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Tactics of Roberto Mancini for FM14

How to transform a moderate club into a title winning side in Football Manager 2014.

By on Mar 12, 2014   56277 views   7 comments
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FM 2014 Tactics - Tactics of Roberto Mancini for FM14
A protestant is somebody who always protests for various reasons, such as social, religious, moral, cultural, political etc. I write this because I am always aware of what I am going to have for responses.

The story of Mancio

Roberto Mancini is a not a guy from vitrine. He was born in a city close to Ancona in Jesi. He was playing football in the streets, he was smart, he had a sharp eye for life and was always fire speaking and well educated. Despite he never carried his books in school, he graduated as a good student and later on he passed his coaching qualifications with very high grades. ?n Sundays he goes to the church as a devoted catholic in order to attend the mass. He is married and has two children.

All of these are not popular for the British all tattooed punks who smoke marijuana and drink tons of beer. I will write down here what it provokes, annoys and is controversial. I will write down here exclusively for Italian-based coaches because simply I don't deal with something less than the best in the world. The best coaching football school in your FM screens.

A modest guy who opted to be a football person

Mancio didn't begin his coaching career in Benfica or Barcelona. Instead of this, he was humiliated by his "mentor" Ericsson by sitting all the games in the bench of winning scudetto season 1999-2000 and by having very little contribution on winning the tittle. Ericsson admitted later on that Mancini was out of form and that he left him there on purpose in order to notice the game better and to become a good coach. Ericsson was giving always the example of Mancini like "I made him a coach" in order to save his reputation. Another one dirty protestant stance from a professional loser, from a "man" (?) who never ever won Ch.League despite the billions of Cragniotti and the numerous chances that he always had.

Mancini though responded to Sven in a sharp way:
"Nobody made me a coach. I studied, I was determined and I pursued it. My wife was against it and all of my friends advised me to avoid it."

Giovanni Trapattoni admitted in public in 2008 before he took over EIRE National Team:
"For Mancini I am very surprised, he never seemed to be a future coach. Always wearing classy scarfs, always making fun and dealing with funny issues. For Tardelli, Conte and Prandelli I was certain. The same for Capello but for Mancio no way at all, ha ha. I remember his spell in Leicester as player, despite of the failure he was making fun and was very polite. I didn't expect it too."

POOR guys, go to take a nap all-together... There is always someone smarter than all of you. For instance, Paolo Mantovani made the opposite.

He trusted Mancini in transfers, his judgment was always a crucial point in club's functions and was always the most important decision maker in club's policies. Whole Genoa still vows "Commandatore Mancio". Without second thoughts. For those who don't know much of history, Paolo Mantovani was the most successful president-owner of Sampdoria.

I will light every possible side in this text precisely because the fact that the real history is written and not purchased is annoying to some people. Precisely because you cannot bring back dead people, no matter if you blame always others but not yourself (Liverpool fans). Because in Italy we are educated enough to apologize, to admit our mistakes and to carry out our duties.

Mancini is one of them, he is one of us. A modest guy who opted to be a football person. He always makes fun, plenty of jokes and mostly he respects even the likes of Roberto Martinez, David Moyes and co. Depressive people who show up in every game their complex of inferiority.

I wish I could be much sharper here but I respect FM Scout rules. Because FM Scout is a jewel in this cycleon of trolling trashes which are polluting web around. I pay the utmost respect to Stamatis Kritikos, a modern day hero who dedicates his life in this project with altruism, wise views and largely democratic spirit.

Totally opposite than the plethora of British tabloids which crucified Mancini before his arrival in Man City in 2009 where he took over a British pub from Mark Hughes. A bunch of players who were smoking and eating popcorn in the dressing rooms, and who admitted publicly that they don't pay attention to manager's instructions during half time and especially Robinho who was listening samba music in regular basis.

Controlling the dressing rooms

Mancio hit his second arch here: "If a player doesn't like the club, then he can go. The door is open, we want only dedicated and happy players". That's it, the problematic British players Stefen Ireland, Bellamy and co started to abandon the club by blaming the coach "for severe methods and tough manners" by accusing him publicly in every corner of British media posts.

Ironically after the dismissal of Mancio, the British press admitted: "he was too mild with his players, he lost control in the dressing rooms". Decide what you like, stupidity is endless. The rigorous boss is suddenly mild and good. Like Conte, from a democratic and methodical person became impulsive and heat minded dictator. Simply when you win it hurts a lot. Just think that in every league campaign only one is the winner.

Like I did with Leverkusen in FM. A lot of thoughts were passing from my head considering the protestant transfer policy of German clubs but I made the opposite. I became a south american club by signing a bunch of top quality Argentinian players with good character. Hard working, very responsible, fast and work rate 14+. Like Mancini made with most of his signings in City where he won the tittle in the last minute of the last game. I made it in a similar way, I won it in 86' not so bad I must say, hehe.

