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Sarri 4-3-3 Lazio by Magicomonta / 104 Team & 54 Striker Goals

Emulating the tactics of Maurizio Sarri's Lazio on FM 2023. Averaged 63% ball possession in the test season. Plus video presentation.

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Football Manager 2023 Tactics - Sarri 4-3-3 Lazio by Magicomonta / 104 Team & 54 Striker Goals
Good morning guys,

Today I present to you the tactical emulation of Maurizio Sarri.


From the studies carried out (and then in any case his game was there for all to see) it can be said that his team has a starting base of 433 which then in the development of possession transformed into a 3133 with the advancement of the full-back who pushes more while the other remained more cautious in the line of defenders.

The development of the maneuver always starts from the ball on the ground for the two central defenders who then lean on the playmaker who sweeps across the field in search of areas of light to better receive the ball from them, here is the first change made by Sarri which led Lazio to be one of the best defenses in Serie A, that is, to insert Cataldi in place of Luis Alberto, losing a little in imagination but gaining defensive coverage.

The action takes place with dense passes, with the team very close, keeping only the full-back wide and leaving total freedom to the right winger to find the spaces behind the defenders and then be served through pockets or in the famous throw from winger to winger, or always looking through a dense network of passages for the corridor for the insertions of the midfielder.

The striker tends to leave the line of the opposing defenders and make room for the insertions of the two aforementioned and also to play on the side and immediately throw himself back into the space he himself created with the movement.

In the non-possession phase, the team lines up with a 4141 with the two attacking wingers dropping down on the midfielder line and the team gets up to seek immediate recovery of the ball in the opponent's half.

We come to the tactics and roles of FM.
  • Let's start with the goalkeeper who is a free attack goalkeeper who plays more with his feet than with his hands and was the first game planner.
  • The central defender is one who sets up while the other is classic
  • for the full-backs on the left we have a thinner with the task of pushing forward as soon as possible and reaching the bottom while the other has the task of remaining a little more blocked
  • The playmaker is a backward playmaker precisely because he can guarantee defensive coverage.
  • the insertion midfielder is an attack midfielder with the task of moving forward as soon as possible and staying wide with the license to shoot, dribble more.
  • The other is a quality midfielder, that is the famous box to box, full-field midfielder, Vecino.
  • The left winger is an inverted winger with the task of returning to the middle of the field and crossing from far at the far post or shooting on goal.
  • The other one is a Space Finder, with the task of finding the spaces behind the defenders.
  • The striker is center forward with freedom of movement, dribbling more and shooting less precisely to allow the movements to go out and the insertions of his teammates and himself.


A hug from your magicomonta

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Image editing by Andrea realized fm @SELLECKTV

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Downloads: 4305 / Size: 43.5 kB / Added: 2022-11-14
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Discussion: Sarri 4-3-3 Lazio by Magicomonta / 104 Team & 54 Striker Goals

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