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Strikerless 3-4-3-0 // Rest when you are dead

This is an unorthodox tactic for FM 2021 that with the right players can be high scoring without sacrificing your defense.

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Football Manager 2021 Tactics - Strikerless 3-4-3-0 // Rest when you are dead
This is a tactic that can work for middle-table teams but it would be more effective on elite.

You will probably have to re-train your Fullbacks or Wingers as Wide Midfields and your Strikers as Shadow Strikers. Generally the strikers with great physicals and mentals that can play as advanced strikers are the most efficient.

You will need at least 2 players for each position since the tactic is physically demanding, ideally you need 5 Wide midfields and having versatile players can only help. Having really good ball playing defenders with high metal and physical skills can allow you to use more attacking oriented Wide midfielders. Preferably tall and good in the air to win the possession back when opponents try more direct game (lower your defense line if they get behind but not your line of engagement) and score from set pieces. (routines are not mine but having 3 tall center backs can give you a lot of goals from corners and throw-ins).

This tactic will take some time mostly because you will have to re-train your players and if you go on vacations your assistant manager might use attackers as Wide midfielders which you might not want.

Most goals will come from through balls so having Shadow strikers that can move into channels and break the offside traps is a must. I have noticed that are more effective when you have a left footed Shadow Striker on the left and the right footed on the right. But you can change them positions during the game if they are not playing well.

In case you face teams that stay very deep and defensive you can increase your passing directness and play for set pieces. This seemed to work great for me. Changing between whipped and low crosses if your Wide Midfielders are good at it can also help.

I have tried this tactic first with Borussia Monchengladbach and then with Manchester United and with great results but the difference using an elite club can be seen in the possession and defense.

A good Goalkeeper can make a difference but if you have center backs that can't pass then ball playing center backs to center backs and add your deep lying playmaker defense duty.

No specific player instruction needed.

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Downloads: 913 / Size: 44.1 kB / Added: 2021-01-19
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Discussion: Strikerless 3-4-3-0 // Rest when you are dead

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