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The Diamond Dominator for FM15

A diamond formation for Football Manager 2015 that has brought success to my Liverpool side as showcased in my playthrough series on YouTube.

By on Nov 20, 2014   151387 views   34 comments
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Downloads: 31790 / Size: 40.0 kB / Added: 2014-11-20
FM 2015 Tactics - The Diamond Dominator for FM15
This diamond formation is the most dominant tactic I've created in quite some time. Hence the name. It's a tactic that has been heavily requested due to the success I've achieved in my Liverpool playthrough series.

It produces some truly beautiful football and is exceptionally solid defensively. You'll see from the results posted below that, with the right players, it's possible to outscore the opposition by a sizeable margin and also have the best defensive record in the league.

Some key things to remember

You need to have good CB's. Not great CB's but it's no good if this is a weakness of your team. They can be left exposed at times and they don't have a great deal of cover.

The defensive midfielder starts of a lot of moves. It's helpful if he's solid defensively but the real important is his creativity. He's set as a deep-lying playmaker. Think Gerrard or Alonso rather than a midfield destroyer.

The wingbacks are less important than you'd first assume. Yes they provide width and setup a few goals but the majority of the assist come from the strikers or AMC.

The AMC (shadow striker) is hugely important for this tactic to work. This player will burst between the two strikers or fill the gap one striker has vacated by drifting wide. If you've selected the right player you should see a fantastic number of goals and assists from this role. It's worth noting Raheem Sterling won the player of the year in the first season of the game in this role.

The two strikers are set as trequartista's -- think of this as an all-round role. The players need to be flexible, able to cross and generally be quite creative. They are instructed to split out wide at times and it's not going to work if they are limited poacher types.

Overall your front 3 need to be good or you aren't going to get the below results. They should be the best players you've got as this tactic really frees them up to go and hurt the opposition. If you've got a squad with maybe 1 or 2 good strikers then you need to either buy more or try a different tactic.

PLEASE NOTE -- It doesn't seem possible to save opposition instructions into a tactic file. You need to add the below manually. This is extremely important for the tactic to work defensively. Everything you see in the image needs to be identical to what you use in game.

If you want to see the tactic in action then I strongly encourage you to watch the first season at Liverpool on my YouTube channel.

If you have any questions then I'm happy to help. Remember that the vast majority are covered in the video series and that's an excellent starting point for anything that might cause you some confusion.

If you have further questions then feel free to contact me on Twitter.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Download Now
Downloads: 31790 / Size: 40.0 kB / Added: 2014-11-20
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Discussion: The Diamond Dominator for FM15

34 comments have been posted so far.

  • GuiseleyFan00's avatar
    Guilhermebima it lists his twitter info at bottom of his post..
  • Guilhermebima's avatar
    I have a problem with the .fmf file. Could this be because I'm using a Mac? And if so, do you have solution?

    What´s your twitter account?
  • kingofkop7's avatar
    Hey man, the .fmf file doesn't appear in the archived tactic in the game
    even after i changed the extention to .tac
    help me pls
  • LynxMKdon's avatar
    hey, just started using this tactic with liverpool, finding this tactic raver good but struggling to get the same results. I'm currently sitting in 6th (5-1-3) position at the moment, finding a lot of my shots are being squandered with long shots being smashed wide by all my attackers, and defender are being pulled apart in the box allowing a lot of tap in`s and a few rebounds... can you recommend any minor adjustments i can make to fix these small problems.... other then that really liking this tactic so far!!.. :)
  • Futte89's avatar
    Hi there!

    What are your experiences with the tactic on the new patch?
  • Ferginho's avatar
    Nice tactic :)
  • stodderkonge's avatar
    Struggled with this setup as i decided to try it out mid season. first few matches i tried it wasent the best but as they got more and more used to it. it looks good. cant wait to see it next season where they fully know the setup

    thanks for sharing
  • jimbossy's avatar

    I downloaded this tactic and followed all your opposition instructions.

    My Liverpool team played over 10 games now and were just beaten once. However, while offensively it is very good, averaging 2.5 goals per game, defensively I am having problems conceding 1.5 goals per game on average. My team can go 3 goals up in half time only to concede 2 goals in the second half. Appreciate your kind advice.

  • mgriffin2012's avatar
    Hoping the signing of Pratto in january might give my attackers a bit more of a boost. Our current trend is to go 1-0 up and then end up drawing 1-1. like we decide to switch off at 1-0
  • colinmid05's avatar
    I'd like to try the tactic but the download link doesn't work. do you have an alternative?
  • trancer82's avatar
    ok,no problem in the download,thanks!!!
  • trancer82's avatar
    the download link doesn't work,i can't download
  • mgriffin2012's avatar
    At DMC its either Medel or Biglia, and then at centre back my usual pairing is Ranocchia and Vidic which wins us games, cant remember if tehy played the 4-0 defeats
  • StatisticalApproach's avatar

    what CBs and DMC are you using? I rarely conceded many goals at all so I'm assuming it's the players to be honest.
  • mgriffin2012's avatar
    Normally its Suso as the AMC behind rotation of Pablo Osvaldo/Simone Zaza and Mauro Icardi. I know theyre not the best strikers but was hoping theyd offer something more going forward. Also lost two of my last three games 4-0, which is worrying
  • StatisticalApproach's avatar

    who are you playing up front and in the AMC positions?
  • mgriffin2012's avatar
    Im using this tactic with Inter Milan, and whilst we're winning games, we're struggling against the big teams, lost against Napoli and Roma. However my full backs aren't getting deep enough in attack and my strikers just aren't scoring goals, with a lot of goals coming from moves down the middle. Any tips?
  • StatisticalApproach's avatar
    The OI's can't be saved to a .fmf file as far as I know. When you set them in the tactic window that means you don't have to set them before every game.
  • lukeix's avatar
    Once you have the opposition instructions set up, would you have the assistant still set instructions or prevent him from making them?
  • El Nino's avatar
    You know how you said that the opposition instructions cannot be saved, does that mean you do them like before the teamtalk every game? Thanks
  • andbelgium's avatar
    Do you think this tactic can be succesful for my Villarreal save? And should i change anything when I play against e.g. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid ...?
  • SuX0rz's avatar
    I get thrashed every time I use this tactic.
  • zagarpat88's avatar
    the comments are for talking about the tactic not whining about weather its fmf. or tac. been using FM for five minutes and I've figured out that tac turns up in archived tactic and fmf you have to import. bunch of children.
  • l3nd1's avatar
    How do I get this fmf file over to tac file ?
  • duke313's avatar
    Got it working using import tactic. Gonna give this a try with Milan, as the tactic I created works brilliantly until xmas then I start doing terrible.

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