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FM19 Skin: TCS'19 v1.6 + WorkTheSpace Edition!

The official TCS Football Manager 2019 skin. TCS returns after a year-long hiatus, and it's better than ever. Built for 1920x1080. With Instant Result Button.

By Updated on Mar 23, 2019   366603 views   127 comments
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Downloads: 82420 / Size: 8.3 MB / Added: 2018-10-23
Football Manager 2019 Skins - FM19 Skin: TCS'19 v1.6 + WorkTheSpace Edition!
It's back! The beautiful, sleek TCS skin returns to FM19 and this time, it comes with a version designed by the biggest FM content creator, WorkTheSpace! I worked closely with Jack to help sculpt and design the special edition of TCS, which doubles down on the purple scheme introduced in the base skins, as well as incorporating the key features of TCS, including a brand new Player and Club Overview Screen and sleek, dark UI! The WTS also features minor tweaks to a few panels to help model the skin to Jack's ambition!

TCS'19 Highlights

  • Sleek and Modern 'night-mode' skin
  • Completely redesigned Player and Club Panels
  • Brand new IBH and IBH Review Panels
  • All panels darkened to make user experience more consistent
  • Instant Result Button
  • Three versions! Regular 'Night Mode', an Aero version akin to previous FMs and a brand new WorkTheSpace designed edition!

Version v1.1

v1.1 in all essence is a massive bug bash, having not released a skin for a while I was bound to slip up and make a few mistakes, which i did, mainly leading to a poorer experience for players using the zoom function, hopefully that should be rectified with this new version. The main feature for v1.1 is the Aero skin has been completely overhauled, with new graphics for the entire skin being created and tweaked along with new graphics colours, the introduction of transparency (and reduction in some cases), to popups, and other panels should lead to a better user experience and offer a more consistent and higher quality skin. As well as this we've introduced a new background selector in the base + WorkTheSpace skin, along with a more advanced selector for the Aero skin, with big credits going to Bossland (YACS Skin) for letting me borrow code and concepts from his. v1.1 also sees the introduction of various panels for the selector panel.
Full Changelist:

Version v1.5

Version v1.6


How to install the TCS'19 skin on FM19

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.

I won't be providing any support for this skin apart from major issues, don't request features as they will not be considered.

Download Now
Downloads: 82420 / Size: 8.3 MB / Added: 2018-10-23
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Discussion: FM19 Skin: TCS'19 v1.6 + WorkTheSpace Edition!

127 comments have been posted so far.

  • jinxen's avatar
    It does not work to press "scout player" in the WTS version when it comes to the latest version of fm (19.3.5)
  • Huw7777's avatar
    i downloaded the skin but when i go to the tactics page the side on the pitch where it shows the player kits and position on the pitch is completely covered?? any reason why?
  • Dwayne_Pride's avatar
    What is it a WorktheSpace Edition please ?
  • catar4ct's avatar
    on mac wts doesnt work. after loading the screen blacks out and only solution to that is to delete the skin from the game files. anybody know how may i apply wts skin on mac?
  • monkeyhatesbanana's avatar
    hello, big fan of your SKIN!!, but i have a lill problem, i just download the new version of the skin the v1.6 , and its makes the player profile looks wrong to me, because the position tab is moving to the right, maybe you dont understand what im saying, i will post the picture so you can see what i mean,
  • Lanaos's avatar
    Great clean skin! Please consider adding color gradient for the "Last 5 Matches" stats, it's the only missing QoL feature, regards.
  • Oblivion_87's avatar

    Could you fix it please?
  • danilo1's avatar
    Skin is great.
    But I wanted to ask you, can you make a grassy background selector for this version?
    As it was on version 1.1.
  • zoukas's avatar
    very nice one of the best skin but I have one problem at zoom 125 where you make tactic it looks great and steals players correct the thanks with TCS'19 1.1.1 I had no problem
  • abbes's avatar
    amazing skin mate, hats off! defo the best in 19.
  • Tainted's avatar
    how do i update it ?
  • md795's avatar
    the skin is mostly perfect however the current/potential ability stars show up in blue for me. Anyone know how this can be fixed as it upsets my OCD :)
  • orlystache's avatar
    Best skin, thank you very much
  • bluestillidie00's avatar
    @NathanNTFC Did you extract all three skins?
  • NathanNTFC's avatar
    One thing though, when it loads the skin the game goes completely black, do you know why this is @bluestillidie00
  • NathanNTFC's avatar
    Nevermind, I was being an idiot
  • NathanNTFC's avatar
    Just downloaded this and have them in the skins folder and done what I should have. Yet in FM there's still only the default FM skins. I'm an iMac user. How can I get it to work?? Ta.
  • SrWer's avatar
    It's true @krapy, I hope they can do it, that would be great news @bluestillidie00
  • krapy's avatar
    amazing skin... but you can create the skin for low res? i think the lot of people use low res...
    amazing work dude
  • Shevchenko86's avatar
    Wow, this is the best skin in this FM!!

    Only one think, could you add the "Instant Result" please?? Its essential for me.

    Thanks you!!
  • humboy's avatar
    AMAZING SKIN!! Congrats and thanks!!

    Feedback for fix:
  • gate13's avatar
    One of the best skins, but is there any way you can add stadium photos on the fixtures tab for every game like other skins? I think that would make it a 10/10 skin. Possibly the best EVERRR
  • mlodziezowy's avatar
    @bluestillidie00 - all fine and dandy, after I've removed the new news and social feed panels (no offence, wasn't working for me aesthetically), just the eligibility panel doesn't show the nation trained in :/ (screenshot: ) Help?
  • mlodziezowy's avatar
    @Robbo - Emil, the author of Vitrex skins and hairstyle mods, retired in 2017 after a huge disappointment with the quality of regen faces in latest FMs.
  • ROBBO44444444's avatar
    what ever happend to the vitrex skins for me they were the best hope hope someone reads this and get it talking again would love to see it in fm19

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