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Beautiful Aggression | A Relentless 4231

A high intensity 'Narrow-Wide' 4231 tactic for FM 2022. Unsettling the opponents with and without the ball, high press and quick tempo while keeping possession.

By Updated on Apr 18, 2022   24087 views   8 comments
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Downloads: 4556 / Size: 43.2 kB / Added: 2022-03-18
Football Manager 2022 Tactics - Beautiful Aggression | A Relentless 4231
I felt I had to share this tactic, as since FM14 I have been struggling to recreate a tactic that was utterly dominating.

Is this the same tactic.... no, but on my journey and many frustrations I have created something that is quite special.

Back in FM14 I used a 4231 Narrow, my 2 centre midfielders were ball winners and the 3 attacking midfielders were the magic men, causing havoc with goals and assists galore.

This tactic was originally inspired by the Chelsea team using Matic and Mikel in centre midfield, with Oscar, Hazard and Willian in the attacking midfield strata.

While I have had some limited success with these narrow formations, consistency eluded me and I began to realise that the ME definitely preferred the wide areas to be covered.

So to make myself feel better and keep the ME happy, I created a 'Narrow-Wide' 4231.

In essence, the AML and AMR generally sit narrow to help with possession, but to also make the threatening opposition DL and DR have to leave their comfort zone of the flanks.

The AML and AMR often move into the channel between the FB's and CB's creating a decision for the opposing defence, if the CB steps in to help, the SS moves into the vacated space. If the FB follows, our own FB's move into the final third.

The beauty of the tactic are the options that the wide players give themselves, sometimes staying a bit wider, sometimes coming deeper, or narrower, but always looking to break the line and move into channels.

The wide players are so important in this tactic as they are given license to express themselves offensively.

Ultimately the tactic is aggressive in and out of possession.

With the ball, the team move the ball extremely quickly, not allowing the opposition to reset their shape or get too close.

With much shorter passing, some of the intricate moves are a joy to watch, but the passing is never without intent, the players are always looking for a breaking run or a player in space.

The be more expressive instruction allows for natural vision and flair to allow these passes to happen, while running at defence means that players will exploit one on ones where prudent.

The higher defensive line and very narrow instructions mean that the defence stay close to the midfield and the DLP drops in to pick up the ball.

The BBM covers a lot of ground and scores a fair share of goals, but also drifts into space when available.

The AF, although very basic in his instructions is devastating, space is always available due to the constant runs of the AML, AMR and AMC.

In testing the AF for top teams consistently scored 50+ goals a season!

To test this tactic I took 15 teams from the top 5 leagues, England, Spain, Germany, France and Italy, I then chose the teams who's media prediction was 1st, 10th and 20th (except Bundesliga with 18 teams and EPL where I chose Liverpool over Man City, simply because many of the tactics I have seen have used them, so this should help comparison).

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Downloads: 4556 / Size: 43.2 kB / Added: 2022-03-18
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Discussion: Beautiful Aggression | A Relentless 4231

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • DudeRat's avatar
    @MarkusFC - Thank you for trying it out and i'm glad it's working for you and more importantly that you're making it your own. I will give the DLP(D) a go along with the defensive line if it's a tight game, thanks for the feedback.
  • MarkusFC's avatar
    Playing around with it for a few hours now, putting your DLP on defend seems to cut out a lot of the through ball business. He still gets involved. Mine likes to play long passes as is so sometimes when the rest of the team is lulling the defense to sleep passing circles around them, out of nowhere he'll lob one over the top for my 6'5" (195cm) forward to slam dunk. I've scored 8 goals in 2 separate league games now. After running this for just a few in-game months the board's first new club culture expectation after 6 seasons is for me to play exciting football. I guess they like it too.
  • MarkusFC's avatar
    Exploit or not, it's working fine and dandy for me. Playing in Romania 6th season, I've had pretty good success in Europe with my current 4-4-2 DM but for some reason I stopped being able to score against league teams, despite my B team probably being able to make the championship group on their own. I was winning, but regularly only putting up 1-2 goals with 5+ xg. Already locked the league up, decided to plug this in and we've scored 18 goals in 4 games. I moved the defensive line back a notch, I never use get stuck in anyway and we haven't conceded either. I've already seen enough to move forward with it. Good job!
  • DudeRat's avatar
    I appreciate all of the comments, many thanks and while I agree somewhat with @tubuus that this is an exploit, it was my recreation of an old tactic that played amazing, relentless football. To recreate this tactic on FM22 meant I had to change positions and roles, but believe when I say there is reason behind all of the instructions. If you read through the post, I try to explain most of them, but please watch the football and let me know your thoughts on this. It was created primarily for the style of football and any exploits (role combinations etc) were due to the competitive nature of my online game. I wanted to win, but with some style! Just an add on to the tactic, the get stuck in instruction has been causing me far too many cards and I have now removed this. Results do not seem to be affected. Goals conceded often come from through balls, so my next tweak will be trying the defensive width.
  • tubuus's avatar
    Attacking mentality + Urgent pressing + select all tactical buttons.

    This is an exploit, not a tactic.
  • Vinno's avatar
    Fantastic results
    I'm going to try this out later this evening and will feedback.
  • Stam's avatar
    @tubuus: Did you check the screenshots at all? The tactic was tested with over a dozen teams, including underdogs.
  • tubuus's avatar
    99% are the same: urgent pressing + attacking mentality + top team. This is not an indicator. Show tactics with the middle team.
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