good decision makers.

Both Full backs should be paced players, who can also cross the ball and be okay at defending. Both CBs should be okay with pace as they could be vulnerable.

DLP can start a lot of attacks, so you want a creative player for sure, but also okay at defending. Volante should have good off the ball movement, anticipation and decisions. He needs to pick the right time to go.

LM can be more physical player, one will run for your team, good work rate and team work, stamina and agility. a Milner type player will be great. Mezzala, again, good creatively and someone who knows how to make the right decisions and can anticipate situations.

IW, will be your typical Inverted player, someone who likes to cut in, bonus if he has good shooting and vision. AF, has to be paced, good off the ball and finishing. He will be your main player.


Cautious may or may not work. Changing will be at your own risk but I have pulled good results away from home in games I believed I may get caught on the counter. It will result in less attractive football but changing it will be to get a result.

Removing “Get Stuck In” is also an option for away games. This may ease up fouls and less chance to concede from a set piece. Also less risk of good dribblers from the opponent beat your players easily

IF you feel you are conceding too many chances through the middle, you can change the defensive width to "narrow"

I recommend using the RDF training guide.

Testing - Results

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Downloads: 569 / Size: 43.2 kB / Added: 2020-05-15
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