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TheFMEditor 2016/2017 Update 2016 (PART 2) + ENGLAND LEVEL 12

Update of June 18th 2016 includes the real format of England Level 12 for Football Manager 2016, as well as transfers and loans etc. 61,812 Changes around the world. 2016/2017 UPDATE

By Updated on Jun 18, 2016   115622 views   38 comments
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Downloads: 25692 / Size: 14.0 MB / Added: 2015-11-14
FM 2016 Data Updates - TheFMEditor 2016/2017 Update 2016 (PART 2) + ENGLAND LEVEL 12
I would like to thank everyone who has supported me for the past 2 years.
Can't thank you enough.
Hope you all enjoy my new database for FM16.

TheFMEditor / Steve85

Released: 14 Nov, 2015
Updated: 18th June 2016

As usual I will be working on non-league changes in England, Scotland and a host of other countries.

Update 14.11 Contents

England Level 11
The initial version of my FM16 database includes the real format of English football pyramid down to Level 12.

Free Agents
115 Raised wonderkids Reputations (more to follow)
1140!!! Non league transfers/staff in the UK
78 Created non league players/staff in the UK
61,812 changes from around the world.

Promotions and relegations all over Europe.
All new Champions League and Europa League team added. As level 12 is added in England promotions and relegations right down to level 8.
Everton and Aston Villa new owners

Brand new team balances received from the transfer window. PLEASE NOT TEAM BUDGETS HAVE NOT BEEN CHANGED.

How to install TheFMEditor 2016 Update to FM16

  1. Move the downloaded .fmf file to:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\editor data\
    Create folder "editor data" if it doesn't exist already.

  2. Run Football Manager 2016 and start new save with this database enabled.

  3. It's highly recommended to disable "Do not Add Key Staff" and enable "Add Players to Playable Teams" in advanced options.

  4. It's also recommended to load all players from the UK & Ireland region using the Advanced... Database Size options.

Download Now
Downloads: 25692 / Size: 14.0 MB / Added: 2015-11-14
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Discussion: TheFMEditor 2016/2017 Update 2016 (PART 2) + ENGLAND LEVEL 12

38 comments have been posted so far.

  • mmartins's avatar
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    MisterOk- What? major changes from part 1 so yeah it must be your problem
  • MisterOk's avatar
    It's nothing new beetwen part 1 and part 2,Romania league promotion and transfer update no,major transfer around the world no,only I have this problem ?
  • Atomichazza's avatar
    Next update?
  • luckylillia's avatar
    Thanks, any updates/plans to add more leagues to this?
  • TheByteRustler's avatar
    Can confirm that this does something funny to the FA Cup, after the 2nd Round, matches are all scheduled midweek and at some points you end up with the odd game from the previous round being scheduled up to a month AFTER the current round. It doesn't appear to be as a result of fixture congestion either, very strange.

    Not sure about teams being omitted but will see when I get there.
  • ooshosboshe's avatar
    Hi @TheFMEditor,

    On further looking, 20 teams from League 1 or below should go into round 3 through qualifying from round 2. But there are about 35 teams from League 1 or below in round 3. Some teams like Charlton for example have been relegated and are in league 1, but automatically qualified for the 3rd round. Also Millwall for example have always been in League 1, but from season 2 onwards they have been automatically put in the 3rd round without having to go through the 1st and 2nd round. So the game is entering extra League 1 or below teams into the 3rd round automatically and some of the Prem teams are missing out all together. As I said i'm not 100% sure its anything to do with your data but I've never had this problem before. Maybe other people have had the same problem and not even realised? Anyway maybe it's worth checking out?
  • ooshosboshe's avatar
    Hi @TheFMEditor,

    I don't even know if this is the cause but I was just guessing maybe the game was getting confused with all the extra teams? I have an online game with my brother and we're in our 3rd season and only 6 out of the 20 prem teams have been drawn into the FA Cup 3rd round. It's pretty strange. I didn't realise at the time but looking back at the FA Cup History in the 2nd season only 12 or so Prem teams got drawn into the 3rd round, but the 1st season was normal. Maybe it will fix next season? Ha or by judging by the way its going no Prem teams will be in it. Thanks anyway.
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    Never had this mentioned to me
  • ooshosboshe's avatar

    Does anyone else find that a couple of seasons in half of the premier league teams don't enter the FA Cup at all? If there is any fix let me know. Thanks.
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    Sure is
  • GuiseleyFan00's avatar
    so this is good to use with 16.3.0 update?
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    Will have a new update released tonight. This happens on every SI update
  • 30Ninjas's avatar
    Does not work
  • JabbaThePuff92's avatar
    this is not working for me to many teams in the FA Cup won't let me load it can someone help????
  • grindrodl66's avatar
    does this work for fm15?
  • mstroud's avatar
    good job on the update but if you could possibly look at the national league, i know my team chester are missing james alabi and yran lloyd (season long loan) and steven hewitt doesnt play for us anymore, as well as chris herbert joining us as a scout and I know that a couple of other national league teams may need addressing as tuton is still at halifax for example. if you could sort them out it would be fantastic. thanks
  • mmartins's avatar
    Hello mate, great job as usual! Btw can you put Nigel Atangana @ Leyton Orient? Thanks!
  • Ronnie7's avatar
    is it possible you can include agents like jorge mendes with his clients?
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    Doc 95 Thank you for the info that will all be added to the next update thanks
  • Doc 95's avatar
    I checked update and in dover athletic missing some players(Mitchell Pinnock,Tyrone Marsh and Harry Crawford and also Toby Ajala returned to Torquay.
    BTW great job mate
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    Doc 95 Yes mate 367 non league transfers in the UK
  • Doc 95's avatar
    hi TheFMEditor, do you make transfer update for national league
  • kevuk85's avatar
    Maybe a stupid question but is there way I can use a team in one of the really low leagues I would like to control my home team Herne Bay FC ??
  • Zarolhodanet's avatar
    Where is Carcela from Benfica and Bruno César from Sporting?

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