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Top Teams to Manage on Football Manager 2018

A curated list of challenging saves to start on FM 2018 as nominated by content creators on YouTube. Last updated on 17 October. Top 14 teams to manage on FM18.

By Updated on Oct 17, 2017   137570 views   4 comments
Club Insights - Top Teams to Manage on Football Manager 2018
Welcome to the first article of its kind in the Football Manager scene. Instead of preparing myself a list of clubs to be or asking a certain contributor to do it, I've chosen to create a curated list of top teams to manage on FM18 as selected by content creators on YouTube.

This way you get an "all in one" type of list that you can use as a reference point whenever you wish to start a new save and being unsure what team to be on Football Manager 2018. And at the same time, I'm helping you discover YouTubers you might not be aware of yet.

I'll make an effort to be updating this list for a few weeks until after the final version of FM 2018 is released (November 10th). So make sure you check back for new team entries often.

Last updated on October 17th.

We'll begin with Top 10 Teams To Manage On FM18 by jtaylor1409.
Video is embedded below; text version (properly edited transcript) beneath it.

Check out jtaylor1409's YouTube channel.

We're going to take a look at the top ten teams to manage on Football Manager 2018 in my opinion. There are a couple of big teams and also some lesser-known and smaller teams. I included certain teams that are gonna present challenges on FM 18, just to make it that little bit more interesting.

Roda JC Kerkrade

We're heading to the Dutch league first of all. We're gonna go with Roda JC who ended their 41 year stay in the Eredivisie by getting relegated back in 2014. They did however bounce back. In January 2017 they were bought a minority sharing by a Dubai-based Swiss Russian businessman Aleksei Korotaev.

So it's gonna be interesting to see if he will put any money into the club they have been struggling both with their performances on the pitch and financially. It'd be a good little challenge for any budding manager out there to try and close the gap between smaller and bigger teams and bring Roda JC to the top four of Dutch football.

It's gonna be a difficult one I reckon, but that said, with a little bit of time and effort I think Roda JC could be quite a rewarding save.

Manchester United

Arguably the biggest team in world football at the moment and they have got a squad which was an embarrassment of riches really.

They've bought in Victor Lindelof and Nemanja Matic just to sturdy up that defensive aspects of the team; they've got Martial playing really well at the moment, it's Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is back in the team; Romelu Lukaku firing on all cylinders in front of goal, he will bag goals galore for you this season.

I think with this team that Manchester United have got, they're gonna be really tough side especially in Europe alongside PSG with the likes of Neymar. Although it's not going to be difficult to build and win things, I think it's it's going to be an enjoyable save with them, so do make sure you give them a go.

FC Viitorul Constanta

I had a really good save going in FM17 last season and I definitely really enjoyed managing in the Romanian league, therefore I recommend it for FM18.
There are a few clubs in there that could challenge Steaua Bucharest, namely the first one that I'm going to mention is Viitorul Constanta founded in 2009 by Gheorghe Hagi; Romanian absolute legend.

They're an academy based club that will produce talent from within. They won their first league title last season and they are the first team from the county of Constanta to win the national title, so that is a great thing and I think you could build on what they've done. They're not that poor in terms of financing.
It's going to be a difficult challenge, but that said it's an enjoyable one and I certainly recommend it.


They have done it really well since Rangers were relegated down the league due to financial difficulties, and they're gonna find it difficult this season, especially replacing the likes of Johnny Hayes who has been absolutely pivotal to the success of Aberdeen. Their budget will be somewhere around the 250-300K mark.

Obviously you've got Rangers back and obviously Celtic to to give you that competition for the second and first place. It's gonna be a tough one and I think Aberdeen could prove quite a difficult challenge. They have brought in Nicky Maynard on a free transfer along with a couple of loan deals (such as Cyrus Christie), so they're a team that could pose a really difficult puzzle for a manager looking for a little bit of a challenge.


We're gonna head over to Germany where I think Stuttgart could present a very enjoyable challenge in the Bundesliga. They won the Bundesliga 2 last season and they're gonna be looking to re-establish themselves in the top flight of German football and don't forget as well that they were the German champions as recently as 2007.

They play in a 60,000 capacity stadium which is gonna certainly help with the finances and it should be easy enough for them to build a decent amount of money. They've also got notable players in the team including Takuma Asano who's on loan from Arsenal, Holger Badstuber and also American prodigy Julian Green who hasn't quite lived up to the expectations as yet.