Mancio's City

Mancini was forced to invest this amount of money because:
"The Arab owners were pressurizing me for immediate success with big name signings, it wasn't easy at all to convince them to come here. After financial fair play, everything became stranger for all of us. The enthusiasm has frozen up, but we maintained our status in very good level".
Unfortunately for Mancio, his religious beliefs didn't match with Begiri-stein, his new boss. Tsiki admitted "Mancini will stay up for sure, he has contract". 48 hours later he was fired with possible candidates Guardiola, Mourinho, Di Matteo, Jurgen Klupp. Amazing coincidence, all of them have the same religious beliefs. Wow, everything in this world is a coincidence.

In Man City, Mancio left a big heritage by installing a new training and tactics database, he upgraded the room for football games analysis which was practically closed under the previous managers, he forced the players to stop listening to music inside the club facilities and to stop smoking cigarettes. He also imposed team rules in order to avoid press leaking and web trolling. He blocked cell phones during matches and training sessions.
"I was unhappy to do all of these, I feel sad for what I did to the players, as a footballer I felt very bad but as a manager that was the only way to keep discipline and to avoid public conflicts. The same rules for myself, the same for everybody".

Don't think that he didn't have fun or weird jokes, simply its impossible to be easy and very open with the likes of Kolo Toure, Vincent Kompany, De Jong and Dzeko. He brought them and because of that, he applied these disciplinary methods, because he was aware of their characters.

Mentality is crucial

In my Leverkusen side, all of the players had the opposite mentality. Naive but disciplined, determined but low level people. Everybody was caring for himself, not for the game, not for the team. Isolated in their frozen egoism, unable to cope with pressure, challenges and further travel to the glory. Pessimistic and quitting attitude was spreading around like pandemic. I had to wake them up, revolution, earthquake, tide. I really kicked out everyone that I could. Without accumulating any cost and any possible future pressure. Forget the mighty archer, here it was an aiming raging bull policy.

All or nothing, take it or leave it, win or defeat. Champions or failures. Till the end of the way or the highway. Die hard, do it or you are done.

This mentality cannot be understood from passive servants, you need to have grown up in the streets of Buenos Aires or Montevideo, like Brujo Veron, El Canario Garcia, Diego Maradona, Cholo Simeone, Diego Forlan and many other unsung heroes. You must cry from pain and not from sadness, like Simeone said:
"I was crying secretly from pains in my surged knees, secretly and silently in order not to see me my wife and my children. Maradonna admits, they put me several injections in abdominal to kill the pains on my ruined muscles from tackling, my balls had several relics from the idle, they gave me pain killers injections because after every derby my body was full of bruises, I was hurting a lot."

These guys from Argentina brought the glory in the forgotten working club of Leverkusen. The permanent darkness in Bayer arena changed from the blood polished legs of Canteros, Zarate, Stafylidis and co who dedicated every inch of their souls, every drop of their sweat in the field. And yes, Bayern couldn't defeat us, Bayern couldn't defeat us. 1-1 at home, 0-0 away. If they were such a great team why they couldn't humiliate us, if Guardiola is such a great coach why he saw my back by being 8 points behind me.

And if Mancini was a failure, what is Pellegrini who invested 80 million euros in the already built squad from Mancio? See how many transfers I made... The club forced me to sell everything in order to have "transfer budget". But I swear, I was happy to sell everybody who was German. Like they were selling the club for years with their selfish attitude. I served a rotten club who despite their zero support I lead them to the Glory Land. Like Moses guided Hebrew Nation, who later on rejected him but in the end "Moses was our most glorious predecessor".

Who is behind all this?

Mancini finally dropped his last arch in the firing day:
"Thanks a lot everybody for everything, I wish to this great club to win even more trophies but I doubt that they will make it. All the best to the owners who love the club passionately. I didn't decide to go but it doesn't matter".

Don't doubt Roberto, they are already winning every magazine cover. Every tabloid has them always in the first page "New scandal in city, inside story", "Pellegrini's Secret weapon". Unfortunately for liars, for professional pseudo-prosecutors the field is hard like ground. Tougher than anything and brutal like stone. Pellegrini has started to lose control from February and the ghost of Mancio is appearing. No jokes, no fun, no trophies. This is Pellegrini's way inspired by Tsiki. When Cruyff asked about Tsiki he replied "my turtle in the home is smarter than him; look, she walks slower but thinks faster, notice the blink in her eyes".

Guardiola admited once: "Cruyff advises me very often because Tsiki is heavily influence with transfer and club policy duties". And what about Sandro Rossel and Juan Laporta "I don't see them often, we talk very rarely; mostly in some pre-season ceremonial events".

Lets go in the next point: Who is behind all this frozen atmosphere, here and there?
Yes, you are guessing right: Tsiki Begiristein. In and out both in City and FC Catalunya. Always puts his nose for what? Read the article once again, because Pellegrini has obviously serious issues ALREADY. Any kind of issues that Mancini "was accused", "criminalized" and finally fired. Good luck to everybody, especially to Man City fans.

Continue to pay tribute to the same bunch of policies who keep you unemployed, limited in the sofa and largely unhappy. You don't know why, because the most powerful policy is "I don't care", "I don't mind", "why do that". You know less, you care less, you understand less. The perfect ingredients for the global policy makers to impose easily and smoothly every policy that they want.

