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Toxic 4-3-3

This tactic is my best one so far in FM15 Beta and works well for me playing as Eastbourne Boro in Conference South. Good luck!

By on Oct 29, 2014   75617 views   15 comments
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Downloads: 21813 / Size: 556 B / Added: 2014-10-29
FM 2015 Tactics - Toxic 4-3-3
I have been testing Tactics and comparing Tactics and this is my best to date and I have to say it works pretty well for me. I am right now playing Eastbourne Boro in Conference South. So I will be pleased with feedback if anyone tries this out...

Sweeper Keeper with Support duty.. I found it works pretty well with Keeper defending too.
Full back right and left duty Attack.
Both Defenders set to defend.

Anchor Man set to Defend but IF you got a really good one here you could try giving him a free role or lots of creative freedom.

Midfielder center right... Advanced playmaker set to Attack.
Ball winning midfielder center left Support.
Right Winger Raumdeuter set to attack if you have a left winger you can swap postions with left winger who is set for support. I do this as I think it makes them harder to man mark but you need wingers who can play left and right. Other wise change that options.
False Striker Support.

Download Now
Downloads: 21813 / Size: 556 B / Added: 2014-10-29
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Discussion: Toxic 4-3-3

15 comments have been posted so far.

  • mlyngen's avatar
    Hey :) can you make this a .fmf file? i can't use it as a .tac file :(
  • drinemralfc's avatar
    this is very good tactic for
    Liverpool.I won EPL in first season , now in 2nd season im in first plase 12 points away from second place . Thanks for this tactic
  • ced007's avatar
    Tested one season with PSG and get very good results. It fits very well with PSG players.
    Won Ligue 1, French cup and Champions League :)

    I just did a more defensive version for the champions league, with the two full backs set to defend instead of attach, and the mentality sets to "Counter attack" instead of "control". I used this last version for the champions league only, at home and ext.
    The reason of this adjustment is that I conceded too much goals with the original version when against very good European teams.

    Thank you ToXiCgEm for your tactic.
  • Reecy101's avatar
    Hi, I downloaded this tactic and added it but I noticed that there weren't any player instructions, only team instructions. Is this how it's supposed to be?
  • sagui44's avatar
    hello, congratulation for your tactic, i play with your tactic since 3 weeks, you can follow me to twich tv, thank you very very much you are the best ;)... (sorry for my bad english i'm french)
  • NickFootballer99's avatar
    Is This tactic succesfull to lower leagues....for example i eant to find a tactic to PAOK from greek this good?
  • mallethandler's avatar
    Why will it not let me import this into my game?????
  • Hoady28's avatar
    this tactic works very well and scores lots of goals. used it as arsenal and came second in the league also won the fa cup. Sanchez worked extremely well on the right wing. definately recomend this tactic for any team.
  • ToXic's avatar
    Don't forget I have Mid Field swapping places...Don't forget to turn this off unless you have Mid field who can play each others postions. I only do this because I believe it makes them harder to man mark. But I could be wrong just guessing...
  • rellakat's avatar
    quick tweak to this. if your strikers are not scoring, change to poacher.
    Balotelli scored a hat trick and rickie lambert scored 2 from the bench. Liverpool 5 Man Who? 0
  • rellakat's avatar
    I noticed a few bugs too. Random stadium lights flashing on screen in to next replay and goalkeeper keeps parrying shots then i score off rebound much like fifa
  • rellakat's avatar
    I must say i just started using this. Playing as Liverpool. I had a friendly at Anfield vs bayern and i won 3-1!

    This is amazing. I'm getting a lot of players chipping in from outside the box. It seems well balanced and you've helped me sort out Liverpool's shocking defence. (God knows how shit lfc defence is)
  • drob_d's avatar
    thank you
  • ToXic's avatar
    Yes very pleased with this effort, I played whole season now and won league managing Eastbourne Boro, It scored loads of goals but it also let in a good few to. I am guessing some of this is due to an FM15 Bug, I know I am not alone in not seeing one NIL NIL DRAW. I have not tried this tactic with a top team either so some feed back would be great to.
    Have fun alexthyberg good luck ...
  • alexthyberg's avatar
    Hehe, you back at it toxic! Well you have a headstart this time :D Im still trying out my wondertac before upload but now I feel I have to get a move on! I will try yours asap.

    Take care buddy!
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