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Scorpio v2.1 skin for FM15

A dark skin for Football Manager 2015 featuring several usability tweaks, instant result button, background & TV logo selector, new player profile panels and more. Created by wannachupbrew.

By Updated on Jun 22, 2015   349743 views   163 comments
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Downloads: 95610 / Size: 22.0 MB / Added: 2014-10-28
FM 2015 Skins - Scorpio v2.1 skin for FM15
DAZS8 has decided to retire from working with FM graphics this season and asked me to take over his Scorpio skin for this year.

Thanks to DazS8, Jubez, TomDixon77, Sortitoutsi community and DazS8 FM Graphics Group

This skin is designed for 1920x1080 resolution. It should work with other resolutions but I don't test every single panel with every possible resolution. If you're using a different resolution and something doesn't display correctly please post your resolution and a screenshot of the issue and I'll do my best to fix it. However, I will NOT fix issues related to using different zoom levels. If you use any zoom level other than 100% you will have problems.

Key features:
  • DF11 Facepack Version
  • Many modified panels
  • Background Selector
  • TV Logo Selector
  • Instant Result Button
  • Small Sidebar Version


Installation instructions

Step 1

Download the skin and make sure you delete any old Scorpio folders.

Step 2

Extract the file (using either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac). Move the folders into your skins folder:

Windows: \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\skins
Mac OS X: /Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/skins

Create the folder "skins" if it doesn't exist.

Step 3

Start the game and go to Preferences screen and Interface tab.
You should see "Scorpio", "Scorpio (Sidebar Labels)" and "Scorpio (DF11)" as options in the skin drop down of the Overview box.
Choose the version you want and hit the Confirm button.

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.

Version Archive

Download Now
Downloads: 95610 / Size: 22.0 MB / Added: 2014-10-28
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Discussion: Scorpio v2.1 skin for FM15

163 comments have been posted so far.

  • Sw33z's avatar
    there is no button to cancel affiliate clubs . plz fix this .
  • bug's avatar
    My favorite skin. But i have a problem. This is that when i open a previously played match to see the favorite moments or goals, the lateral menu bar of the left doesn´t dissappear like the original game skin and you can´t see the match at full screen. I like to record my favorite goals or doing screenshots and i have to change to the original skin to do it at full screen.

  • meddy's avatar
    Hi, it might just be me being stupid but I can't seem to get the home screeen to look like it does in the screenshots above. Can someone help please
  • Sw33z's avatar
    Hi , i've found something that doesnt work on 2.1 scorpio
    Squad -> Squad Depth -> Squad Depth opinion of : i can't switch between my staffmembers for the opinion , only asst manager . could you explain me how to fix this plz? Perfect skin otherwhise.
  • TalNtB97's avatar
    @biggamehunter: i have the same problem
  • Wastelands's avatar
    For some reason, I don't have a pitch on my tactics screen. Using DF11 megapack, 1366 X 768 resolution, no zoom.

  • AbhieSpeaks's avatar
    I downloaded it to use it on my mac but I don't see the option to change the skin in the preferences screen. I checked the folder and the folders/files are present. After reading some posts, I see the config.xml in there has both options set to true. Someone asked me to change it to false and should work. I went ahead and changed them to false but as soon as I restart the game it gets reset to true. Can anyone help me get this working please? Thanks.
  • biggamehunter's avatar
    How i can fix "key employees"?
    resolution 1360x768.
  • Fedeg23's avatar
    Hi! I downloaded the skin and love it, but sometimes the word are written in grey colour and im uneable to read them because of the background. Is there any chance of turning the font to white or something?
    Thank you very much
  • necjeff's avatar
    Thanks for renewing the DF11 Facepack panels for Scorpio skin!

    All working fine now :)

  • caligoola's avatar
    Hey @wannachupbrew, I'm a firm favourite of your Scorpio especially for it's star rating display for staff. I used the 1.9 version before, but I've updated it to 2.1 recently. Now, in my tactical screen, the pitch that the palyers' ratings are fitting with positions is missing. I can only see names with ratings. Also in club's main screen the key player/manager DF11 pics don't fit. I use DF11 version in 1366 x 768 res. Would you mind to fix it?
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @flyepeter there's an older version on there but I can't figure out how to update it on steam
  • flyepeter's avatar
    is this gonna be in the steam workshop?
  • Stam's avatar
    @Gaitan10: I've asked wannachupbrew to include download links to all his older versions. So you can now find the complete archive of the skin and download the version you prefer.
  • ralphs's avatar
    Would you please change the color of substitutes filled/not filled to be more distinct? My old man eyes can't see the difference :)

  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    Updated to v2.1
    - New TV logo selector added
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    Version archive added up top
  • Gaitan10's avatar
    i hate this new version, gonna stick with the v1.8 which is the best one in my opinion
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    Version 2 released
    - modified player overview
    - new squad, numbers, registration, tactics and individual training views
    - fmc style team report
    - new pre match panel
    - new gfx
    - new scoreboard
    - new tv logo (fox sports 4 australia)
    - modified club overview
    - captain icon on tactics pitch view
    - various resolution fixes
    - various font changes
    - bugfixes
  • deeq's avatar
    Ignore the other comment I just made.. I did it myself after countless editing and messing with titlebar.xml

    nice skin btw
  • deeq's avatar
    Hi wanna, I like this skin but I wanted to ask you I know titlebar.xml is responsible but do you know how can I get rid off the club logo behind the club name on titlebar and make it like the normal skin?

    Here is the normal way.. as you can see it's hard to read

    I wanted it to look like this, the club logo on left and no logo behind the club name

  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @pedrocosta02 No
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    More v2.0 stuff:
    New pre match screen with match odds. Still a work in progress.

    New scoreboard (again)

  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    Here's a quick preview of what I've been working on for v2.0
    I've changed the layout of the club overview screen and tweaked various graphics like box backgrounds, titlebar and other things.

    Added a new tactics screen. I figured out I can change various things in the view layout like making the columns centre aligned instead of left aligned and set the column width a lot easier. I've also changed the position selection buttons to the ones used in FM14. You can change the player role and duty by right clicking the player's kit in the formation view.

    I've also added the information from the squad and tactics view to the squad registration and number screens to help make selections easier.

  • pedrocosta02's avatar
    does the skins of fm15 work on fm14?

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