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Unbeatable Tactic 4-2-4 iXiNhO Serbia

This is a great attacking tactic for FM 2018! Every position is important. For best results, you need fast and technical players and physically strong CM.

By on Mar 09, 2018   58455 views   6 comments
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Downloads: 9808 / Size: 41.6 kB / Added: 2018-03-09
Football Manager 2018 Tactics - Unbeatable Tactic 4-2-4 iXiNhO Serbia
Tactic requirements:
  • Fast players with good technique.
  • The Two CM players must be strong physically.

Paulo Dybala scored 39 goals and dished 26 assists in 41 games. On the second season I won the EPL and lost in the UCL Final against Real Madrid after overtime as it happened on the first season. On the third season I'm the clear favourite to win every competition.

Now some screenshots.

Training is variable! When you play against strong teams, set up teamwork on match preparation. When you're up against weaker teams, set it up to attacking.

Try it out and enjoy the victories!

Download Now
Downloads: 9808 / Size: 41.6 kB / Added: 2018-03-09
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Discussion: Unbeatable Tactic 4-2-4 iXiNhO Serbia

6 comments have been posted so far.

  • stephenb1992's avatar
    Didn't download but set it up in-game instead(not sure if any player instructions are setup on yours), Seems to be decent enough. Tested it as Salford and won 5-4, We were 4-0 up before half time so i'm not sure if the goals from the opposition were due to the defenders not being that good.
  • syrri's avatar
    Regularly getting smacked by much weaker teams in away games. Any tips?
  • TheTurkey's avatar
    Liked the look of this tactic, tried it with my new Sheffield Wednesday save.

    1st game of the season 7-0 defeat away to Preston.

    I'll post more soon. Not promising.
  • Bester's avatar
    This tactic is amazing! I love it.
  • ajinugi's avatar
    A similar 4-2-4 has been very good to my Liverpool side, won all three domestic competitions, lost away goals rule to Bayern Munich in UCL quarter finals. All in the first season. Move the 2 CM down as DM's when facing strong teams in away games. Also move the wingers down as wide MR/ML to preserve leads. In my second season now, 15 straight wins in domestic league.
  • Kloppo's avatar
    I've used a very similar tactic, whereas I used a Winger on the right side instead of a IF, and a BBM instead of CM. Worked very well for me. Great tactic, although I haven't tried it, I'd put money on this being a good tactic.
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