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25 Games Undefeated Tiki Taka // FM22 Tactic

Beautifully disorganised FM22 tactic. An unorthodox tiki taka style that brings you wonder.

By Updated on Apr 17, 2022   26582 views   9 comments
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Downloads: 4020 / Size: 43.5 kB / Added: 2022-04-13
Football Manager 2022 Tactics - 25 Games Undefeated Tiki Taka // FM22 Tactic
This beautifully disorganized tactic brings me wonder, undefeated for 25 games, 67 goals, most shots 547 shots.

I am using 4-3-3 formation

UPDATE 17/04: Both defenders are BPD now! My striker is PF Attack. I also made some changes to instructions.

Defenders role:

IWB plays a key role to give some thickness in the middle, so our midfielders can create havoc

Midfielders role:

RGA works sort of an anchor that helps collecting balls

Two CM (Attacking role) are creating havoc

Attackers role:
Two IW
One AF

IW are creating havoc and gave a surprise attack upfront
meanwhile AF are focus on counter attack

the value is simple, we attack and defend together!

this is my tactic! am looking forward from your update, cheers.

Download Now
Downloads: 4020 / Size: 43.5 kB / Added: 2022-04-13
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Discussion: 25 Games Undefeated Tiki Taka // FM22 Tactic

9 comments have been posted so far.

  • Furen_Kamir's avatar
    wow, thx for sharing @Arcamm, looking forward to try it, cheers
  • davieboy987's avatar
    @Arccam upload your tactics
  • Arccam's avatar
    Hey Stam. Weirdly enough I am using a similar tactic on my save with RB Leipzig.

    I am just gonna plug the alternate version here in your comment section, Hope you don't mind :)

    This is a 433 DM and 4141 for away games or stronger teams
    SW(S.D.A) any wil do
    2 CD/BPD on cover, 2 FB/WB/CWB on support
    DM/DLP/RPM/RG on support (PIs Close down less)
    2 MEZ on attack(PIs Close down more)
    2 IW on attack (PIs Close down more)
    AF/CF on attack (PIs Close down more)

    Mentality - Positive, Cautious for away games and strong teams
    Width - Wide
    Shorter Passing
    Higher Tempo
    When away or against stronger teams (add Pass Into Space)

    Counter/Counter Press/Distribute Quickly
    Distribute to CBs plus roll it out if goalkeeper has good Teamwork, Composure, First Touch and Passing, Distribute to Target Man if he has good Goalkicking and to Flanks if he has good throwing.

    Much Higher LOE
    Much Higher DLine

    Thats it. Have fun.
  • Stam's avatar
    Download link fixed.
  • davieboy987's avatar
    link isnt working :(
  • leriban's avatar
    link is not working
  • Furen_Kamir's avatar
    @admin, please update the download link, i've deleted my previous tactic, and uploaded the new one, thanks
  • Furen_Kamir's avatar
    thx for the input! I'll try it. I've been trying to use a smaller team, still struggling against big teams, especially when they're using wider approach. cheers
  • Smileylad's avatar
    I pushed the pressing line up one level, removed the more expressive and not running running instructions . Removed play for set pieces and mark tighter instructions, and much shorter to shorter passing too and now this tactic is unbelievable. Try it out yourself. Well done!
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