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Unstoppable 4-3-3 | PSV Invincibles + UCL Final

This unstoppable tactic secured the Eredivise title for unbeaten PSV + UCL Final! + £100 transfer-profit! GOALS & STRONG DEFENCE!

By on Jan 29, 2021   57814 views   10 comments
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Football Manager 2021 Tactics - Unstoppable 4-3-3 | PSV Invincibles + UCL Final
Using this tactic with PSV Eindhoven I won the title unbeaten with a record 92 points! Also, I went all the way to the UCL Final, beating the likes of Liverpool, PSG & Juve in process, only lose narrowly and undeservedly to Inter in the final! :( I did all this while making a solid transfer profit of £98 million across two seasons! (In: £155, Out: £57m)

This goes to show that this tactic is good for underdogs and big teams, as it was successful both against the smaller teams in the Eredivise and against the big clubs in the UCL!

This tactic focuses on lethal attacking play and a strong defence structure.

The setup:

The goalkeeper (sweeper-keeper attack) is vital in having the advantage in numbers when it comes to the build-up. He gives a safety option to play the ball back to in pressured situations. He can then redistribute the ball short to keep possession or pump it long, and out of danger.

The entire defence will stay wide when in possession to stretch the play. This also allows the goalkeeper to become a part of the build-up.
Also, the DM will drop deeper and become the centrepiece. When out possession, the DLP will backline. This is arguably the most important player in the team, for this system. He needs to be strong, composed on the ball and solid defensively!
The CM's will go wide and far u the pitch, to support attacking play and create space for the DLF drop into and the DLP to play into.
ST have roles as either DLF or F9, or even - I primarily used Götze as a false nine. His primary task is to stretch the opposition backline and create openings for the Inside Forwards to run into.
The Inside Forwards will be the main goal scoring threat for the team, as is evident from the player stats below:

The Inside Forwards have the most shots/game. The DLF/F9 - or possibly any supporting ST role - has the most key-passes/game along with the Mezzala. The Mezzala is the more attacking of the CM's and will run into the channels more often, whereas the BBM will still stay wide but not run into the channels as often.

Overall the team will work hard and play fluid attacking football and be solid defensively.
This is evident from the team stats:

The team were best in almost every category, keeping 22 clean sheets with 19 goals conceded and scoring 9.71 goals/game with a total of 95 across the 32 games. This is reflected in the team having the most shot and fewest shots against. This is also seen in the xG, which was also the best in both categories.

Let's have a look at how the team did, then:

Being by far the dominant team, we won the Eredivise as invincible.
In the domestic cup we lost the final against Ajax - by far the strongest team on paper - mainly due to players being fatigued, having to play many games with few break in between because of reaching the latter stages in every competition.
Most impressive of all, of course, is reaching the Champions League final, with a team predicted to go out in the group stages. Also, having to play three qualifying round against the likes of Besiktas and LOSC Lille. Finishing 2nd in the group, we were seeded against the strongest teams, still left in the competition.

Only Cristiano Ronaldo scoring three goals across both semi-final legs distorted the picture of just how smooth it was, beating Juve at that stage.

In the final the team were unlucky to not win the biggest trophy of all, having the most shots and xG.

Overall this tactic can be used to achieve big things in a fluid and adjustable system.
I'd suggest setting up a good set-piece routine as this can lead to quite a few extra goals - as can be seen from the player stats, many goals were scored in these situations. Also, use opposition instructions to give yourself an even better chance of success. I did put in a lot of individual instructions. however, this can be done one a game-to-game basis, for example on marking.

Hope you enjoy my tactic. If you'd like, why not hit up my Twitter?: @Sofus_Arvin

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 11626 / Size: 56.5 kB / Added: 2021-01-29
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Discussion: Unstoppable 4-3-3 | PSV Invincibles + UCL Final

10 comments have been posted so far.

  • Sofus Arvin's avatar

    Glad you enjoyed it mate, thanks for hitting me up on Twitter!
    You largely produced even better results than I did.
    The great thing is that the whole team contributes to goals, not only the striker. In fact, the idea is the striker drops deep and plays more of a support ting role, a bit like Harry Kane IRL.
  • Kempz's avatar
    Insane tactic... won the Bundesliga in my first season using it...League table and player stats in URL...

    16 goals from by CB's
    25 assists from my Wing backs
    Midfield triangle with crazy contributions
    Wingers involved..

    The only thing was the striker didn't score as much as I would like...

    Great work!
  • Sofus Arvin's avatar
    I am honestly not assured with the match engine updates. However, I've continued to use variations of this tactic with success.
  • Sofus Arvin's avatar
    # babyzz

    My setpieces are inspired by Zealand's guide / research:
  • Sofus Arvin's avatar

    Correction: 2,79 goals/game - 95 goal across 34 games.

  • Sofus Arvin's avatar
    # Luizafc
    Yes, every game I take a detailed look at the opponent and use opposition instructions accordingly.
  • babyzz's avatar
    Set pieces ?
  • markje23's avatar
    is this for ME21.5?
  • Kraiden's avatar
    "The team were best in almost every category, keeping 22 clean sheets with 19 goals conceded and scoring 9.71 goals/game."

    9.71 goals per game. Nice.
  • luizafc's avatar
    do you use any opposition instruction?
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