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Statman FM23 Skin v4

If you love looking at stats, you have to try this FM 2023 skin. Several re-worked areas with a focus on statistical analysis. Updated on 12th June 2023.

By Updated on Jun 12, 2023   144078 views   63 comments
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Downloads: 26768 / Size: 37.5 MB / Added: 2022-12-06
Football Manager 2023 Skins - Statman FM23 Skin v4
A skin built for English language and higher resolutions that aims to create a synergy between access to statistical analysis and creative panel design. Recommended to be viewed with 85/95% zoom on resolutions 1920x1080 and above.

The Statman skin is built around the concept that you don't know everything about a player until you've actually got them at your club and, as such, has two completely separate panels for players at your club and players not at your club.

A huge number of changes, not limited to:
  • Completely redesigned player profiles and popups with a completely new way to understand attributes, with only some attributes viewable and those that are, viewed as text strings. Do not fear though, once you've signed them, you can view key attributes for any area of the pitch as well as attributes in their norml way through the training pages. Furthermore, statistics can be viewed as a per90 metric, with corresponding ratings, a pizza chart or a take on the FBREF style metric charts.
  • Completely redesigned staff profiles and popups.
  • Club overview panels changed
  • Team squad screen changed
  • Competition panels changed
  • Data hub panels expanded
  • Match full time review panel redesigned
  • Alternate home page
  • Most panels within game changed to fit into theme

Statman skin preview


Due to the change in person properties.xml, this skin will not support NewGan manager. To get around this, load another skin and restart the game. Once the .rtf file is gathered - you can change back.
NOTE: Given that the attributes are now displayed via an image, they are somewhat hardcoded in English and, therefore, there will be no alterations to languages from now on. Apologies.

Please do not use any of these panels in skins you plan to release without prior consent - most likely through a DM to me.

How to install the Statman skin

Select Statman from WinRAR (or whatever you use to download the file) and drop into your Skins folder, overwriting anything from before.

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.


Credit to wkdsoul and FMStag for their work around statistics and general skinning help and, also, huge credit to GIMN for all the background support, enthusiasm and critique, as well as a few lines of code here and there!

Download Now
Downloads: 26768 / Size: 37.5 MB / Added: 2022-12-06
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Discussion: Statman FM23 Skin v4

63 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stam's avatar
    A FM24 version should be out later this week I think.
  • sebandreasen's avatar
    The only skin that's worth using in my opinion!

    Anyone know whether Ben has plans to make a fm24 version?
  • FERIA's avatar
    this skin is ready for FM24 ?

    i m ok to translate this in french...
  • SilvaLDN's avatar
    Amazing update but there are 2 issues that I'm having with it. I'm unable to see the match time during the carabao cup & during a match, the match fitness of the players doesn't update automatically, so it shows the match fitness of the player from when the half kicked off unless I manually refresh by double clicking substitutes
  • dnzg66's avatar
    Just wanted to chime in to say that this skin looks absolutely awesome. This is the way I like to play the game, and will absolutely be on my list of skins to showcase in future saves.

    Thank you for your hard work!
  • RM1701's avatar
    on the set piece taker and captains selector some of my players have blanked out attribute numbers
  • RM1701's avatar
    please disregard my last 2 comments... the player positions are black circles only.. is that deliberate?
  • RM1701's avatar
    I've noticed that when you hover over the player icon next to the name on the squad screen it repeats several stats
  • RM1701's avatar
    I love the new changes, I think I've noticed an error in that when viewing a squad, clicking the nationality abbreviation doesn't direct you to the nation overview.

