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NewGAN Manager v1.3.1

A tool to generate and manage xml configs for Newgen Facepacks. Updated on February 12th, 2022.

By Updated on Feb 12, 2022   257153 views   52 comments
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Downloads: 64006 / Size: 17.9 MB / Added: 2021-01-11
Football Manager 2024 Tools - NewGAN Manager v1.3.1
This does not have faces included, you will have to download them, some examples of facepacks for newgens :
- Newgen AI Facepack 2023
- Chilled_Moose Facepack
- Old Chilled_Moose Facepack
- FIFA 21 Facepack (script + faces already sorted)
You can use as many packs at the same time as you want.

The faces added to newgens work on all saves, but the ethnicity will correspond only on your save.

This tool is created by Maradonna (gestalt). You can support his work with a donation.
Donate via PayPal.

Download NewGAN Manager

Windows (main download button)
Mac Linux

NewGAN Manager Installation Guide

Download the Installer unzip it and run the .msi. Go through the installtion process
Move the views\ and filters/ folder to your Football Manager userfolder My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20XX\

Download the .zip file and extract it.
Give the AppImage executable rights with sudo chmod +x *.AppImage
Move the views\ and filters/ folder to your Football Manager userfolder.

Find the downloaded file, which usually ends up in your Desktop or Downloads folder.
Double-click the NewGAN-Manager-vX.X.X.DMG file to mount it. A new Finder window showing its contents should appear.
If the window also contains a shortcut icon to Applications, drag and drop the app onto the shortcut.
If not, double-click the mounted volume on your desktop and drag the app icon from there to the Applications icon in the Finder sidebar.
In your Finder window add the Football Manager user folder (default: ~/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20XX to favorites
Move the views\ and filters/ folder to your Football Manager userfolder.


Maradonna (gestalt): Initiator, Coding, Image Generation
Samaroy: Coordination, Image Generation
HRiddick: Image Cleaning, Post Processing
Krysler76: FM View Hacking
Ayal: Image Generation
Zealand: Image Generation
ZeBurgs: Image Generation

NewGAN-Manager is available on GitHub.

Download Now
Downloads: 64006 / Size: 17.9 MB / Added: 2021-01-11
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Discussion: NewGAN Manager v1.3.1

52 comments have been posted so far.

  • treg's avatar
    Evening guys, can anyone help with my issue. The Manager and facepack work great but for some reason every time I start the game the faces have changed, killing the immersion a little bit.
  • Moxley's avatar
    I have the same problem as @gamage18.
    I also dont have the config file.
  • Goldenfootie's avatar
    I've tried versions 1.4.0 and 1.3.1, and 1.3.1 works on my mac. I'm now on windows, and can't get the app. On 1.3.1, the installer says it's completed, and then doesn't provide an app. On 1.4.0, it asks whether the app is in the Microsoft store, and when I say no, nothing happens. Can you please help?

    Update: It didn't appear in files, but searching for it worked.
  • gamage18's avatar
    Iv just looked, the issue for me isn't the newgan manager as my ultrarealistic pack works fine. I just can't get the new pack I downloaded to work. Which was linked to the NewGan manager download page. It doesn't have a config file for some reason. Any ideas?
  • gamage18's avatar
    I'm struggling with mine. Repeated all the processes. My freezes on msp player when loading and for some reason I don't have a config file in there, any ideas? Cheers
  • zamek9's avatar
    There is already version 1.4 where you don't need to add r-

    it added the ending r- no /r
  • Moxley's avatar
    The thing with replacing the /r doesnt help for not starting the application, does it ? I also have the problem and its really annoying.
    I hope the update Newgan...
  • Chris2802's avatar
    My newGan doesn't even open. Any advice?
  • zamek9's avatar
    I confirm !
    The option of adding r- works! We open the file, replace all "person/" with "person/r-" and everything works fine...
  • elmagico1998's avatar
    My newGan doesn't even open. Any advice?
  • HannaHer's avatar
    My boy levi, i will lay my body for you.
    Enjoy it.

