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TangFu Skin 2022 (2 versions) + Instant Result [12-11]

TangFu skin for Football Manager 2022. Enjoy FM22 with more neutral colors, which are easier on the eye. Comes in 2 versions (left & middle), as well as low resolution options.

By Updated on Dec 11, 2021   49458 views   26 comments
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Downloads: 12718 / Size: 10.0 MB / Added: 2021-10-25
Football Manager 2022 Skins - TangFu Skin 2022 (2 versions) + Instant Result [12-11]
The TangFu 2022 skin

TangFu skin for Football Manager 2022. Enjoy FM22 with more neutral colors, which are easier on the eye. Comes in 2 versions, as well as low resolution options.

Have a good time!!

TangFu FM22 Skin Preview


More Screenshots


Tactic creator



How to use the TangFu 2022 skin on FM22

1. Download your version of choice (left, middle or low).

2. Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file to your skins folder, which by default is located here:
> Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2022 > skins >

3. Go to preferences in-game to clear cache and then select the skin.
Clear Cache before using it.

TangFu Skin Credits

Heffem skin
FME skin
FMNATION skin 2021
Wannachup skin
YACS skin(FM20)
Tad Twenty skin(FM20)

Download Now
Downloads: 12718 / Size: 10.0 MB / Added: 2021-10-25
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Discussion: TangFu Skin 2022 (2 versions) + Instant Result [12-11]

26 comments have been posted so far.

  • BlackJesus's avatar
    Hello there is a new bug after the update. When u look at team, the infobox disappear when u put the moue on it if they have multiple info. not a problem with one info.
  • deb10er0's avatar
    Ok... I find the solution.

    Use notepad++... and search in the panel folder (all files) for 'value="Hidden[COMMENT'.

    Then comment out "<!--/-->" the complete "widget"-Tag where you find these keywords.

    After this you have to reload the skin (clear cache).
  • deb10er0's avatar
    Really nice skin. But it´s nothing for me. You can show the hidden attributes with one click (cheating). Is there a way to disable this feature?
  • BlackJesus's avatar
    Wow the colours look very good in the new skin update!
  • gknkck7's avatar
    My screen resolution is 1440x900.İ want to use %85 percentage. But sidebar icons dissappeared when O used it.Could you solve this problem.
  • acquainted's avatar
    It would be amazing to use this skin with Dark Theme option. Just because of it i use Narigon's skin cuz its the most similar to Tangfu :(
  • bluemoon78's avatar
    This is probably the best skin I have used so far. but this skin dont work in 1366x768 resolution and low resolution how can solve??
  • samikaz's avatar
    This is probably the best skin I have used so far. Amazing job. Well done.

    Just a couple of things I have noticed. In player details page. Some description are in Asians language (I don't want to guess which one). I guess this is because it's a picture. Might be good to update the picture to English or try to use the value from the game to adapt to every language.

    The value is not align and the condition too.

    I play at 2k 100%. Here is two screenshot to show you what I mean:
  • bluemoon78's avatar
    how can I change teams full name on scoreboard??? helpp
  • kokopan's avatar
    Seasonal statistics and individual training panels are overwritten.
  • Allan Alves Paixao's avatar
    Does this skin work in 1366x768 resolution?
  • morde1606's avatar
    Hey !

    Can you add please black backgroud choice ? Same as it was in 2021 ??  OR at least more dark the current theme ? 

    There are also some chinese/korean/japanese??? info on some pages, one is at the tactic screen. 

    Also on the tactic image is sometimes really hard to pick a player, because there is only written position and not the shade of the player to know exactly where to put it. 

    And given this is still only beta, will there be a final version of the skin ?

    Cheers !
  • Galleto-13's avatar
    Update skin ? new version ?
  • Diodi's avatar
    Best skin !!
    But pls update for to optimize on MacBook 13’
  • leonardowilson's avatar
    This skin is so nice, I love the layout and design simple and clean however it'd be even nicer if they're were other colour schemes available im not a big fan of green lol :/
  • PavelT's avatar
    bluemoon78 i don't see players value too
  • ACMatt's avatar
    How do I change background, I don't see option for it? Thanks!!
  • DANDY's avatar
    ignore my message, it was my problem and I already solved it
  • DANDY's avatar
    This skin is fantastic.

    I have this problem in tactics during games.
  • ryusukey0515's avatar
    If you can change the background density and images, this skin could be the best ever.
  • bluemoon78's avatar
    Awesome, I love this skin great working but I dont see players value why???and some teams names are write japaneese
  • Jamie Aubrey's avatar
    Awesome, I love this skin
  • morde1606's avatar
    Best skin ever, using it since fm 2021. One question, in last year skin you could manually decide how dark grey you want the background, is it same in this years version ??
  • jorg3he's avatar
    this is the best fucking skin for the game, thanks a lot
  • Airwane's avatar
    players photo are too big

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