Leipzig were an instant hit last season after promotion, and although it'll be difficult to hit those kind of highs to start with, I think I've got a really decent team to build from and don't forget also they're one of the best academies on the game, so get in these youth and regen players for the door should be easier than most teams.

So Stuttgart certainly a challenge with a view to the future and can you get them back to being the top team in German football?

Benevento Calcio

We're gonna head over to Italy for this one and it's gonna be Benevento Calcio who are into Serie A for the first time in 88 years after beating fellow minnows Capri in the playoffs.

They have a city of just 60,000 inhabitants and last season their attendance was just over 8,000 for each home game. That is going to be difficult with the view to bring in further funds. They have also lost some key loanings from last season in the likes of George Puscas but they've got another couple of loans in, so that will certainly help. However they have got Amato Ciciretti who has been brilliant for them over the last couple of seasons. He is a 23 year old attacking midfielder and he's certainly gonna be one of your main players for this season.

Can you keep them in the top tier of Italian football? It's going to be a difficult one with funds pretty much stretched to the absolute limit from the get-go and very little option to bring cash in. This is one of the ones for the more hardened manager that enjoys a tough task and there's certainly one to definitely have a go with.

AC Milan

Whilst we're in Italy we may as well stay there for our next one, and this time though it's the different end of the spectrum and we're gonna go with the AC Milan who have absolutely been splashing the cash this summer after their recent Chinese takeover.

They've bought in star names such as Bonucci, Calhanoglu, Kessie, Andre Silva and many more top players. They have also got a couple of really good-looking youth players such as Cutrone. They are a real top-tier side in this Italian league. They haven't had much success in recent years, but they now have a squad in which they can build and move forward.

They've won the Champions League seven times but the last time was back in 2007. They last won the league title back in 2011. They've got the likes of Juventus, Inter Milan and Napoli to deal with.

Even with this much improved squad, can they do it this season? They are certainly one of the more interesting challenges on FM18 for me and it's gonna be a team in which I'm certainly gonna be playing with at some point during the season and I recommend giving them a go and making sure you can return them back to European dominance.

CD Leganes

Now for our next one we're gonna take a trip over to Spain and we're gonna take a look at Club Deportivo Leganes who surprised a lot of people by managing to stay in La Liga last season. They were promoted for the first time in their history the season before that. The Madrid based minnows are now in their second season in La Liga.

Is it gonna be a case of the second season syndrome and they're gonna drop back down into the next division or are they gonna be able to stay and establish themselves as a La Liga regular and stay up? Can you push them on to European success? Are they gonna become a more successful team than R. Madrid?

You've got possibly a couple of million pounds to spend, which is not gonna be a lot. They've got players they're gonna have to ship out and bring new faces in, but with a bit of time and effort this side could become one of the most enjoyable saves on the game and I thoroughly recommend you give them a try.

Blackburn Rovers

For the penultimate one on our top 10 list, and we're going back to England. It is Blackburn Rovers who have really suffered under their owners of Venky's. The indian firm took over as owners of the club back in 2010 and posted a near 20 million pounds financial loss in their first year of ownership. They then got them relegated from the Premier League in 2012 and another relegation followed last season from the Championship. They had several years in the Championship and they've been relegated to the third tier of English football for the first time since 1980.

They've secured a few signings for the new season, but they're gonna be a difficult conveyance moving forward. The financial size of the club is not a brilliant thing here, and I think they're gonna be a difficult side to return to their former glory. Remember they won the Premier League back in 1995 and that is a long way from where they are at the moment. They've also lost a couple of players also in the summer transfer window.

Getting Blackburn back is gonna be a rewarding challenge for any manager out there. If you want to play in the English leagues then maybe Blackburn is the way for you to go.

AS Saint-Etienne

It's a trip to France for our 10th and final team and it is Saint Etienne who are numerically the most successful team in the history of Ligue 1, as they've won 10 domestic titles and are considered one of Europe's biggest clubs during the 1970s.

However, they won their last piece of major silverware back in 1981. They're local rivals to Lyon. Marseille are kind of a similar challenge, but I think Etienne are a bit tougher. Whilst they've got a solid squad, it's not really talent rich. They've got a modest transfer budget and will make it difficult to break the stranglehold of PSG and Monaco who can literally just buy anyone they want these days. Investing in you from facilities and getting yourself a really good scouting network will certainly help in building Etienne.

