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Spiciest Tacos - An attacking approach

This was a WIP during my Pentagon save challenge that was fairly successful. A FM22 tactic by TheAtomicRam.

By Updated on Dec 14, 2021   4452 views   1 comments
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Football Manager 2022 Tactics - Spiciest Tacos - An attacking approach
Greetings everyone!

Like said in the description, this was a WIP in a pentagon save, happened to share it with my friend ConRiddle at his stream while he was having a bit of a struggle on his save and to have someone test my tactic as well, proved to be quite successful and was asked to make a post sharing the sauce, so here it is! If you want to see the tactic performing, consider dropping in his stream and saying hi, lovely fellow.

I'm a random user in Twitch that goes by the name TheAtomicRam. Many thanks to Stickpiano for further testing and a great streamer with fantastic music taste, consider dropping in to his channel as well!

For all of the images below, simply click on the thumbnail, and the full size image will show up on your screen!

The formation is as shown:

Only player instructions set are for both the Poacher and the CM's with the Move into channels addition.

When I'm losing or in need of a result, I usually tweak it like this:

Be more expressive is a possibility, but I'm getting mixed feelings about the instruction, sometimes it works great, sometimes it's proper awful.

To hold the lead or slow down play, since players do get tired on this full attacking sauce, never ever have I swapped mentality or tried to waste time, I figure those always end up with my team conceding, this adjustment however, led me to score more goals.

The press in here can be lowered 1 tick to the left, although I barely did it in my save.

Now, for results - Over the seasons I swapped a lot from team to team, using the same tactical system (And had Preslav Borukov both in my Brisbane team and Jeonbuk team). Since it's a bit too much, I'll share the start and end dates of the jobs and the results I got with the teams in the league. My favorite was the SuperSport one, since I joined there when they had 1 draw and 5 losses and were bottom of the league and we managed to get back into the game and end up as champions. I'm currently 4/5 in my Pentagon save, ending it in Portugal with Vitória SC, however I've been testing out other approaches with them, being that the reason why they're not included in the post:

Game Start
11/10/21 - 30/12/23 - Brisbane Roar

30/12/23 - 01/01/25 - Jeonbuk

13/07/25 - 17/12/27 - Sarmiento

05/02/28 - 23/05/28 - Monterrey

17/10/28 - 01/07/30 - SuperSport United

Results in spoiler, due to being many images:

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Downloads: 288 / Size: 42.8 kB / Added: 2021-12-14
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Discussion: Spiciest Tacos - An attacking approach

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