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1952-53 Retro Database for FM23

Welcome back to the 1952-53 season! A time that included some of the greatest players of all-time and considered to be the birth of modern soccer.

By on Oct 10, 2023   20363 views   20 comments
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Downloads: 2269 / Size: 447.7 MB / Added: 2023-10-10
FM 2023 Fantasy Scenarios - 1952-53 Retro Database for FM23
Hello all!

I hope you have as much fun playing this DB as I have had making it. I wanted to share this for FM23 as a sort of celebration of the 70th anniversary of the 1952-53 season. Unfortunately it's taken far longer than I anticipated, but better late than never!

This started as a personal endeavor as I wanted to relive a very different time in football.

A time when Hungary were the dominant team in the world (potentially the best national team ever). A time when money was not as much of a driving factor for success. A time when footballers grew up through unbelievable hardship such as the Great Depression and some even fought in World War II.

There are a lot of incredible personal stories that produced some of the greatest footballers of all time during this era.
  • Have you ever dreamed of taking over the Budapest Honved to play with Ferenc Puskás, Sandor Kocsis, József Bozsik, and Gyula Grosics?
  • Or maybe, you'd like to try your luck winning the Champions League with a Stade de Reims side including the likes of Raymond Kopa, Bram Appel, and Roger Marche that came up short in real life?
  • Perhaps you'd like to take control of a Kaiserslautern team that possessed a legendary Fritz Walter and his brother Ottmar Walter?
  • Or maybe you're out to prove that Garrincha really could and should have been considered the GOAT by managing Botafogo.
You can now play out any of these scenarios and more!

This database includes nearly 10,000 created players from the era and 18 playable leagues within 13 nations.

Not everything is perfect, I definitely took a lot of liberties and there are a few bugs, but hopefully it's realistic enough to transplant you back in time.

Installation instructions

1. Move the downloaded file to your "games" folder:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023/games

2. Open Football Manager 2023 and load this save game to start playing.

Note: I do not plan on making any edits to this db, but if time permits (I have FT onsite job and 1 year old twins) I do hope to come out with a revamped version of the db in FM24.
Anyone who plays this db and finds any issues please let me know in the comments so I can try to address them in the future. In the next edition, I would love to add a couple more leagues, more players (specifically the next generation of players) to fill out teams, improve position assignments and have more accurate players stats, as well as add real managers to teams.
The feature that I’d most like to add is player photos, which if anyone would like to help out with I’d be eternally grateful.

Anyway, stay tuned and if anything hopefully this new db will help tie you over until FM24 is released.

Thank you all!

Download Now
Downloads: 2269 / Size: 447.7 MB / Added: 2023-10-10
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Discussion: 1952-53 Retro Database for FM23

20 comments have been posted so far.

  • Hagi52's avatar
    @OhLordPaulMcGrath appreciate it! That’s an error on my part, I fixed that issue and made a lot of updates but haven’t uploaded the newest version yet. Planning on doing so soon!
  • OhLordPaulMcGrath's avatar
    Quality DB!! Just have a small issue with being unable to register new signings after the winter transfer window in Europa conference league. Anyone else having the same issue?
  • Greble's avatar
    i cant find the database when i start a save
  • Hagi52's avatar
    @Avadagadavra sorry about that. Others had the same issue not sure what’s up but apparently the save is working in fm24 if you've gotten the game and want to give it a try.
  • Avadagadavra's avatar
    @Hagi52 Hello Friend. I am getting the error 'Saved game could not be loaded'. Is there a problem with the file?
  • psycho4rent's avatar
    For whatever reason, when i'm trying to play it in fm24... it's working. lmao. :D
  • psycho4rent's avatar
    @Hagi52 Try us, upload the db file, and let's find out if it wouldn't actualy work for us. we'll definitely let you know what's up.
  • Hagi52's avatar
    To those who are complaining: Y’all are very annoying and some of you are almost incomprehensible (minus @fmbg who had a legitimate request). There were a lot of work-arounds that I needed to do due to glitches and as is, the editor file would not work if I just sent it to you. I will not be uploading the database, you’ll have to figure out a way to play the saved game or not. I really don’t care.
  • Drusalin's avatar
    1# THIS is STUPID SAVE no DATABASE !!!@ Upload Database not save !!!
    2# This save give you error after December. In evrytime one date in the game. You just broken this save and uploaded.
    3# - Disable Attribute Masking !!! You played with masked but evryone here not known what you creating in this database. And i not need masking !!!
  • psycho4rent's avatar
    @Hagi52 will you upload whole db, not just save file, considering the fact that not everyone are able to load the save file of it?
  • Fusukasu's avatar
    Bro you can't upload db or not want?and if now want if you can upload new save files?
  • fmbg's avatar
    Hi! Nice work. I didn't expect that there will be my favourite team CSKA Sofia, but there are also two other Bulgarian teams. Could you give me the editted file? Because I'm keen on trying to make the Bulgarian leaude playable and play with CSKA, although there are only 3 full teams in the league.
  • Hagi52's avatar
    @andonisimpsoni thanks for downloading the db and glad you’re enjoying it! I was trying to figure out how best to generate those stats. I believe the players in the Bundesliga might be more accurate. Definitely something I can look into for the next version of this db, but gameplay doesn’t seem to be affected too much.
  • Hagi52's avatar
    @ReekyDrop you seem to know your history! Thanks for the tips, I’ll incorporate them into the FM24 version of this fb so please keep them coming.
  • Hagi52's avatar
    @psycho4rent @rikelly78 Sorry it isn’t working for you. This seems to have happened with others that have downloaded too. Could you give me anymore details? I know upon loading there is an error that pops up regarding the lack of discipline rules that you should be able to just press “OK” and it will load properly afterwards. This is also built off of the original fm23 db so I wonder if that has anything to do with these issues. I am not entirely sure how I can fix it as it seems to be working for some people. let me know if you have any ideas for how to resolve it
  • psycho4rent's avatar
    not working for me, save file is not loading at all.
  • andonisimpsoni's avatar
    this is so good! Is there a reason why the mental/hidden attributes seem so poor compared to today's database? Prof, determination, ambition, important matches and consistency all occur in numbers much lower than I'd expect
  • rikelly78's avatar
    I moved the downloaded file in to games folder but when loading game nothing. What am i doing wrong?
  • ReekyDrop's avatar
    *Notes - Tommy Taylor is down as an AMR, not a ST - and his Heading needs to be high - also, he moved to United in 1953, so he'd actually be at Barnsley
  • ReekyDrop's avatar
    Nice one. I'd definitely clear the History for the UEFA and continental competitions mind - just for the immersion.

    *Notes so far - Duncan Edwards, although young, is positioned as ML - his old position of 'wing-back' is a redundant position now, probably better to make them ML/CM or ML/DM - as I don't think it'll work that well with the in-game computer generated formations

    - I'd be ramping Nat Lofthouses Strength right up!
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