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Stadiums Revolution - AI Generated Stadiums and easy rename!

100 inside/outside view photos to choose for the brand new stadium your chairman built! And you choose the name. Without editor!

By Updated on Feb 19, 2024   13863 views   8 comments
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Downloads: 1484 / Size: 50.8 MB / Added: 2024-02-19
FM 2024 Graphics - Stadiums Revolution - AI Generated Stadiums and easy rename!
Finally your management, built the stadium you wanted! Now is the time to give the image that suits to your new home and increase the feeling of realism. Choose between 100 photos of stadiums of every color. Also choose the angle you want the photo to have. You can choose between the inside view or the outside (aerial) view! Also change the name in 5 minutes without any tool needed!

How to make it works :
1- Download the pack and unzip the folder ''Stadiums Revolution'' to your computer images.
2- Its easier if you already have a real life stadium mega pack like Mini Stadiums Superpack 2024. Download this file and follow the installation steps there.
3- Open Football Manager and click to your new stadium, you are in the stadiums details page now. Look for the ID *make sure you enabled ID showing at preferences.
4- The ID is different from your previous stadium who already exists in your real life stadiums megapack, so you have to go to the folder of the real life magapack and find your team's picture. Here you have to move your choosen one from my AI stadiums.
*Lets make an example. We want to change Barnsley's picture. In the real life megapack folder the picture's name is ''barnsley''. You move the new picture inside the folder and rename it to ''barnsley2''. Now open the config file and find barnsley's line. The line looks like this :
<record from="barnsley" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/606/stadium"/>
No need to remove the existing line. Copy and paste this line to the next line. Make it look like this :
<record from="barnsley2" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/IDofnewStadium/stadium"/>
5- Save the config file, go back to FM preferences, clear cache and reload skin. Enjoy the view of your New Stadium.
NOTE : You need a skin who shows stadiums pictures. The most custom skins showing them in club overview panel page.
Also i know some lines on pitches or nets placementes looks incorrect. Dont forget its AI.

Now make it more realistic. Change Stadiums name without editor!
I guess your new stadium haves a name like ''Bursley Arena'' or ''Burnsley Stadium'', right?. You can change it EASILY with your Notepad!
Follow the steps of this video by TomFM. Its from 2021 but works so far for FM22, 23 and 24.

Take a look at my Newgen Revolution facepacks for more and more realism.

Download Now
Downloads: 1484 / Size: 50.8 MB / Added: 2024-02-19
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Discussion: Stadiums Revolution - AI Generated Stadiums and easy rename!

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • You de Mané's avatar
    I found it. Thanks.

    Great set of stadium designs. Perfect for founding a club. Nice bit of immersion
  • Napolitanos's avatar
    @You de Mane
    The config file you need is the one from Mini Stadiums Superpack 2024 i mention. It haves different folders for every country so that means every country haves a config for the teams. You just search your team's country and inside this foder you can find the config you need.

    Or if you have another stadiums megapack you have to find the config file inside this megapack. Maybe is only one but huge config at others megapacks.
  • You de Mané's avatar
    How do I access the config file?
  • Napolitanos's avatar
    I never use a skin like that so it's not in my knowledge. These photos at first generated at 1024x1024 and cropped to 800x480. You are almost says there icons like 16x16.

    At any case you are not forced to use these pictures. You can choose. It's free and as I said you can just drop the one that suits your stadium and throw it to an enhanced photo site in just 5 sec. Or ignore it and continue your play without it.
  • nicolas_om's avatar
    if the skin supports backgrounds, photos of these stadiums will be automatically used as a background. why am I explaining elementary things?))

    let's be honest. in fact, these photos don't even look like 800x480. it's more something like 400x240 or even smaller stretched to 800x480
  • Napolitanos's avatar
    Its for Club and Stadium overview pages and some skins haves stadium pictures in proccesing calendar or inside match panels. It's not made for backround use. 800x480 size is the main size at mini megapack i personally use. If your screen resolution is bigger you can try to enhance resolution of the choosen one photo online for free and double or even more) the pic's size.
  • nicolas_om's avatar
    the idea is interesting, but the implementation is very poor. 800x480 is a to poor resolution for using a picture as a background. for use on club overview or stadium overview pages, this is also not sufficient today.
  • Fwied's avatar
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