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Regional Super Leagues: England + Scotland + Level 7

The top 14 clubs from Scotland have joined the English leagues + Level 7 has been unlocked.

By Updated on Jul 05, 2024   1989 views   4 comments
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Downloads: 122 / Size: 215.0 kB / Added: 2024-07-05
FM 2024 Fantasy Scenarios - Regional Super Leagues: England + Scotland + Level 7


The free (public) version of this file combines the top 14 Scottish clubs into the English league structure, and also unlocks the 7th division with several notable clubs.

For the "Ultimate Edition", I've combined the best clubs from nations around the top 5 leagues into the larger nation/league, namely Spain, Germany, Italy and France to form a few regional super leagues.

Why? Because adding too many leagues in the base game makes processing time very slow. By adding the top clubs from neighbouring countries like Scotland, Portugal, Austria etc. into a larger neighbouring league, means that we can add less leagues and still have all the top clubs in our games.

I've combined the following leagues together:
England + Scotland (free public version)
Spain + Portugal
Germany + Austria + Switzerland
France + Netherlands + Belgium
Italy + Turkey + Greece + Cyprus + Israel
Denmark + Norway + Sweden + Finland + Iceland

Nation FileTop Clubs From:
GermanySwitzerland + Austria
FranceNetherlands + Belgium
ItalyTurkey + Greece + Cyprus + Israel
DenmarkNorway + Sweden + Finland + Iceland

The constraints

  • Use the existing league structure and competitions
  • Don't add new leagues into the exting structure, except for unlocking existing lower leagues.
  • The game must "look", "feel" and "play" like the base game, with the exception of the new added clubs.
  • I can add more clubs to an exisitng league, upto the maximum of 24 clubs per division.
  • Changes to the base game leagues and competitions should be kept to a minimum.

The features

  • A high quality mod, taking many factors into consideration.
  • NO changes to the base English league structures. Still 20 clubs in the Prem, 24 clubs in the leagues below.
  • NO changes to prize money
  • NO changes to subs
  • The top 14 clubs from Scotland join the English leagues (listed below), including ALL clubs from the Scottish Premier League.
  • Mostly the same base game experience, but with the added challenge of the Scottish Premier League clubs.
  • The existing Scottish leagues are still selectable and still work perfectly, because I moved the clubs up the ladder to fill in the gaps.
  • Luton, Burnley & Sheffield United are relegated. (As they were relegated this season)
  • Celtic, Rangers & Leicester join the Premier League
  • Clubs have been moved down based on their league performance this season.
  • Activated Level 7 - English Regional Leagues, just below Vanarama National North/South. This activates some interesting clubs like FC United of Manchester.
  • Activating Level 7 gave me some extra league positions to work with, inserting the Scottish clubs based on their relative squad strength.
  • No work permits
  • Several bugfixes and improvements to the English leagues
  • New Awards in the Premier League, like; best defender, best full-back, wing-back, DM, CM, AM, best winger, best playmaker etc.
  • The reputation of the English leagues and Scottish leagues have been adjusted based on a math formula to represent the changes
  • Scottish B clubs and youth clubs have been merged into the English leagues.

Scottish clubs added to the English leagues.

  • Celtic
  • Rangers
  • Aberdeen
  • Heart Of Midlothian
  • Hibernian
  • Dundee United
  • Dundee
  • Motherwell
  • St Johnstone
  • Kilmarnock
  • St Mirren
  • Livingston
  • Ross County
  • Queen's Park (oldest club in Scotland)

Other clubs added

  • Sheffield (oldest club in England)
  • Hallam
  • Bury
  • FC United of Manchester (part of Level 7)


I'm very sure I'm not alone in wanting something like this, and I know I'm not the first person to think about doing this. The idea is simple; merge a few geographically connected leagues together to form a new regional super league.

As the creator of the WSL, I can trace my thoughts and ideas about doing this all the back to the 2010's. In those days I had no idea about editing the FM database, I just had the idea.