    I would like the ability to break down the overall attribute sections i.e. set pieces; it has a general rating but they could be poor at corners and free kicks but really good at penalties... I'd like to see those differences easier.
  • sebandreasen's avatar
    @_ben_ the original was good. The last update was brilliant. This however, is the official GOAT skin. Bravo.
  • dhaísa's avatar
    Those lazy guys at SI should learn from such creative masterpieces lmao.
  • _Ben_'s avatar
    Big changes since I last updated. Any feedback - please let me know.
  • BENTEN10's avatar
    lovely skin mate!! Bang on for moneyball!! was wondering if i can just the default dark blue color, to any color of my choice?
  • T1didnothingwrong's avatar
    Has anyone else noticed poor performance in matches? 7900x and 4090, so I don't think it's my hardware. I play on 4k with the 1080 version
  • _Ben_'s avatar
    @GaimKore - there is. Please ensure you have downloaded the latest version. Also - this is not an expectation in any skin so I am unsure as to why you've asked that like there should be one.
  • GaimKore's avatar
    Love this skin but No simulate match button???
  • _Ben_'s avatar
    I am having real trouble adapting a skin between higher resolution and lower resolution and, to be fair, it's ruining the skinning experience for me and making me not want to create things knowing that I'll have to remake them again to fit different zoom and screen sizes. I will, as such, no longer be releasing a lower resolution skin - although I will have copies of certain panels that I've adapted for this. Furthermore, this could, potentially, be the last release of Statman on FM23 given the fact that it's a) time consuming b) the feedback cycle isn't working for me and c) I quite like what I've made here.

    With that being said, v2.2 is now live and the link is updated in the opening post.

    v2.2 Changelist:

    Reworked title panel

    Squad summary with addition of tabs for different data

    Reworked staff overview screen.

    Completion of work around selector to show attributes in traditional way:

    Decreased margin sizes across the skin (WIP but a - will need further testing and b - will need checking to see how much this impacts lower resolutions)

    In match changes to remove UCL scoreline and lineups.

    Further quality of life changes.
  • _Ben_'s avatar
    @sebandreasen - if you read through the comments, that has always been my intention. However, there has been so much negative feedback towards the blue colours that match the rest of the skin, that I'll be removing it in the next update.
  • sebandreasen's avatar
    Great skin. But I've got the UCl colours in the scoreline part even when playing EPL.

    Is there a way to fix this?
  • _Ben_'s avatar
    v2.01 out now.

    Change List:

    - Graphical view for statistics matching the way that attributes are displayed - built from comparative data of over 4,000 top flight footballers.
    - Rebuild of staff panels with a different method to visualise staff attributes.
    - Personalised DNA selectors on main profile.
    - Player popup bars are fully customisable with stats and attributes.

    Several other QoL changes, too. Enjoy!
  • _Ben_'s avatar

    1) This is resolved in v2.1 to be released soon.
    2) I am unaware of this and will look into it to try and replicate.
    3) It's not 'UCL' merely the same colour scheme because that is what fits my theme for the entire skin. You can remove the files from the match panel if you wish to return to the default.
    4) This is as intended. It's available at the bottom of the player profile, next to attributes and then in the training tab rather than a separate training tab for each player.
  • Krais's avatar

    The issues i have found so far:
    1) I am unable to create 2nd tactic (inactive button)
    2) I am unable to set preferences on scouting update. After clicking it only drops a dark overlay over the screen but that's it
    3) Would appreciate return of more TV graphics on matchaday so it's not all UCL.
    4) Unable to set individual/position training from player menu. Works only from training tab.

  • _Ben_'s avatar
    @Krais - thank you! The skin is actually the official Champions League skin: I have not made nor edited it at all.

    For the selection advice and role rating, you'll need to click on the 'List' tab. It was my way of getting a) a bigger pitch but b) retaining key information.
  • _Ben_'s avatar
    @Rizakh - I made a big mistake when I started skinning and that was to remove all of the translation IDs from the various parts of the game I was remaking. At that point, I had no intention of releasing the skin to the public and was happy to play in English, my native language. I would be happy to have some support in re-adding those but, somewhat selfishly, won't be doing it myself. I hope you understand.
  • Krais's avatar
    This is hands down the best FM skin I have ever downloaded! Not the biggest fan of the font (needs better kerning/letter spacing) but that's a cosmetic thing. Whoever made this skin is awesome.

    One thing I'd appreciate: on tactics screen I'd like to see the rating for position under player's icon on "pitch" tab and also it'd be nice to add a "selection advice" button there.

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