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FM 2019 Standard Logo Pack Update #1

Over 44,900 club and competition logos in original state (no effects) for Football Manager 2019. Largest logos megapack for FM19. An exclusive.

By Updated on Nov 01, 2018   223072 views   67 comments
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Downloads: 109844 / Size: 1.5 GB / Added: 2018-10-17
Football Manager 2019 Logo Packs - FM 2019 Standard Logo Pack Update #1
This is my standard logopack for Football Manager 2019.
Standard means the logos have no effects on them, as this is the way I prefer them.

Standard Logos MegaPack Contents

Included are over 44900 logos for clubs and competitions of every nation.

Africa: 2370 logos
Asia: 5080 logos
Europe: 27012 logos
North America: 2794 logos
Oceania: 347 logos
South America: 3518 logos
Competitions: 3542 logos
Nations: 240 logos

Redistribution Policy

Want to share this pack on other sites? Please point the download link to this very page. You cannot host any files yourself.

Standard Logos Football Manager Preview

How to add standard logos megapack on Football Manager 2019

  1. Download the .rar file and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract their contents.

  2. Move the extracted contents to your graphics folder:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\graphics\logos\
    Create folders "graphics" and "logos" if they don't exist already.

  3. Run Football Manager 2019 and go to Preferences > Interface:
    Hit the Clear Cache button. Return to this screen.
    Enable Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences.
    Hit the Confirm button.

Work In Progress

I finished updating all important leagues in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. Sadly I didn't have the time to dig in to south america, but it will be the focus of the next update, that I want to release on December 1st. Hoping to crack the 45.000 logos by then. If anyone has any wishes on what to focus next after south america, please feel free to tell me


Thanks go to Stam and everyone that helped me by notifying me of outdated logos, including users Girafi, Arrizabalaga77, MarcosME, Indietronic, JoaoNeveSevenN7. And also big thanks to colleague vectorizers Javier, Anatolyj, Fernando and logo sites as brandsoftheworld, loghisquadrecalcio and weltfussballarchiv

Download Links

For those of you that can't download the single file download via MEGA (big red "Download Now" button at the top and bottom), here are the mediafire download links (2 files):


Instructions: Download the .zip and just extract the folder in the \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\graphics\logos\
If you are asked if you want to overwrite some files you should click yes

Download Now
Downloads: 109844 / Size: 1.5 GB / Added: 2018-10-17
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Discussion: FM 2019 Standard Logo Pack Update #1

67 comments have been posted so far.

  • Trincãothebest's avatar
    gloucester update logo ?
  • gooner14's avatar
    hi any idea why akhmat in russia has no logo? it is in the folder?
  • BogdanPSK's avatar
    Hello, I just started a career with FCSB with this logo pack and I noticed that the LOGO of FCSB II is wrong. This is the old logo and FCSB don't use it anymore as they are not allowed to do so. -
    FCSB have lost the right to use the name FC Steaua Bucharest and the old logo.
    FCSB II's logo should be the same as the First Team's.
    The logo currently used for FCSB II is the current logo of CSA Steaua which makes it confusing.
  • Mvan12's avatar
  • ChadVSO's avatar
    MediaFire - Brazilian and Cuban logos

    This rar file have seven big/small logos from Cuba and more than 150 Brazilian logos in their normal size only. Some of them, in a separated folder, are in jpg, so I've send them, take a look there because I couldn't scrap the background out.
  • holidaysong's avatar
    Waterford FC and Wexford FC logos missing in Irish Premier and First divisions respectively.
  • richsung's avatar
    I think spain logo file is corupted
  • Girafi's avatar
    Hey @Mojo
    Went through all of Sri Lanka, and found logos for as many teams as I could.
    Decided to put it up on Google docs, since the list is quite long
  • Mikehurst21's avatar
    Hey on your next update could you also include the new Canadian Premier League and it’s 7 clubs, and the new USL Championship expansion clubs . The USL has rebranded it’s leagues to USL Championship ( USL),USL League 1 ( the new tier 3 league), USL League 2 ( PDL). Also FC Cincinnati will reveal its MLS branding on 12 November. You could also add the logos for the new MLS clubs Inter Miami CF, and Austin FC. A lot of these logos have already been done and can be found in this thread they just need their configurations. Also 2 of your A League clubs (Sydney FC,Wellington Phoenix) have new logos and should be announcing the addition of 2 new clubs by the time of the next update. Hope this helps. There is also another new tier 3 league in the U.S called NISA you should keep your eye on. They have announced cities but no club names or crests as of yet.
  • wpazzurri's avatar
    For the next update, Serie D is incorrect:
  • rhystiano's avatar
    Run Football Manager 2019 and go to Preferences > Interface:
    Hit the Clear Cache button. Return to this screen.
    Enable Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences.
    Hit the Confirm button.

  • AdamSWFC99's avatar
    Hashtag United Badge please :D
  • JoaoNeveSevenN7's avatar
    @mojogod does this update contain the correct Belenenses SAD logo?
  • wpazzurri's avatar

    That worked, much appreciated! Thank you again.
  • Mojogod's avatar
    In your situation I'd probably extract the "update 1" in another folder (like downloads/update) first or something like that. There you should see folders named africa, asia, europe etc. Copy all of those and paste them all into the football manager 2019/graphics/logos/ folder

    On a side note, If you check the europe/italy/normal/ folder from the update 1 fm there should be 16 files (15 pngs and 1 config.xml), is that correct?
  • wpazzurri's avatar
    Thank you for your reply. I just downloaded it again, extracted it, and placed it directly inside the logo folder, and there is still no change. In fact, when looking inside the newly downloaded Update folder Vicenza and Bari are NOT updated. AND, Juventus U23 is still broken despite me trying to fix it manually below. Please let me know what I should do.
  • Mojogod's avatar
    the logos update is not supposed to be its own folder. You probably selected an option similar to "extract into logos update", but if you are in the logo folder you should select something like "extract here"

    Waterford is in Update1 (same as Wrexham)
  • wpazzurri's avatar
    Also I noticed there is no logo for Juventus U23, so I copied both the normal and small logos for Juventus and named the ID# for Juventus U23 to create logos for the new team, however it will not show up no matter how many times I refresh the game. What is wrong here?
  • CoadyCakes's avatar
    Think Waterford's logo is missing in the Irish league
  • wpazzurri's avatar
    I just looked in the folder and neither Vicenza nor Bari even look to be updated at all?
  • wpazzurri's avatar
    Thank you. I downloaded it and put it in the folder as directed and nothing changed. I was not asked if I wanted to overwrite files. What did I do incorrectly? [img][/img]
  • 1MR's avatar
  • Mojogod's avatar
    LR Vicenza and Bari updated logos are in the update #1 (it's a seperate download)
  • bosseman1979's avatar
    thank you Mojogod
  • wpazzurri's avatar
    Hello, Vicenza's logo needs to be updated. Is there a way to be notified when there is an update to this logo pack? Thank you!
    Bari, also, needs to be updated.

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