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Unified Ireland (FM24)

A database for FM 2024 with a unified Irish state and league.

By Updated on Dec 03, 2023   3407 views   15 comments
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Downloads: 225 / Size: 206.0 kB / Added: 2023-11-08
FM 2024 Fantasy Scenarios - Unified Ireland (FM24)
A fantasy database with a united Irish state and leagues. This is implemented by replacing the Northern Irish setup.

- 5 tier pyramid, with 164 teams in 9 leagues
- Two domestic cups (the Irish Cup and the Irish League Cup)
- Relegation and promotion playoffs between all five levels

Installation Instructions:
- Place the two FMF files (Eire - L1-5 and Eire - ROI Removal) in your Game Editor folder
- Place the folder named Eire in your Graphics folder

Update for 0.2.3 release:
- Added updated flag/FA images - images are public domain from Wikipedia (the original pre-split FA crest and the President of Ireland flag with the Harp of Brian Boru)
- Fixed settings so the immersive transfer deadlines will be active for the upper divisions
- Fixed settings so that team numbers will be used for the upper divisions
- Adjusted the colors for the national team kit (based on the original pre-split FA kits, with a green kit as an alternate)

Update for 0.2.2 release:
- Fixed HGN for all players with PA over 90 to ensure eligibility for European club competitions.

Update for 0.2.1 release:
- Fixed start dates

Updates for 0.2 release:
- Moved from 3 to 5 tiers
- Second and third tiers increased from 20 to 24 teams
- Added a second file which (effectively) removes the remaining parts of the League of Ireland that can't be removed (removes all prize money from the LOI PD and removes the various real life Irish cups)

Download Now
Downloads: 225 / Size: 206.0 kB / Added: 2023-11-08
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Discussion: Unified Ireland (FM24)

15 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stuart86n's avatar
    Sorry I'm being a novice but trying to understand how the editor works. Why wouldn't it possible to keep players nationality the same and just make the Ireland leagues inactive. If it was me i would just add Ireland teams to northern Ireland and create a new structure. This way it would keep the Ireland national team active but deactivate the league system. Out of interest why wouldn't that work?
  • DocRevan's avatar
    On a different note, good news/bad news on the short name issue.

    Good news is that SI fixed the bug and it doesn't require a file update (I had already set the short name as Eire, it just wasn't doing anything useful).

    Bad news is that any existing save game won't update, but a fresh save will.
  • DocRevan's avatar
    @Stuart86n: It's a combination of themodelcitizen's point about the number of players to flip, combined with the fact my original plan was to heavily modify the existing league structure for NI to get a 3 level league (it worked in FM23, but didn't want to in FM24 so I had to rebuild the pyramid).

    @themodelcitizen: Right now the ROI is in as a dummy nation (1 youth rating, no existing players, and with a bunch of amateur teams in the LOI PD that have their continental cup nation set to Eire so they can't qualify for Europe). When I get some time I'd like to possibly set up the Isle of Man league system as a replacement, but I haven't found the time yet.
  • themodelcitizen's avatar
    Is the Rep still active as a ghost nation? If not, did this cause havoc with UEFA club coefficients and international comps? Obvs you can just replace them with Cornwall or Jersey or something but it's not ideal
  • themodelcitizen's avatar
    Nice, changing up the homegrowns was probably a lot easier for Rep. --> N.I. than the other way around was (even if the nation short name issue probably made you second guess that choice). Less people (in-game) in the Republic to deal with, and probably a lot less who have played in both leagues (necessitating some quick math to combine the days)
  • Stuart86n's avatar
    Hi is there a reason you used northern Ireland as the base nation? Also is there a reason you eliminated Republic of Ireland from the game? Very interested as trying to work the editor out myself. Thank you
  • DocRevan's avatar
    Thanks for raising that point, themodelcitizen. Putting out an update now which moves everyone with CA or PA over 90 to the right nation trained in.
  • themodelcitizen's avatar
    Looks great. Doing this in FM22 I noticed all formerly N. Irish players still have N. Ireland in "nation trained in" - this can cause issues with Champions League homegrown rules. I think my solution was just to devote a couple evenings to changing that for everyone over 100 CA or so
  • DocRevan's avatar
    Minor bug fix (I broke the start dates when I redid the league structure for the 0.2 release). Fixed version is uploaded.
  • DocRevan's avatar
    Put an update out moving it to a five tier league system. Still have the editor bug where the short name is still "N.Ireland", but hopefully SI will let me fix that soon.
  • DocRevan's avatar
    I'm waiting for some bug fixes in the editor; once that's done I will put out an update to fix things like the country name issue.

    For the moment it's three tiers, I need to map out what the lower tiers would look like.
  • doubleluckstur's avatar
    This is awesome, I feel like my long term build a nation save is with this database. Is there any update on fixing the tidy up stuff like the nation name and stuff?
  • boscolam1234's avatar
  • Webbmode's avatar
    this looks pretty promising! any plans to add another few tiers down or are we satisfied with three?
  • themodelcitizen's avatar
    This looks brilliant, I did something similar for FM22 (on the SI Games forums) but used the Republic as they have less people and therefore less work! I used the proposed format that businessman Kieran Lucid was proposing a few years back but only activated the top two tiers, so this will be interesting to play
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