They're a historic club, they're rooted in tradition and it would be great to see them back right at the top of French football. It's definitely gonna be one that I'm gonna be playing at some point during the FM18 season and I thoroughly recommend you jump on and do it yourselves.

Next up is Top 5 Teams To Manage in FM18 by The Northman.
Video is embedded below; text version (properly edited transcript) beneath it.

Check out The Northman's YouTube channel.

Today I am recommending five teams for you to manage in Football Manager 2018; we have some great choices.

Rosenborg BK

We're gonna be starting with a club in Norway in the country I live in, and it's gonna be the reigning champions Rosenborg. Why am I picking them? Well this is one of the easier teams in terms of domestic dominance, but the challenge is to get them back in the European competition regularly. Then see if you can push on from there.

They were a very regular fixture in the Champions League in the mid 90s early 2000s reaching playoff rounds twice as well, so can you get back in the last
swing of things? Can you start winning the league title domestically as in the past?

Now a bit of information. The clubs was founded in 1917, playing in the Lerkendal Stadium which is a 21,405 capacity stadium, and their star striker is Nicklas Bendtner - do you need any more of a reason to go over there and take control of Rosenborg?!

AS Saint-Etienne

The second club we gonna go with is Saint Etienne in France. Another top-level side, another side with history. They are arguably the most successful French side in history with 10 League titles. Founded in 1933, playing in Stade Geoffroy-Guichard stadium. They have a legend that is Pogba... it's not, it's his older brother.

Last season they finished 8th. Are they going to get top half again with your management? That is possible. Go see if you can make Saint-Etienne the most successful side in French history, the dominant force again and battle against the likes of Monaco and PSG.


The next club we're gonna go with is from Scotland. It is Cowdenbeath. They are now in the fourth level of Scottish football; it's been a fall from grace, well when I say grace I mean the second-third tier. They've only actually played one season in the top flight since 1934 and that was in the 70s if I remember correctly.

Founded in 1881, they are one of the oldest football clubs in the world. They play at Central Park which is a 4,309 capacity stadium and yeah it is known as one of the worst stadiums in the world with a racetrack around it; make sure to check it out on YouTube. Their nickname "the blue Brazil" is one of the reasons I've picked them is they're known for that... because over the years they sometimes can play nice football, but later on they changed it to just "the yellow Cowdenbeath".

Can you take them to glory that this club never experienced in their lives and make their former nickname worthy of the club?

Barry Town United

This club is something special; this is Barry Town United. Reformed in 2013 by the fans. Originally formed in 1912 as Barry FC, they are now back in the top flight of Welsh football for the first time since the fans took over them.

They play at the famous Jenner Park, a 2,200 capacity stadium, and yeah I mean in the 90s early 2000s they battled in European competitions with two defeats within four years; one to Dynamo Kyiv one to Porto.

Can you get them back in Europe? Can you stop the defeats when you get in Europe? And can you make the fans proud you've taken charge of Barry Town United?

FC Honka

For the final one we're going back to Scandinavia, we are going to Finland. to a club I've a managed in previous FMs and I do kind of like them. It is FC Honka. They're in the second tier of Finnish football and they were founded in 1957 and they are famous for having over 1,000 youth players. They have one of the most famous youth academies in Finland and it has produced some good players over the years.

Now let's sit back and brace ourselves as they play at the Tapiolan Urheilupuisto stadium... if you can pronounce it, well done! It's a 6,000 capacity stadium. They're a famous club, known as "the nearly men" and between 2000 and 2015 they also took part in European competitions; Europa Cup, Europa League, UEFA Cup... and it's a club worth a chance with.

Famous for the youth academy, famous for developing youth players. Can you use that Academy, can you breed from that Academy and produce a team that can win Finnish football, compete European football and maybe win some competitions along the way? And then win that big one... can you win the Champions League with a Finnish football club? It's possible, it's a long shot but it's possible.

What team are you going to manage first on Football Manager 2018?
Let me know in the comment section down below.

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    Highly recommend Queen's Park in Scotland, one of the only Always Amatuer teams in the game, have a good stadium and history in the league cup.
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    Benevento is definitely the best team to manage
  • hfarsi's avatar
    Brighton in Premier League is a good challenge for experts.
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    I wonder why both mentioned St. Etienne instead of Marseille - which have sugar daddy with big signings this window (Rami, Luiz Gustavo) :D
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