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Relentless 4-3-3 Domination

100+ Goals a season between your strikers! A mixture of route one, vertical tiki-taka and gegenpress. High tempo. High press.

By on Feb 06, 2021   24206 views   3 comments
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Football Manager 2021 Tactics - Relentless 4-3-3 Domination

The Background

After being in the premier league, for 8yrs we were slowly becoming The "Arsenal" of the league. (constant top 4 but never amounting a challenge for the title) I needed to find away that I could break through that glass ceiling, and try and push to the next level. With the formation that I was using 4-2-4 Wide, I was finding that during the winter months. We were always struggling for form, which ultimately end up costing the league. I looked through my squad and realised it would better to play to our strengths, which was attack and that following season. Our dreams and ambitions were met, we won the league, the Champions League, and both domestic cups.

The Style

Essentially this is a route one tactic, but at the same time, there's and element of vertical tikka taka. And when your out of possession, the intensity of a Gegen Press. In trying to win the ball back as quickly as possible. What you will get from this formation and style, is plenty of time in your oppositions other half. Swarming there goal area, Even though there is the instruction, if given the time the team will also work the ball into the box.

Important notes

  • Before each game it is Important to look at the OIs, I have experimented with not doing them, how I have in the pic attached. And the results are allot worse, if you don't do them.
  • Your wing backs are going to need to have pace and acceleration, and crossing due to them being your wide play of the tactic, and where most of your crosses come from
  • Its really handy when looking to bring in DC players, that they have good height, jumping reach, and heading to make use of the setpieces
  • This is NOT a plug and play tactic! set it up in all 3 tactic blocks at the start of the season, and its useful to set at least 7 friendlies in the pre-season. with pre-season training set to tactical
  • During winter breaks or international breaks set up a week of set piece training, so that you can make the most of the set pieces
This tactic was also tested with Fulham, I holidayed the season. with out making any transfers, for me they were predicted to finish 20th. With the 4-3-3 they finished 13, and made the QF of the CC and the SF of the FA Cup. And I have just finished my 2nd season, with this formation and style. And we won the PL, CL, CC, and FA cup.

I hope that you enjoy this tactic and that it brings you much success.

Tactic view 2 in possession

Tactic view 3 in transition

Tactic view 4 out of possession

when we were playing with the 4-2-4 wide system

The following season, when we changed to 4-3-3

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Downloads: 3053 / Size: 43.7 kB / Added: 2021-02-06
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