Till then, always every Marcello Lippi will win the World Cup and every joyful company like the Leverkusen of Stafyllidis and co will astonish the German fog now and forever. The band of trashes are here, alive and proud singing "we are the champions". We don't drive Mercedes, we are not F1 German pilots, we drive you to the glory. The last arch will pinch your eyes, the 8th league team won the tittle by selling all of his star players. By playing Italian football in the most anti Italian football country. Not bad, eh?

The FM14 Tactics

In terms of tactical play here we have applied many tactical principles which are not seen so often. You cannot speak for prototypes, but it's very interesting to apply tactical aimed passing games into a tough and physical team. Our biggest handicap was the up tempo game in the last third. That's why the team finished 8th last season and that's why in Germany you have so many high scoring games. Lack of cohesion and lack of technical quality married with good sense of tactical education.

I signed all these players because they were capable of dealing with every style of football. Broad variety and mixed characteristics everywhere, even mentally. I avoided cardinal aggressive game which dominates in Germany. By thinking practically I made a very simple but crucial notice: by being aggressive and ferocious, you open up your midfield and especially your DC. They push up to win the first header, they lose the first pass. That's all, massive counter and a goal against you. Push up, missed passes, red card-last player issue. At least I guarantee a very normal defensive unit. Every goal was a profit. No rush, no stress, no fear. I am tighten up, I am balanced, I am rational, so I normally won the league. Nothing too much, nothing less. No big words, no big philosophies.

Catholicism is the catholic view of the issues without neglecting facts and opinions, by combining your analysis into real events. Voltaire was the predecessor of this theory. You need to prove what you say otherwise you are not credible - Macchiavelli. You don't need to prove your achievements, they speak on their own - Diogene, a cynical and beloved philosopher.

Simple, easy football

Tactically I made very easy things, very simple things. See the team instructions and the player instructions. Another proof that the easiest things are the most difficult to be applied. I laugh because I played the "easiest" football in my FM career ever. It was my easiest trophy. I am not racist when I speak for German coaches with phrases like "they don't exist as a kind" or "where did you find them? in super market?".

Notice my full matches, I've included 5 of them in the zip file you'll get when downloading this. 11 opposition players pushed me up. Yes, 11 because even GK was moving like an extra DC. All of my opponents were running more. 95% of matches were like this: more runs from the opponent, more tired opponent, more classic chances on my side, more possession on my side, more injured players on opponent's side.

There is a myth which accuses the training regime for the injuries. The reality though is much different. When our muscles increase and decrease speed rapidly, lactic acid is increasing abnormally. As a result you can have muscular and regular meniscus injuries. Your body moves from 150 km/h pressure into 25 in 3 seconds. Your tendons suffer a 90 minutes crash test. In my team, there's no way this happens. Everything goes progressively. We run, we work hard, we try harder but no way to make crash tests. No push up, no attacking play.

Rafa made the same but here everything is trickier. Less risk, higher efficiency. Allow your opponent to rush and to attack massively. That's it, enjoy a comfortable 3-0. Make your opponent to use 3 players in the side for overlaps. Awesome, penetrate him through midfield with an elegant 4-3-1-2. Bundesliga is an endless parody. I won over Dortmund 4-0. They had double my shoots. All of them were in the hugs of Leverkusesn fans. Shoots from 40 meters: 5! Shoots from 25-30 metters: 11. Just 4 shoots from the height of big area. 0 shoots from the small area. They don't need tactics in Germany, leave this job to me. Anyway I can make it much better, don't you think?


My deepest respect to Roberto Mancini for the trust that he shows in my tactical skills.

My deepest respect to FM Scout Community for publishing the tactics.

My sincere acceptance to every comment that you make/will make for me no matter what.

* Life has to be a bit spicy sometimes.

All Rights Reserved

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Downloads: 10626 / Size: 112.5 kB / Added: 2014-03-12
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Discussion: Tactics of Roberto Mancini for FM14

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  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    It depends on you and especially against who you play .I cannot teach you how to use each tactic in fm ,simply concentrate on your team and on scouting opponents .Stay on each topic and dont ask me for the same thing in every topic .Its up to you really and I respect every opinion .I cannot tell you "do this " or "do the other " .I respect your freedom and your free willingness .
  • Stewie Wong's avatar
    When would you apply each tactic ?..and do the tactics include Opposition Instructions
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Say all of these to everybody who doubts about Italian Coaches in generally and about Roberto Mancini especially /
  • lufctroop123's avatar
    won the championship and fa cup with leeds without losing a match in the league
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Mancini didnt sign any italian player in city apart from crazy mario .Another one example on his dignity .He never pushed the club to buy Italian players like Mourinho always does with his portuguese "children" .Life is not the same for everybody .He is underrated because he rarely if not almost never gives interviews ...
  • MrG's avatar
    Hey, quick question. In what situations do you use the different tactics? Sorry if I've missed the answer in your post.
  • Jat's avatar
    Really good tactic. Roberto Mancini is one of my favourite coaches, I think Mancini is heavily underrated in the world of football. But the truth is Mancini is to smart for most people which makes people to missunderstand hos brilliance. Also Mancini is à Very good man, and nice person (My view). Thanks alot for this!
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