Fast forward a few years and I've learnt how to edit the FM DB; and created the World Super League (WSL); one of the most advanced FM mods available, where the best clubs from all over the world compete together in a giant pyramid in England.

So, after having created the WSL every year for the last 7 years, I consider myself to be a skilled DB editor and wanted to try something a bit different.

The WSL is great, but there are some limitations, and consequences to moving clubs from all over the world, accross continents into England.

Bessides the fact that not everyone wants to play against clubs from other continents, the leagues are huge. With a file like this, a few smaller regional leagues can be joined together, with all the best clubs from the neighboring leagues together, you don't need to add a lot of nations just to have the benefit of playing against their best clubs and players.

This is a BONUS project for WSL members, but the quality of this file/mod should speak for itself! So if you decide to make a $10 donation, you will get access to the RSL + WSL files with the same password. If you play the base game, then there is almost NO reason NOT to use this file instead, because the Scottish clubs + Level 7 add a new challenge. Plus more awards for players, plus I unlocked 1st to 3rd place for all awards, the base game usually only awards 1st place! And many other quality improvements over the base game.


  • Faster processing time by loading fewer leagues


  • It's not realistic (but then again, how realistic is FM actually?)

Ultimate Edition

For anyone reading this page, without knowing what the WSL is, I have 2 projects. The WSL and RSL. This file, the RSL is a sister project related to the WSL. Both are available together with a single $10 donation for the "Ultimate Edition". The reason for this is that this file requires a huge amount of time, effort and DB editing skills; which I've developed over several years, and my time is not free, so I offer my best work for this small donation.

This is NOT the same as adding or unlocking new leagues to existing nations. This is about moving clubs from one nation to the other, and expanding an existing league with a larger structure. Although this might sound easy, there are MANY challenges, one of them being how to circumvent the existing leagues from expecting a certain amount of clubs, and having hard-coded fixtures built into the game. Expanding several existing leagues is a real challenge, even for just a single league.

Please read the WSL page at the bottom for donation information if you would like to unlock the other files, remember that a donation for the WSL or RSL gets you the same password to unlock both "Ultimate Editions". For the RSL, this includes the additional files for Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Denmark.

Please feel free to ask me more on my Discord channel, under the "Regional Super Leagues" section:

Download Now
Downloads: 122 / Size: 215.0 kB / Added: 2024-07-05
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Discussion: Regional Super Leagues: England + Scotland + Level 7

4 comments have been posted so far.

  • Darthfurion's avatar
    Thanks. I'd love to make a whole bunch of modifications to the UEFA comps, but I don't know how or where to edit the co-efficient calculations, or add/remove spots etc. I would have to change it completely to be more hard-coded. Because remember the UEFA competitions are more dynamic, they adjust the number of spots a league gets based on the "strength" of the clubs in the nation/league. When clubs do better, they get more points. I have no idea where this system is, or how to adjust the registered teams in the European competitions. Although, I HAVE seen these leagues get more spots naturally, as Portugal, Scotland, Turkey etc. don't get as far, their league score drops. So the scandinavian league (in Denmark) should naturally start getting more spots.

    I can adjust the UEFA Co-efficients I think per nation, I think it's a 5 year rolling window. But I didn't want to make any of those adjustments yet. But I think if you sim for 5 years you'll see a big change naturally.
  • dm02's avatar
    Got it - gave it a sim through a few years and really like it. I'm wondering if it would make sense to remove the European spots from the countries you "removed" (scotland/portugal/turkey/etc) and allocate them to the 6 big leagues. Would especially be cool to see the 'nordic' league get more spots, they only qualify a few.

    No idea if thats difficult or not - just my thoughts, but enjoying the work so far!
  • Darthfurion's avatar
    They remain the same. But strangely enough I've seen England get 5x Champions League positions. Most of the "lower league" clubs don't usually make it past the qualifying stages, and they will probably eventually drop out.
  • dm02's avatar
    Love the idea - how does champions league/europa league qualification work?
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