    Work brilliant!
    For people who still asking.
    Generate config file using NewGen Manager First like before/prev FM.
    Then do what Levi told u!
  • Chris2802's avatar
    Hiya New here and hope some one can help?

    My NewGAn manager has been working but now all of a sudden it has just stopped.
    I have unistalled the all the related folders and re downlloaded the files
    but the NewGan app just wont open ihave tried in adminstrator mode and it still wont open.
    can anybody give any advice.
    thank you.
  • jacobmatthews1993's avatar
    My app seems to freeze when its about a third full on the green bar and it says map player to
  • arehman11's avatar
    Worked for me, too. Thanks!

    However, initially this effort failed. I figured that I had to start from the very beginning for it to work.
    I deleted the current config file. I deleted the current RTF file. I deleted the current profile in newgan manager. Then I went into FM and reloaded the skin to attempt to set it to default.

    Then I started over. Created a profile in newgan manager, selected the profile, selected the images location, went into FM and added an unemployed manager. Went to shortlist and deleted both the filter and the custom view. Added in the filter again to select newgen players. Added the view again. Selected all, printed the screen to a text file. Selected the text file in newgan manager. Generated the faces. Then went into the newly created config file with notepad and replaced the person/ with person/r-.

    Finally, when I went into FM again to reload the skin, it WORKED! I am so happy! Thanks for the great suggestion.
  • dovlinho90's avatar
    Greeting. I can't open newgen manager at all. I tried everything, uninstalling and installing older versions, the program simply does not open. HELP
  • geopher's avatar
    @Levius_b : this worked brilliantly for me! I used Notepad++ and the Replace function is located in the Search Section - other than that, it work just fine!
  • Icek's avatar
    That file is not present with me :( Only the folders with images separated by geolocations.
  • Levius_b's avatar
    OK. Try this:

    1. In your graphics/newgan subfolder (for me it's "6- _UltraRealistic NewGan Face..."), look for the file config.xml and open it with your notepad application (other text applications should also work).

    2. In notepad, click Edit on the top bar, and then click Replace. Type "person/" in the top field, and "person/r-" in the bottom field. Click Replace All, and save the file config.xml in the same folder you found it.

    3. Go to FM, under Preferences/Interface, unclick use caching and click reload skin. Then reload skin. You should be able to see the same AI photos applied to your players before the FM patch update.

    Does this work?… Good luck. Have fun!
  • francun86's avatar
    Hi everyone, also not working for me after the update. Has anyone found a workaround?

  • Icek's avatar
    I'll double the others, faces went off. On the other hand, when I tries to generate new faces again at the start of my third season, it gave me an error when trying to import the text file saying it's invalid and now NewGen Manager refuse to even start. Re-installed it, no avail.
  • geopher's avatar
    So the face assignment currently isnt working and it even lost all already assigned once too sadly....
  • Fwied's avatar
    yeah tried the r- method not working doing something wrong? example
    <record from="MENA/CYP97" to="graphics/pictures/person/r-2002089964/portrait"/>
  • Jayfe's avatar
    So after the update I can no longer get faces on players. Any that I've manually added to the config.xml works still. But anything I added using newgan manager and the print to screen rtf file method doesn't work. Any thoughts?
  • Jamaicaman90's avatar
    So, new FM update, and a couple of things:
    -Any chance of an update to correctly assign faces to the new 'r-' UIDs they've implemented? As it stands, there is now the need for usage of a 'replace all' manual edit to config files for this to work.
    -With the 'r-' UIDs for regens also impacting staff, is there any possibility of you adding in functionality to include staff pictures for older people as well as female staff? It's now possible to identify who is a regen purely on the UID so staff are now possible, although I don't know if you can force gender as an option for the view. It's not possible by default, but then the view currently in use features some columns that you can't find in the default list.

    Thanks for such a great tool!
  • Meathe4d's avatar
    For anyone wondering what to do for the first time, Zealand did a great video on it:

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