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Smart Shirt Designer 2

A simple tool for fans to create their own kits for use in Football Manager. (Semi) Professional kit making made easy!

By on Jun 11, 2013   437488 views   35 comments
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Downloads: 120815 / Size: 16.4 MB / Added: 2013-06-11
Football Manager 2024 Tools - Smart Shirt Designer 2
Looking to change how your kits look in game? This is your chance!

Smart Shirt Designer 2 is a tool which allows you to create kits with many different templates whilst allowing you complete freedom to modify them which ever way you like, including using multiple templates, using different colours and adding logos and sponsors.

How to use

Extra Features and Tips

Advanced Style Maker

Drawing Back of the Shirt


This tool was created by Mushriq (aka SmartCanuck1988) back in 2010.
  • Kit templates modified from the 'SS'09 Template Pack V5.0' by Hammer9.
  • RGB-HSL converter adapted from Bob Powell.
  • Text-on-Path class created by Alexander Seel.
  • Contains icons from the 'Silk Icons' set.
  • Free fonts obtained from and from

Download Now
Downloads: 120815 / Size: 16.4 MB / Added: 2013-06-11
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Discussion: Smart Shirt Designer 2

35 comments have been posted so far.

  • handyfernandy's avatar
    i hope this aplication can up to Smart Shirt Designer 3
  • Antho_59_Frelon's avatar
    When is there going to be an update for this app?
  • proton6's avatar
    While this is a good 2D kit designer it is now very outdated in the designs it offers . Could do with a lot more added and stress in the main section its 2D not 3D would be a good idea . Not sure if these sections are monitored though
  • Gökhan's avatar
    formalar desenleri gözükmüyo tardımcı olurmusunuz
  • proton6's avatar
    Is this for 3D kits as it doesn't say and its not showing in my game
  • madscot18's avatar
    Hey guys does anyone have an updated kit template pack for the Smart Shirt Design Please. Also does anyone know how to add the sponsors without the big white backgrounds please? Any Albanian fans out there can't find pics for some of the Kategorie E Teams, but got made the kits with the correct logos, but need pics as I have used the club colours but not sure of the design. I don't have any Legea templates if anyopne has some that I can use please? Many many thanks
  • jaidaky's avatar
    guys in everyteam that i put my custom shirts it works but in one that im managing it doesnt can you help?
  • Cizzu's avatar
    This is SS kits ?
  • pontyjames's avatar
    can i use this for mac or is it just for windows?
  • TheCed's avatar
    So this is to be combined with other SS kits, right?
  • Medo's avatar
    can someone give me pack with sponsors logos please??
  • comrie1990's avatar
    Is there anyway to get rid of the white background after the shirt has been made?
  • diamonddawg's avatar
    Is there a way to add these shirts to teams created in the editor?
  • PedroF's avatar
    I created a club, when I add the kits in the game they appear, but when I start a game, it does not appear!
    what should I do?
  • nickcabo's avatar
    I've done my home and away kits (with SmartShirtDesigner2) for my lower league team, I've checked my team ID (it's correct, because I've just added my logo to my team), I've made the correct config file, but the kits are not visible in FM16.
    I've tried to use another team shirt (already done by TW and working) changing its name to my team's name (and the config file with my id added) and the kit is not on my team's page.

    Is there anyone that can help me?

    Thank you :)
  • iruini's avatar
    have someone pack with sponsor logos ?
  • Tallery's avatar
    TO ALL THAT WANT TO KNOW HOW TO PUT KITS IN GAME: This is an article that I wrote a year ago or so, but the principle is the same, just skip to the bit that says "putting them in game" Guide
  • benda8's avatar
    could you please explain us how to add the shirts into the game??? theres nothing on how to put it into the game. thank you
  • Kobe8's avatar
    is there a way to create new templates?
  • sloma_01's avatar
    How to add them into the game??
    Thanks for help
  • boxex33's avatar
  • csheehan16's avatar
    works great! love it

  • trogdon's avatar
    trogdon10 years ago
    Is not required as long as the operation in accordance with the above, you can get what you want.
    If I have opinions PIRLO shirt: He wants to change the color and the like can be done slightly.
  • Insp1rat0r95's avatar
    I dont know how to put them into game
  • AlexTHFC's avatar
    Thank you for posting this. :)

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