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NewGAN Manager v1.3.1

A tool to generate and manage xml configs for Newgen Facepacks. Updated on February 12th, 2022.

By Updated on Feb 12, 2022   128611 views   19 comments
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Downloads: 29177 / Size: 17.9 MB / Added: 2021-01-11
Football Manager 2023 Tools - NewGAN Manager v1.3.1
This does not have faces included, you will have to download them, some examples of facepacks for newgens :
- Chilled_Moose Facepack
- Old Chilled_Moose Facepack
- FIFA 21 Facepack (script + faces already sorted)
You can use as many packs at the same time as you want.

The faces added to newgens work on all saves, but the ethnicity will correspond only on your save.

This tool is created by Maradonna (gestalt). You can support his work with a donation.
Donate via PayPal.

Download NewGAN Manager

Windows (main download button)
Mac Linux

NewGAN Manager Installation Guide

Download the Installer unzip it and run the .msi. Go through the installtion process
Move the views\ and filters/ folder to your Football Manager userfolder My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20XX\

Download the .zip file and extract it.
Give the AppImage executable rights with sudo chmod +x *.AppImage
Move the views\ and filters/ folder to your Football Manager userfolder.

Find the downloaded file, which usually ends up in your Desktop or Downloads folder.
Double-click the NewGAN-Manager-vX.X.X.DMG file to mount it. A new Finder window showing its contents should appear.
If the window also contains a shortcut icon to Applications, drag and drop the app onto the shortcut.
If not, double-click the mounted volume on your desktop and drag the app icon from there to the Applications icon in the Finder sidebar.
In your Finder window add the Football Manager user folder (default: ~/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20XX to favorites
Move the views\ and filters/ folder to your Football Manager userfolder.


Maradonna (gestalt): Initiator, Coding, Image Generation
Samaroy: Coordination, Image Generation
HRiddick: Image Cleaning, Post Processing
Krysler76: FM View Hacking
Ayal: Image Generation
Zealand: Image Generation
ZeBurgs: Image Generation

NewGAN-Manager is available on GitHub.

Download Now
Downloads: 29177 / Size: 17.9 MB / Added: 2021-01-11
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Discussion: NewGAN Manager v1.3.1

19 comments have been posted so far.

  • GSalim's avatar
    the app does not run after being installed
  • mykal's avatar
    If i create my own pack (which i am) do the file names of each graphic actually matter, Folder structure i appreciate must be correct.
  • aqsalfau's avatar
    does anybody have problem with kosovan regen? the face doesn't map to regens with kosovo as the first nationality
  • StevenThomasGaming's avatar
    This works great on newgens, but has anyone got it to work correctly with staff? I can never get the filter to work on the staff search screen.
  • just86's avatar
    anyone know on this? none of versions working on windows?
  • melMare18's avatar
    Hi all, the version 1.3.1 does not open, which could be because of Windows 10? In other chats I heared former version v1.2.1 seems to work for fm22.
    Does anyone now where to find v1.2.1 version? Thank you in advance for your support.
  • Hassa_Brother's avatar
    I agree it is doable! I copied the folder of photos used for the players, I renamed it, I created a new profile on the tool, I made an .rtf file with the staff of my club and it worked, I have the photos for all the new players in the game normally and for the staff of my club only because I could not select the preparations etc... as we do for the players... hoping to have been clear in my words
  • Hassa_Brother's avatar
    Hi y'all ! Has anyone tried with the newgens staff? I wanted to do it there, I went to "staff search", I put the view "script faces staff" then in the search I imported the "is a newgen search"...I did it lthe same way I did for the newgens players but in the search it's still showing me all the trainers, coaches etc. even the real ones like Xabi Alonso, Mario Gomez...
    And if anyone has a good newgens staff pics pack...
    Thanks in advance.
  • Copywriter's avatar
    Is there an update for Mac OS Ventura available? With Ventura is it not working
  • necjeff's avatar
    Does it work with Mac OS Ventura?
  • Lowoctave's avatar
    I used this program yesterday in fm23. It works.

    @beka. Download the filters that come with this program.. then in the game, create an unemployed manager, go to players.. change the view to "face script players " (or something like that). The apply the newgen filters.. then do ctrl +a to select all players. Then ctrl + p and save it in text file to create an rtf file. You have to do this every year (I usually do it April 1) .
  • beka's avatar
    What RTF is it looking for?
  • ohkatsura's avatar
    waiting for 23 version
  • DANDY's avatar
    I found the installation path but executables that installs none works. They don't open the program. There is no tutorial?
  • DANDY's avatar
    Hello, I follow all the steps.
    When I install the program, it ends and closes.
    But I don't know where it is installed.
    I cannot run the program.
    installer is wrong?
  • Stam's avatar
    Windows link fixed.
  • proton6's avatar
    Windows downloads as MAC ?
  • Datu Raito's avatar
    yo, your link for windows is wrong
  • DANDY's avatar
    link is wrong for windows
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